Short stories (lesbian themed)

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I look at the beautiful woman in front of me. Both her legs and hands are tied up on spreader bars, and her eyes are blindfolded. One hand is twitching nervously, waiting for the first touch. I know she is already more then ready, as I gave her a nice round with the whip before tying her up. I bend down over her, hovering my body centimeters over hers as I place a soft peck on her cheeck. She gasps of the touch, her body slightly raising towards me.

"I wanna fuck you," I whisper as I whipe some stray hair away from her face. "I will fuck you, but first..." placing soft kisses down her neck, I proceed to follow the trail between her breast and down her stomach. Every now and then she is twitching, trying to move but the restraints keeps her from doing so. I grab hold of one her breasts, squishing it lightly as I move down to kiss her thighs. She gasps louder now, every inch of her body screaming for attention. Of lust and hunger. I release her breast, trailing my hand down her stomach; letting it rest on her lower abdominal.

Her breath is heavy as I move to kiss her other thigh. Teasing her, balancing the fine line of too much or just enough. I listen to her, and the spreaders being moved. Chackles singing as she tries to spread her legs to far. Her body is pushing upwards, and towards me. Slowly I make my way down to her feet, releasing them from the spreader. I place myself between them, moving my hands to cup her ass and pull her up towards me. I lean over her, kissing her up the neck and towards the lip. Letting her breath into me as I slowly push myself towards her, the cold glass between my legs sliding slowly into her, then almost out again and in.

She whimpers slightly of the cold the first few thrusts, before getting what she wants take over. I kiss her as I thrust harder, her body tensing then relaxing as I slide out. Tighting again as I push in. Her hands are still bound, chackles singing every now and again. Her legs around my hips, holding onto me like she is afraid I will let go. I remove her blindfold, locking her gaze with mine for a few seconds before her eyes closes and her head rolls back in fullfillment.

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