Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 10

Today was the day of the barbecue between both packs, she hoped it would go over smoothly, no fights or drama. Although her brothers were younger than her, they still acted like they were her protectors, even little Otto who is only 14 stands taller than her and has about 20 pounds more muscle than she does—stupid testosterone. They were the first ones to meet her at the barbecue, surrounding her like a pack of guard dogs.

“You guys need to chill, seriously.” She sighed, anytime someone from Ryder’s pack would try to introduce themselves they would block any contact.

“How am I supposed to get to know their pack if you won’t let me talk? One day they might not be neighbors, but your pack members too.” Ryder was mingling across the field with some of her pack, a plate of grilled meat in his hands; he excused himself and made a beeline towards her.

“You guys are released of guard duty, I’ll take it from here” Ryder spoke to her brothers as he sauntered closer. They stood for a second, before slowly making their way towards food with their senses trained on her.

“Very protective I see.” He chuckled kissing her cheek before passing the plate of food to her.

“Once they were big enough to do some damage they stopped acting like little brothers and more like big over protective brothers.” She laughed shaking her head; she eased into Ryder’s side as he put an arm around her waist. Trying to not think about Hendrix seeing them, ignoring the pang of guilt in her stomach as Ryder's hand rubbed her hip lovingly.

“See I told you everyone would get along” he looked out over the field, laughter filled the air, some distant music was playing, in the far corner there was a touch football game starting. She nodded, happy that things were going smoothly, she could imagine maybe years in the future having gatherings like this, one large pack just enjoying the spring weather.

As the day continued the sun starting to get lower in the horizon, the pack members slowly started packing up chairs and tables. Ryder was talking with Arman about something; she decided to head back towards Ryder’s land, she waved at him letting him know she was going to leave.

As she walked through the trees she realized she was alone, for the first time all day. She hadn’t been alone so long; it was nice to just enjoy a few minutes of silence walking through the dense trees. Wait! Her wolf shouted in her mind, making her stop in her tracks.

She sniffed the air, but couldn’t smell anything. What are you sensing? She questioned her wolf; she could feel her taking over, her vision switching from human vision to her advanced wolf vision. Something isn’t right, I can feel their energy, but I can’t smell them, can’t tell where they are. Her wolf growled, she could feel goose bumps erupt over her skin.

“Ryder?!” she shouted aloud, with no response. Ryder! She shouted through their bond. There's someone in the woods, I can’t sense them. She put her back against a large tree; she scanned the forest straining her ears for the slightest sound.

Senna! Where are you? Ryder shouted in her mind, she could feel his panic through their bond. She tried to respond when a voice spoke behind her, her blood turning to ice as he spoke.

“My, my, Senna daughter of Alpha Arlo Kemp. How much you’ve grown since I’ve seen you last.” His voice dripped with venom. She turned to see the man, and was brought back that fateful night seven years ago. She could smell his scent now that he was feet from her, the scent that haunted her, the scent she fled from as their homes were burned to the ground.

“You made me a very busy man searching for you all these years. But when I saw you shift a few weeks ago I knew the Kemp line still held strong.” A sinister smile emerged on his face, his eyes were black, and his skin a sickly tan, scars from claws ran down his face.

“You’re the bastard that destroyed my pack” she wished Ryder would find her, she felt like the scared 13 year old again.

He let out a high pitch laugh, before snapping his fingers and she was surrounded by ten men, all looked on the verge of death, their skin wasn’t a natural color, some were sprouting hair as if they were to change into a wolf. Lycans. Her wolf spoke quietly inside her. Don’t transform, we can’t let them see you, or take your blood. She spoke harshly to her wolf. The lycans lunged for her all at once, remembering she always kept a small dagger in her boot she stabbed one in the eye, withdrawing to cut another’s throat.

Ryder! She shouted through their link, trying to kill as many as she could, without her wolf strength she was forced to think of an exit strategy. The mystery man was standing against the tree, a wicked smile on his face as he waited for her to succumb to their force. The lycans were crowded around her, climb! Climb and run over them! You can tap into my speed without shifting. Her wolf shouted quickly. As one lunged for her she jumped, using his back to propel herself onto the shoulders of another that lunged towards her. With quick feet she escaped their grasps and landed on the other side of the hoard.

She ran, her wolf taking over as much as she could without shifting. The lycans were on her heels, she ran towards the field, hoping that there were pack members there. She’s never run so fast in human form, she pushed with her legs jumping for a low hanging branch, keeping her momentum she leaped through the trees, the lycans seemed to like to stay on the ground. She could see the clearing, she pushed she needed to be faster. She landed in the bed of flowers, the field was empty she ran towards her land.

“Ryder!” she shouted as loud as she could while she blew out air. She could see her walls. Arman! Rouges outside the walls! Lycans on my heels! She ran towards the mountain; trying to keep the lycans on her trail, keep them from her pack. She had been running for what seemed like forever but was only realistically five minutes. She couldn’t run forever, she needed a fight plan.

She chanced a quick glance behind her, the four that she killed seemed to have been replenished by new lycans. She could hear their growls behind her, then the war siren sounded, cutting through the air. Her pack would fight. A lycan grabbed her foot before she could make ascent on the mountain. She kicked out snapping his neck backwards. Why weren’t they going for kill shots? She realized they only tried to restrain her; ten on one they should’ve had a kill shot a long time ago. They want you to shift. Her wolf spoke. Under no circumstances, no matter how hurt I am you don’t shift. Understand? Her wolf agreed, staying just close enough to the surface to give her extra strength.

She managed to escape the hoards grasp again, running to the field, she could hear her pack fighting, she didn’t have time to look, she smelled Ryder was near she pushed harder, she was back in the field, before she could make it to the safety of the trees she heard a shot ring out. Pain seared her neck; she felt a dart, a black liquid disappearing from the needle. She tried to run, to fight, but her limbs felt heavy, she blinked and she was handcuffed, on the shoulders of a lycan. She tried to scream.

Ryder. She whispered through their bond. When she woke up again she was in a helicopter, her handcuffs where attached the wall, the lycans were sleeping on the ground, with mystery man sitting in the copilot seat. She strained against her chains trying to see out the window. There weren’t any trees anymore, just blue water as far as the eye could see. She struggled against the restraints once more before she unwillingly fell into darkness.

Her screams echoed in his mind, why wasn’t he able to smell her? Sense her? He was fuming pacing the field trying to follow her scent. He followed her scent to the trees, before it disappeared, vanished, but he could smell the blood. He sprinted and found four bodies, they looked like half shifted wolves, in between human and wolf form.

He followed the direction of her screams, he saw her in the distance, fighting what seemed like a zombie hoard of lycans behind her, when he heard the gun shot his blood ran cold. She slowed down then, her eyes getting heavy. He ran as fast as he could but they were too fast, the lycans took her to a hidden helicopter and were in the air by the time he was close enough.

His wolf growled loudly, itching to be released, to get his mate to kill anyone who touched her. He watched as the helicopter rose in the sky, and then suddenly disappear. Puzzled he looked around, searching the sky, he could hear it but it was like there was an invisible shield covering it. When the group was gone he was hit with her scent, she was everywhere, back and forth across the field, in the trees. His heart broke, and his wolf howled longingly for his mate.

He found Arman, her pack had been fighting another group of lycans, many were injured but it didn’t seem like any were killed. He had a grim look on his face, and Arman about lost control of his wolf.

“They took her, she’s gone.” His voice broke; he breathed deeply trying to keep calm.

“We’ll find her Ryder, we just need to gather information. The lycans were just a distraction to keep us busy, keep us from helping Senna. As soon as she was captured they all died instantly. There is definitely a witch’s hand in all of this” Arman growled.

“Then we need our own witch, we need to be fighting with equal resources.” Ryder looked at Arman with utter frustration—he should’ve never left her alone, he should’ve made her wait for him, he should’ve—his heart clenched again, longing for her to be back at his side.

“If there’s a witch involved that is why I couldn’t smell her, could barely hear her.” He pulled at his hair; dropping to a squat he put his head in his hands.

“She will be by your side soon, but she needs her mate to stay strong for her. You are our link to her.” Arman spoke softly to the broken Ryder, he knew the pain of losing a mate—utter torture, but there was still a chance Senna would come back.

Ryder had Arman call all of Senna’s pack, had them meet in his territory where he had the ability to speak to both packs. With a grim face he made it up to the stage, clearing his throat of any grief he spoke into the microphone.

“Most of you may know but Senna, your future Luna, and the Silver moon packs Alpha was kidnapped by rouges. We know that the rouges are utilizing lycans.” Gasp are heard through the crowd, even some children started crying running to their parents arms.

“Because Senna was my mate, I will assume the roll of Alpha with the Silver moon pack, until she is back, we must work together to find her, both of our packs are strong, together we are stronger.” Cheers go through the crowd.

“Now I want Senna’s pack to separate into warriors and non-warriors so that we can see how many we have to work with. We will find her. ” His voice was determined, he was saying it so strongly hoping that by doing so it would make it come true.

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