Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 11

**This chapter has some abuse/torture, just a warning. Nothing over the top gore.**

Senna woke up in a damp, dark, room with a stench of blood and rotting flesh. She opened her eyes but could only make out the slight glint of sunlight that managed its way through a tiny crack. Her arms were chained above her head, her wrists burned against the metal, she thrashed trying to break free but it only increased the pain.

“Don’t waste your energy” a gruff voice managed a whisper. She pushed her back against the wall, straining her ears for more sounds.

“Who are you?” she whispered back.

“My name is Luca...” he gasped, coughed and wheezed. “I take it since you’re stuck here in this hell hole you might also be a silver wolf with purple eyes, no?” She could hear his slight accent; she tried to lean away from the wall, to see if she could see him through the bars into the other cell.

“Does that mean you are one?” she questioned, not giving him a yes to his question, in case he was one of her captures vying for information.

“Unfortunately, I was caught just after my first shift, in Sweden, I haven’t left this hell in 5 years.” She shuddered at the thought, was this going to be her new reality? Chained and left to die in a hole in the middle of nowhere?

“I refuse to stay here. We will escape. We have to.” she told him, trying to build a sense of hope in herself as well. The days blended in with each other, to keep time she made a scratch in the floor for every hour passed, with nothing to do she counted the seconds, which turned into minutes, minutes to days. It had been 3 days, no water, no food, and no sign of anyone except Luca. She couldn’t even make spit anymore, let alone stay awake to count.

When the door opened with a bang against the wall she felt like she jumped out of her skin. Mystery man stood in front of her, black combat boots, black combat pants and a black long sleeve, behind him there stood two guards both holding large riffles.

“Are you weak yet little alpha?” he sneered, crouching in front of her. He tried to grab her ankle but she kicked him in the chest with all the strength she could muster.

“Konrad, sir, are you ok?” The guards came to his side, blocking her from more attempts.

“You’re going to regret that, little alpha.” he growled, standing above her, snatching her hair before slamming her head against the wall. He grabbed her throat digging his fingers into her flesh cutting off her oxygen; she gasped trying to pull at his hands but the chains kept her from getting a good grip. When she started seeing black spots he released her, she collapsed to the floor struggling to inhale the needed oxygen.

“Take her to lab one, we need to break her spirit, then we will be able to use her for our projects.” Konrad strode out; the guards unhooked her hands from the wall but still kept her chained.

“no..” Luca gasped, she looked towards his cells as the guards dragged her under her shoulders out of the cell. She was too weak to walk so her feet dragged lifelessly on the ground. She saw he was chained, she could see silver hair on his head that hung long over his face, it was dingy from dirt and blood, but she could see how skinny he was, his skin was ghostly pale, almost grey from the lack of sun and nutrients. The guards drug her up the stairs, not slowing to allow her to try to walk up the steps. They were now on a brightly lit floor, people were milling about but all reeked of rouge.

They threw her onto a hard metal table in an all white room; she looked around seeing medical instruments, IV poles, what had her trembling were the restraints on the table. She tried to fight off the guards but she was too weak, they put her into the restraints, so tight that her fingers and toes started to tingle.

They left her there under the bright fluorescent lights for what seemed like an eternity, her bones ached from the lack of movement, now that she wasn’t in the basement she wondered if she could get an idea of her surroundings. She couldn’t smell anything besides antiseptic cleaner; there were no windows, no sounds. Even the people walking in the hallway she could barely make out.

Her wolf whispered to her the first time since she was captured, it startled her not expecting her presence. Try linking to Ryder, we might be able to above ground. She would try before Konrad came back.

Ryder? She questioned hopefully. Ryder. she pressed harder trying to make her message go through. Ryder! She screamed internally. No response. Before she was able to try to mind link him again Konrad strode into the room. He growled at her as he moved to the medical instruments. He picked up a large needle, taking out a clear liquid from a serum bottle. Her blood ran cold thinking of what he was going to inflict on her.

She struggled against her restraints, trying to flip the cold metal table anything to get away from his evil grasp. The needle slid into her neck, the injection burned like fire through her veins overwhelming her body within seconds. She tried fighting against the restraints again but she saw they were lax, unmoving. She tried again and realized she was paralyzed, Konrad’s hand slid up her thigh making her stomach churn. She could feel everything but her body was unable to move, unable to resist in anyway.

Her heart began to race, panic setting in she tried controlling her breathing but she could see the sinister plans behind his cold black eyes. She knew he wasn’t going to let her go easily. Konrad went to the tray again this time picking up a scalpel and he delicately ran the back of the scalpel up her inner thighs, she realized then that she was in nothing more then a bra and a pair of underwear. She wished for her body to move but it lay there lifeless despite her mental protests. He cut both of her wrists that were secured above her head, the sting from the blade, the warmth of her blood pooling over her arms. Within five seconds the wounds healed leaving just a puddle of blood. Konrad tisked.

“You heal too fast little alpha. You’re a strong one aren’t you?” he sneered hovering inches above her face is his black eyes bore into hers. Konrad cut her continuously on her wrists, thighs, ankles, even one point slicing her from her ankle up to her hip bone. She internally screamed, trying with all her might to move her limbs but they lay there like they were detached from her body. the torture went on forever, her eyes started to rolling to the back of her skull when Konrad slapped her face demanding she stay awake.

She could smell her blood, it had ran down the channels in the table collecting in glass cylinders on the floor. Before Konrad finished he injected her again, this time her body jerked, uncontrollably shaking from the pain, she lost her breath, the pain was so intense she forgot how to inhale. Her body shook and thrashed in the restraints, hours of unimaginable pain overwhelmed her body with no sense of reprieve. Her heart was hammering, she could hear her pulse crashing in her ears yet the sweetness of sleep or passing out was far from within her grasp. She wasn’t able to escape this torture.

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