Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 12

Ryder woke with a sweat, his body ached at his wrists, he rubbed them absent-mindedly, he was finally able to sleep after 4 days of nothing, but it had only been a few hours. His wolf screamed and howled for his mate in his head, he knew she was being tortured, because of their mate link they could feel each other’s pain, and sense if and when they died.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the image of her dead body that haunted his nightmares. He went downstairs to the main living room area of the pack house, everyone was asleep for the most part with a few straggling warriors changing shifts while patrolling. He got a glass of water from the kitchen sipping it slowly trying to distract his mind by flipping through the channels.

When the pain dulled he let out a sigh of relief, hoping that the pain Senna was experiencing would come to an end. With the pain gone he decided maybe he could fall asleep again, when he stood his body was overtaken by pain. His back arched, his whole body tensed and he collapsed to the floor arching off the cool surface like it was fire.

His warriors ran to him but he couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of his blood in his ears. They carried him to the pack infirmary with him writhing in pain, his jaw clenched so hard his warriors could hear the teeth crunching under the pressure. The doctor rushed in and gave him a pain reliever and sedative but it didn’t have any affect. He lashed out in pain, unaware of his surroundings for ten hours, Arman at his side took lead in the search for Senna knowing that it was linked to her. The pack had searched and ended up losing the trace at the shore line, leading them to think that maybe she was being held on a boat in the open ocean.

Ryder eventually surfaced from the infirmary eighteen hours later looking like he had been through a tough battle, but his eyes held a determination like never before. He had made calls to other Alphas in the area needing resources like helicopters, airplanes, and most of all witches that he could trust with his mate’s life. Witches were tricky; they may look sweet and innocent but practice dark magic that ends up hurting people in the process.

He had been given a list of ten names and would have them come to his pack for an interview and a test of trust before he gave them the full details of what he needed. He was scared to death that he would be too late to save Senna, desperate times call for desperate measures he thought to himself, if he needed an evil witch to save Senna, then so be it.

It had been 6 months that Senna was in that hell hole, every two days the immense pain would come back lasting a total of 18 hours, the pack doctors were able to find one method of easing the pain to a point his body would stop having seizures but it was still unbearable. They were so close to finding her, the witch that was helping them was named Athena, from Greece, she had seen the type of magic their using to cloak her location and scent, baring us from mind linking to her.

She was so close we knew she was somewhere in the Atlantic, we just needed to narrow the possibilities down. It was a full moon, a blood moon in fact he could feel the power healing his body from the lack of sleep, he prayed the Senna would feel better, trying to link to her but feeling a wall. He turned to go back inside when he heard the faintest of whispers, Ryder.

Senna! He nearly collapsed to his knees hearing her voice in his head. Baby! Where are you? Are you ok!? Senna baby talk to me. He lost his control of his emotions that he has built a heavy dam around, but now it is over flowing. I’m sorry, her reply was slow and even softer than the first. He linked to his warriors, to get the witch to bring her while he has a connection.

As the room filled with people Athena held his hands tightly, she had white crystals around them in a circle to focus the energy from the blood moon Ryder tried to get Senna to talk, he could feel their bond was weak but it was more than what is was the day before. Senna I have a witch trying to find you, baby talk to me, feel our link. He pleaded the sentence over and over for an hour, it was midnight now, when the moon was at its peak.

Ryder! Help me, Konrad has a witch they’re--, her link was cut off, he yelled in his mind to her again begging she would come back her voice was so strong. Ryder, I’ll find a way back to you. He could feel her voice fade, their bond getting weaker again, then his heart broke. The pain in his chest ripped the air from his lungs, his mark on his neck burned with a vengeance, he dropped his hold with Athena and collapsed on the floor. She hung her head in sorrow, she faced Senna’s brothers, her beta Arman and shook her head. She excused herself from the room while they all dealt with their grief.

Senna was in a dark room, only lit by the blood moon, she lost track of how long she had been there, but now she was immune to the pain, her mind stopped screaming while her body contorted, she had built a wall in her mind, she was not in her body, she was with Ryder, she went to her mental escape on the beach with Ryder, dancing, laughing, kissing.

She was shackled to the wall, black crystals were around her, the first time she was given clothes she was given a black dress but more like a black potato sack cut into the shape of a dress. Since she had arrived Luca had gained his strength back a little, he was not subject to their torture since she was the new play thing. She learned many things since she has been at their mercy, she always listened even when they thought she was unconscious. She was on site one, there were two others in the Atlantic, each had on wolf like her, totaling to four, meaning they were still searching for one.

The door creaked and in walked Konrad and another evil looking woman, dressed in black and blood red, her black hair matted into unkempt dreads her stench showed she had worse hygiene than Senna did. Her long nails were dark sickening brown, she dragged one nail down her mark and she tisked unapprovingly. The hag turned to Konrad, saying that her mark would have to be removed.

They stood outside the crystal circle, the witch chanted in Latin, she felt her mark burn, she screamed for Ryder, hoping her message got through, Konrad sneered at her pain. When the chanting stopped she felt her heart rip in two, her defenses against pain were no match to the pain of losing her mate bond. They all but cackled as she gasped for air clutching her chest. Her wolf who had been dormant for so long scratched at the surface to try to kill them. She pushed her back knowing their ultimate goal was to get her to shift. Konrad crouched to her level with a glint in his eye.

“Now your stupid mutt of a mate thinks you’re dead, he doesn’t need to search for you anymore. And Helga here is going to make sure you never go back to him once we’re done with you. ” He smiled, happy with what he’s done. Helga took hold of her hands, her hold felt like fire on her skin, she chanted more words while Konrad took a knife dipped in silver and dragged it against her mark making her bleed profusely over her shoulder while her wolf struggled to heal herself.

Senna’s wolf broke, her emotions receded inside she was broken because of this man, taking her pack, her parents, and now her mate. She would have her revenge; he lit the fire inside her to escape. Tonight. She lunged at Konrad, he stabbed her in the stomach with the blade she twisted sharply, breaking off the knife blade inside her. Her knees buckled. He growled at her harshly.

“Great, now you get to slowly bleed to death. You’re lucky, little Alpha” he snapped his fingers and guards came to drag her back to her cell, this time they threw her in Luca’s cell no bothering to shackle her, knowing she was minutes from death with silver coursing through her body. As soon as they left she crawled to Luca, blood pooled on the floor from her gaping wound, she lay on her back within reach of Luca’s cuffed hands.

“Take the knife out quickly, we need it to break your shackles.” She gasped, Luca stared at her with wide eyes, not arguing and whispering sorry under his breath as he dug his fingers into her bloody abdomen. She groaned in pain, clenching her teeth trying to stay as still as possible so he could get the blade.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” He extracted the blade, it look like she broke off four inches of the blade, god knows what damage it inflicted, she prayed her wolf was strong enough to heal to the point they could escape. Luca hid the blade under his leg as he heard footsteps, Senna stopped breathing, going motionless. Konrad stepped up the bars outside his cell, peering down at Senna, he spit towards her body and looked towards Luca.

“Enjoy the smell of her rotting, mutt” he growled before turning on his heel and leaving. Luca frantically looked towards Senna, praying she was still alive, he poked her with his foot, muttering under his breath, it was a long five minutes, no breath, no movement, Luca watched Senna praying for any sign of life, when he saw her wound slowly healing, just barely.

Senna gasped, coughing up blood laced with silver, she gagged, and dry heaved as more blood came out.

“Please be ok.” Luca whispered as he watched in amazement as she sat there alive in front of him.

She sat next to him when the dry heaving stopped, trying to catch her breath. She looked at him, “Can you hear me?” She spoke, her voice a barely there whisper her throat aching for relief, he nodded his head, she continued, trying to piece together sentences and not cough up more blood. “We are going to escape, swim to the closest land, heal, then kill Konrad.” He stared at her, and nodded, he gave the blade to her, the silver had washed off in her body so she was able to handle it without being burned.

She ripped off a few inches of her dress to make a makeshift handle to the blade so she could handle it without cutting her palms. In a few minutes she was able to pick Luca’s cuffs, he groaned, as his arms were release, his muscles cramping from the movement. Senna listened, her eyes glowing purple as her wolf came to the surface, she couldn’t hear anyone on the next floor, and they must all be gone for the ceremony.

Senna crawled to the door of the cell reaching her now skin and bone arm through the bars to pick the lock. Her wolf kept her senses trained on listening for guards as she worked on the lock. Luca helped her stand as she picked the lock. The looked at each other, both eyes glowing purple, Luca swallowed dryly as he nodded his head, giving her the ok to go, they had to make it out, no matter how weak. Before they reached the door Senna stopped looking at him.

“I know this is going to be physically taxing, I’m exhausted and I’ve been here less than you have. So once we are away from the compound, tap into your wolf fully, so we can escape this hell hole.” He nodded to her. To her surprise they kept this door unlocked probably too cocky to think anyone would escape her wolf rolled her eyes in her mind. As they crept down the hallways, to their advantage having no shoes allowed for stealthy walking. Luca was in a pair of tattered black shorts, and she was in her bloody, torn potato sack dress.

Senna new the route to the door they labeled “lab 3” this is the only room in the past six months where she saw a window to the outside world. It would be a far drop, likely a suicide mission, but it was better than nothing. Closing the door behind them she looked at the window trying to think of the fastest, quietest way to get out.

“It has to be thick, we’re on most likely a naval ship of some kind” Luca spoke quietly studying the glass. He lightly traced the edge of the pane with his fingers, looking for a weak point. He slid the evil metal table below the window so Senna and him a could have the window at working height.

“We do this fast, jump feet first, we don’t need to die hitting the water.” She looked at him intently, both of them had adrenaline pushing their bodies past theirs limits, they were starved, only eating twice a week, getting water every two days. Luca had found a thin bar from some of the medical supplies. Lining up their tools at the crack where the window met the wall, they locked eyes, nodded and with all their force shoved their tools into the crack, prying the window from the frame, the glass cracked, popped and shattered they threw the pane of glass into the room and jumped up the newly opened hole. Holding hands the locked eyes again before jumping into the water.

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