Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 13

The water was freezing, zapping all her strength, it had to be winter, but it didn’t matter, she gasped as the waves crashed over her. She searched the water frantically for Luca waiting for his silver hair to come above the water. He gasped, thrashing in the water, panic was in his eyes. She swam to him grabbing his face, forcing him to look at her.

“Calm down, Luca” she demanded her Alpha tone seeping into her words. He stared at her, treading water but frequently slipping under the water.

“Luca, we have to swim now, have your wolf take over.” He nodded, his eyes shining brighter purple.

“Lead the way alpha,” his voice changed, it was rough, hoarse, knowing his wolf took over his body. She closed her eyes for a second, listening to her wolf. Swim east, land is the closest in the direction. How her wolf knew that she would never know, but her wolf had never steered her wrong.

They swam in the dead of night, the moon lighting their way, soon the sun rose and they had not reach land yet.

“Sorry Alpha, continue without me, my body is too weak.” Luca spoke behind her, his swimming had slowed significantly; turning to him she saw the pure exhaustion in his body. The water was calm; they could rest for a while she thought.

“Can you float on your back?” Luca who was struggling to keep his head above the water, proceeded to try to float on his back, but he was so skinny he was just barely floating due to his lack of body fat. She floated next to him, she held onto his hand keeping their bodies together.

“We need a faster way to get to shore.” She spoke to the sky, she was surprised they weren’t caught yet; someone was definitely looking out for her.

“In Sweden, we were told that Silver wolves had will control over other animals, maybe if there was a whale, or shark or something, we could use that like a taxi to shore.” Luca chuckled to himself, shaking his head. “There’s no way though, right?”

“Well, there’s one way to find out, it’s not like I have any better ideas.” Senna replied, closing her eyes, letting her wolf take over. She let out a low howl; she could feel the sound vibrating the water surrounding her ears. Luca copied her, both of them howling in a low octave, over and over, hoping praying it did something. The sun was now high in the sky, they had been floating for a few hours, to their luck they were the only humans, but it seemed like also the only living creatures in the ocean. Senna was about to give up when something brushed against her leg. She shot up in the water, praying she wasn’t going to become fish food to some predator.

“Luca.” He didn’t reply. “Luca damn it! Look!” he looked to her then towards the water. Around them swam a school of sea turtles, swimming in a circle around them Luca and Senna watched in amazement.

“Now how do we tell them to give us a lift?” Luca chuckled, a large turtle swam up to Senna, she stared into its eyes, she could feel her wolf coming to the surface, the turtle bowed its head, turning around and waited there. She looked towards Luca, who shrugged, as she took hold of the edge of the shell the turtle took off, she looked back towards Luca who was riding his own turtle with a silly grin on his face. The turtles propelled them through the water; the other turtles swam around them, seeming to create their own current. When they were within normal swimming distance of shore the turtles stopped, swimming around them once more before heading back to the ocean.

“I think that was the coolest thing to ever happen in all of history.” Luca stared after the turtles; Senna grabbed his hand, forcing them to swim again. It was dusk now, a full day in the ocean her skin itched from the salt, and felt like a pickled raisin. When they were able to stand on the bottom of the ocean floor, Senna and Luca couldn’t keep their smiles off their faces.

“Thank you for forcing me to escape.” Luca said breathlessly, they both collapsed on dry sand, the calm ocean lapping at their feet. They rested there, the beach was empty, it was winter and from the height of the moon looking close to midnight again.

“We need food, shelter, and clothes.” Senna groaned, realizing at some point she would have to get up from her sand bed.

“Lets go before I pass out from exhaustion.” Luca groaned coming to a stand, extending his hand to Senna, they walked off the beach and found themselves in a quiet neighborhood, clothes hung out on line flapping in the ocean breeze. Senna took pants and a long tunic top, Luca was able to find pants and a shirt that would look semi-normal on his extremely tall and skinny frame. They dressed in the darkness of an alley, leaving behind they clothes from their prison. Still barefoot they slowly came to a small city, it seemed like all the shops were closed, looking for abandon buildings they would eventually have to break into something.

They came to a few storefronts, everything was in Arabic and French, and to her advantage Luca seemed to know enough to be able to read the French words.

“Its one of those stores that has a little of everything. Looks like it should be easy to break into.” They walked to the back of the store front, where the dumpsters were kept, the stench of rotting food and diapers overwhelmed their senses. She found a screwdriver lying on the ground, sending a silent thanks to whoever allowed her to make it this far. They broke off the pad lock on the back door, finding a backpack they shoved any food items, a few bottles of water, Senna grabbed boxed of hair dye to fix their silver hair. Luca wrapped a black scarf around her neck, she looked up in confusion.

“You’ll blend better in an Arabic speaking country with a scarf.” He shrugged, finding his own pack he grabbed extra clothes, a first aid kit, and cash from the register. The only shoes available were cheap flip-flops but it was better than nothing. They grabbed everything and were out running to the next blocks within three minutes. They walked as fast as they could until they reached a bigger city, backpacks on their shoulders shoved to the brim with supplies. There was few people out at tonight, they found an apartment building under construction, Luca read the sign saying construction was stopped for a few months. They found a makeshift office on the first floor, it was the only bathroom in the place, and there was no furniture except one plastic chair. Settling themselves on the floor they took inventory of their supplies. They had about sixty dollars of cash, one mediocre first aid kit, 6 boxes of dark brown hair dye, 3 liters of water, a loaf of bread, two canned soups, and a handful of candy bars.

“Really? Candy Luca?” She was too tired to be angry, Luca looked up in feign hurt.

“Candy bars are perfect for on the run, calorie dense, carb heavy and compact.” He crossed his arms, defending his choice of rations.

“Lets clean up a little, dye our hair and try to sleep ok?” It was just before dawn when they finished eating, cleaning up and dying their hair. The dark brown dye wasn’t the best, making their hair an odd shade of medium brown with muddy tones. They managed to get four hours of sleep when the bustling of city became too much to sleep through. Senna put the black scarf over her head, wrapping it around her neck as they exited behind the construction building onto an abandoned street.

“We need to know what country we’re in, and we need allies, wolves, vamps, witches, I don’t care.” They walked through the city, weaved their way through the open air markets, a red flag with a green star hung in many of the shops leading Senna to the conclusion that they landed in Morocco.

“Senna look...” Luca pulled her off the street to a building with a poster hanging in the window. She stared at the sign not understanding what he was looking at.

“In the corner, there’s a symbol I used to see all over Sweden, and other European countries. It’s a symbol so all night worlders to know where they can find a shelter, in the human world.”

“Can we trust it?” Luca shrugged, and looked back to the poster.

“It seems like this building has a floor where people stay at night. It might be a good way to meet people. Gain allies.” They walked around the city till night fall, creating a mental map of the lay out incase they needed to make an escape again. They followed the mysterious poster to a back stairway, it lead to the top floor, it seemed like there was a light emanating from the roof. Senna and Luca climbed the rusty stair case, when they reached the top level they were met with a group of five angry night worlders. Couches and chairs were strewn around the roof, someone even brought a small fire grill.

“Who the hell are you?” growled a male wolf, her wolf stirred, not liking how he was speaking to her.

“I am seeking shelter, my name is Senna, this is Luca, we escaped from rouges experimenting on us. We just need a place to rest.” She growled back her Alpha tone starting to peak through. She looked at the five in front of her, one male wolf, three female vampires, and two male witches she presumed.

“You’re an alpha?” the male addressed her again.

“I was until I was kidnapped.” She growled. The tension seemed to let up from the group. One of the male witches started to walk towards her, he was tall, strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes.

“Do you know of a female witch with blonde hair?” he pleaded to her.

“No, I’ve only met Helga, black hair, evil.” He looked at her in shock.

“She cast a curse on you.” He spoke matter-of-factly.

“She took away my mate bond, made it so I can never be with him without him dying.” Her voice quivered for a millisecond.

“She kidnapped my little sister.” His eyes met hers with equal sorrow.

Luca stood at her side; the group hesitantly led them to the couches where they shared their story. Told them of their powers, the prophecy, they needed allies.

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