Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 14

Unknown POV

He watched as the drunk Alpha passed out from drinking too much whiskey again. Perfect opportunity for him to refill his whiskey bottle, adding in his own concoction so that he would grow more violent and insane as the months dragged on without Senna. He waited eight long years for his plan to finally come together.

First step was getting the old Alpha out of the way, nothing could be done with him around he was too powerful to go against or to try to sneak around. Once the rouge army took care of that problem he waited, he waited until she was old enough, he used a witch to break her true mate bond when she was a child before she could feel anything. He needed her to mate an alpha, a strong alpha with a large pack. He gained her trust, the mixture he slipped into her drinks didn’t hurt either. Now it was almost in his grasp. He was so close to his new power he could almost taste it.


Arman looked at Ryder, he had lost ten more pounds, his face was sunken in, his eyes dark, his wolf had completely taken over, he was ruthless, angry at the world. The pack suffered at his harsh rules, he made them build walls around his compound, no one was allowed outside the walls, no excuses. Senna’s brothers threw themselves into warrior training, torturing themselves with ruthless beatings, they fought until they collapsed from exhaustion. Arman had sent Athena away, it was for her own safety, although they kept in contact. He hoped that Senna was alive somewhere, despite what Ryder felt. He had Athena keep her contacts on the look out for Senna.

Ryder was currently half way through his newest bottle of whiskey. He hadn’t eaten in two days, he didn’t care. He failed at his one job, to protect his mate, and now she was dead. No one dared to look at him anymore, he was a failure as an alpha, he should just go die so that Arman could take over.

It’s had been a month since she died, his heart broke every time he thought of her, his wolf took over most days, blocking him from his emotions, he knew one day soon his emotions would turn off. He wished he would feel that agonizing 18 hour torture again just to prove Senna was alive. But nothing. Not even the slightest feeling. He was empty. His wolf had no purpose. Athena was lucky Arman took her away, because his wolf was out for her blood, if she had been better he could’ve saved her.

“Alpha Ryder,” Arman spoke softly, knocking on his open office door. “Lets get you some food, she wouldn’t want you starving to death.”

“Don’t. Speak. About. Her.” He growled lowly. Not looking in his direction.

“Well, let me make sure you’re ok Alpha, we need you to keep our pack strong.”

He sat there for a moment. Setting his now empty whiskey bottle on the desk. He stared at Arman, he saw the kindness in his eyes, Ryder nodded. Following Arman to his kitchen where he had one of the women cook him a hearty beef stew.

Ryder ate, it only took two hours for his werewolf liver to sober him up. Arman sat at his side, silently.

“Things are going to change.” Ryder growled. Arman nodded his head. Ryder strode to his room, went out to his balcony, snow was falling softly on the ledge, he stared out into the woods that were inside his perimeter. He was about to turn to go inside when he saw purple eyes shining in the forest. His heart picked up its beat, he stared hard trying to make out the figure. Soon a small white fox sat under his balcony staring up at him, purple eyes gleaming at him.

“Theres no way.” He whispered to himself. He watched as the fox climbed up the tree nearest his balcony, it leaped to his ledge where it just sat there, staring at him.

“Senna?” his voice broke, he extended his hand to the fox, it nuzzled its head in his palm. His mind was reeling, there was no way Senna was a fox, was it her wolf? Was it her soul?

Ryder was startled awake by the crash of an icicle on his balcony. He stared at his hand where he touched the soft fur of the white fox. Was it a dream? He walked to his snow covered balcony, looking for a sign, but saw no paw prints. It had to have been a dream. Ryder looked at himself in the mirror, he was disgusted at the sight. He lost his muscle tone, he was easily thirty pounds down from where he likes to be, his beard was unkempt, his hair in a desperate need of a trim. He didn’t look like a strong alpha.

Arman, my room. He mindlinked, Arman strode into his room a few minutes later, with a surprised look on his face.

“I need to get stronger, clean up.” Arman nodded, a small smile on his lips.

“Sure Alpha, how can I help?”

“And when I’m back to my strength, we’re taking over packs from the surrounding areas.” He walked away towards his closet taking out workout clothes.

“I beg your pardon, Alpha?”

“I am going to take over all the packs in the surrounding areas, I am going to have a larger pack than that damn rouge, and then we are going to kill his whole pack.” Ryder looked at him like he was speaking the simplest solution.

“Sure...Alpha let me know how I can help.” Arman bowed slightly before exiting the room, calling Ryder’s barber, and the highest ranked warriors.

Ryder strode out onto the field; he would push his body until he was stronger than ever before. No one would dare stand against him. He wasn’t going to be just an Alpha any more, he will become The Alpha when he is through.

Senna brothers, along with Ryder’s high ranked warriors trained with him, pushed him, it would be hard work, but he had a burning rage deep within him that would only be satiated when he was covered in the blood of the rouges that took his Senna from him.


Senna and Luca quickly became acquainted with the group of down worlders, they had taken over the room and the top floor of the building, paying the owner under the table to allow them to stay as they pleased. When Senna heard they had similar stories to hers she realized Konrad was a nuisance to all down worlders not just the werewolves.

Konrad had been kidnapping witches, vampires and werewolves all drained of blood and used in their Lycan experiments. The blood of a silver wolf, when shifted, is what he need most, it would make their Lycan creation not only more powerful but immortal. Thus making Konrad’s army all the more powerful. It had been a month in Morocco, she got used to the humidity, and learned to take refuge in the peak of the day.

She worked with Hunter one of witches, he helped her work on her abilities to control animals and see through them--a mighty spy skill-- she thought to herself. They were planning on the next full moon they would rescue the other wolves. Senna and Luca would lead two teams to go to the remaining locations in the Atlantic.

Hunter used Senna’s blood to create a location spell to find other silver wolves like her, one location was near Greenway while the other was just off the coast of Brazil. Hunter was a master was levitation, cloaking, and flying.

Senna was trying to learn but as long as she had a grip onto hunter she was able to fly and hide just as he did. When everyone was asleep she practiced her abilities, no one knew but she used her nights to go see Ryder, she took over the form of a white fox and would sit outside his window. Only once had she actually touched him in through the fox and even that small gesture sent her into so much pain it was like someone electrocuted her. So she kept a distance, watching in the shadows but tonight she could hear his crying.

Even though they knew each other for such a short time, she knew just seeing him kept her wolf calm and strong, even though their bond was broken she could feel his heart ache. If they were going to win against Konrad she needed her wolf at the strongest. She hadn’t visited Hendrix, she couldn’t yet...she feared she would forget about Ryder if she saw him.

The small fox climbed its way up the tree and hopped to his balcony, so many memories swirled in her mind as she smelt his scent through the fox’s nose, she tried to look through his balcony window but could see nothing because the curtains were pulled, she was trying to keep a distance because she knew the pain that would sear through her if she touched him but his sobs broke her heart. She decided to tap on his window with her paw, she sat there waiting, tapping again she heard his sobs stop, shuffling of feet and when his gaze landed on the small fox she could make out the smallest of smiles.

“how did you get here little snow angel?” he crouched on his knees in front of her, peering into her eyes searching for something. When he stood she slipped through his legs inside the room was came to a stop when she saw his room in utter destruction. Holes were punched in the wall, lamps broken, clothes thrown about everything was in chaos except one shirt, a shirt of his, one she’d worn the last night she slept here.

“It is losing your scent,” he spoke softly behind her, she didn’t think he knew is was her, she walked slowly to the shirt on the bed and laid on top of it, rolling in it, she hoped the fox picked up her scent slightly. His chuckle stopped her, she looked up and saw him standing over the small fox, with a beaming smile.

“Senna, I know it is you in there somehow.” she stared at him, when he sat on the bed to pet her she backed away shaking her head.

“Senna please let me touch you. I’m dying here without you.” She hung her head in shame, and shook her head again. When he reached out she growled, nipping at his hand. I’m trying to tell you! she screamed internally wishing she could speak to him. She leaped off the bed, he was about to run after her when she grabbed a marker that had been thrown from his desk. she pried the cap off with her tiny paws and began scribbling on random papers thrown to the floor.


He sighed, the pleading in his eyes drove her wolf mad, she longed for his touch, to comfort him.

“Why won’t you come back to me?” he growled practically screaming at her. She whined softly, trying to get him to understand. His eyes changed, he clenched his jaw.

“I’m going to kill him you know, I’m going to kill all of them.” His voice was low, almost a growl. She whined again, shaking her head, walking around him in circles.

She took in his appearance now, his eyes were still dark, sunken, but he was more muscular than she had ever seen. Last time she came in fox form he looked sickly. But now he looked like a warrior on a mission.

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