Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 15

Six months had passed on the run they managed to rescue two silver wolfs, totaling to four, they just needed to find one more, Hunter stayed by their sides, desperate to find his sister, he hoped she would be at the facilities the wolves were at but there was no trace of her. The three vampire women split off from their group to spread the word in the night world, to gain support for them. They were on a freight ship to Japan, now with so many silver wolves Hunter was able to help them track down the last one, she was the only female thus far, not uncommon for her, but odd she thought that it seemed like males tend to have the genes passed down.

The air was humid and warm when they landed in Japan, Hunter’s spell led them to the mountains, they were secluded, not coming across any werewolves, let alone the one they needed. They decided to make camp since the sun was setting, they didn’t need to get injured hiking in an unfamiliar terrain. Luca had become fast friends with the Moroccan silver wolf they rescued, he kept his head shaved so his silver hair was never on display. But the one that broke her heart the most was the young boy they rescued, they captured him after his first shift, he was barely fourteen, he clung to her the most, he was afraid to leave the group understandably. She hoped that he would grow up strong so that he doesn’t need to fear the world.

“So we’re looking for another one of us?” Austin sat beside her, he reminded her so much of her younger brothers.

“Yeah, we need five total, then we will be the strongest, and we can kill Konrad so no one else is kidnapped like we were.”

“Good, you’ll let me hit him right?” She smiled as he punched the air in front of him.

“Sure, but we need to get you trained first, we need to be prepared.” They hung out next to the fire, chatting quietly amongst themselves. When they decided to go to sleep for the night Senna listened to the sounds of the land around them, the breeze shaking the leaves, chirps from birds, she struggled sleeping, her wolf was antsy at her for keeping away from Ryder, but it was too much risk if she got close.

She knew her wolf wouldn’t want to hurt him despite the need for him. She tried to focus on the sounds of the forest again, pushing away thoughts of the mate she never really got to know. The eery silence put her on alert, a minute ago the trees were alive with sounds of animals, now, only the light breeze broke the silence surrounding them. As she was about to sit up she felt the coolness of a metal blade at the back of her neck.

She turned to see his figure in her peripheral, standing slowly to stand in front of him, she held out a hand. He was silent, his katana sword still dangerously close to her neck. His eyes glowed purple, as he let out a threatening growl. She met his gaze with her own, allowing her wolf to come forward showing her purple eyes as well.

“Get off my mountain.” He growled.


“We found you!” Austin interjected happily, not really understanding that he wanted to kill her right now.

“Why are you looking for me?” He growled, inching closer trying to make her step away from him.

“You’re the fifth silver wolf, we need you to fulfill the prophecy.” Austin answered before she had a chance to speak, he looked down at the young boy, his eyes softening. He put his sword away, watching her warily, he extended his hand towards her.

“I’m Kyo.”

“Senna, this is Austin, over there is Luca and R’ad, the one with the red hair is Hunter he’s a witch.”

“You’re here because of the Lycans?” She nodded, he sighed looking around the group.

“Follow me.” He began walking away into the forest, the group hastily packed their limited belongings following him through weaving paths till they reached a house at the top of the mountain.

“I’ve been waiting two hundred years for you to show up. I guess it’s that time.” He sighed.

“Wait how are you so young?” Austin looked up at him confused.

“My power is immortality. When I shifted and gained my abilities I stopped aging.” Austin’s eyes grew three sizes as he looked at Kyo. They stayed the night exchanging information, getting to know one another, setting up a plan.

As the sun rose she sat on the porch outside of his house listening to the birds. He came to sit beside her, handing her a cup of steaming tea. They sat in silence for a long time, listening to the sounds of nature.

“You have a mate.” He stated.

“I did—I do—well. It’s complicated.”

“I had one too, a long time ago. I outlived her and our children.” The sadness in his eyes was clear, even though she barely knew him she patted his shoulder trying to comfort him.

“Why immortality?”

“I see it as a curse more than a blessing, I was born too early, so I had to wait until the rest of the silver wolves were born. Do you know the end of the prophecy?”

“What end?”

“If we succeed in our mission, we can chose to relinquish our powers. For the next generation.”

“Would you?”

“In a heart beat.” He smiled softly. “I’ve never read of a female silver wolf though. You’re the first if I’m correct.” She shrugged, sipping her tea.

“First female Alpha too. It’s kind of my thing.” She chuckled.

“Do you miss your pack? I’ve lived alone for so long I forget what it’s like.”

“Sure, I miss them, I love them all, they’re my family. My brothers...I can’t imagine what pain they’re going through. Hendrix...we’ve never been apart this long, he was always at my side, he kept me strong. I miss—,” Kyo cut her off, “Hendrix is your mate? I can see it in your eyes how much you care for him. How much you miss him.”

“No...” She sighed. “I wish, my mate is another Alpha, we don’t really have much in common, really the mate bond was to join our packs. I never planned on having a mate, especially not another Alpha.”

“But you talk about him as if he is a stranger. Why?”

“Because he is, I know nothing about him. I was advised to finish the mating process. It’s better for the pack. My wolf of course is drawn to him, sometimes I get caught up in her emotions thinking they’re my own. But in the back of my mind there’s always Hendrix. But we can never be together.” She stared into her empty tea cup.

“You’re a unique one that’s for sure. But I can tell your destiny has been tempered with.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Having two mates. One is your true mate and one was forced on you through magic. I can smell the herbs lingering in your hair.” He looked at her like it was the most obvious answer.

“That’s not possible.”

“You’re the only female alpha, the only female silver wolf, I don’t think there are limits with you. I think someone made your connection with this alpha for their own gain. I can tell you’re drawn to another despite the mate bond.” She didn’t know what to do with that information. She took a long cleansing walk in the forest, allowing the information to set in.

That night while everyone was asleep she was going to do something she vowed she couldn’t allow herself, focusing she felt her mind take over the small fox body. Through it’s eyes she looked around, the grass was soft on her feet as she walked thorough the pack boundaries, for the middle of the day the pack was desolate, making her shiver with worry. She made her way to the lake, following his scent, she needed to see him, she needed to make sure he was ok.

He sat shirtless, dangling his feet off the dock of the lake, his back had more tattoos than she last remembered, but she clearly saw her name hidden in all the imagery on his back. She sat behind him, letting out a soft whine, trying to get his attention. Startled he turned around quickly, looking down at her small form she hoped he would recognize her eyes.

She stared at him as he was frozen still in front of her, his eyes red rimmed and blood shot, he had put on ten pounds of muscle since the last she saw him. She slowly stepped forward until she was in reach of him. When his hand reached out towards her no pain came, only pleasurable tingles and sparks.

“Senna.” He breathed. He picked up her small fox form, holding it against his chest, she purred licking his neck, letting the mate bond flow through their touch.

“Wait, why do I feel this now?” He gazed down at her, she shook her head, she couldn’t answer in this form.

“You’re alive? You’ll come back?” She nodded, yipping, licking his cheek, making him laugh lightly.

“Come soon, the pack... Ryder has gone mad, Arman he...he is like the man behind the curtain pulling Ryder’s strings. Something is not right.” She nodded, allowing him to keep petting her, holding her, she needed this; even if her wolf was still tied to Ryder, she knew in her heart Hendrix was hers.

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