Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 16

The group stayed with Kyo for the next year, training, honing each individual’s ability and then the group trying to gain each ability from the members. Although they were not gaining immortality from Kyo, everyone gained heightened healing, more than physically possible for normal werewolves. Austin had the ability to mindlink without needing a pack bond, as well has hyper speed.

R’ad was able to cloak himself so that his form looked like nothing more than a shadow. Luca was able to harness power from weather, control winds, harness lightening. Her ability she felt like wasn’t fight worthy, ok she could control animals, how would that help defeat Konrad’s lycan army? She had been away from her pack for nearly two years, she visited Hendrix at night in her fox form, sometimes Ryder too, she watched as the Alpha grew angrier, meaner, stronger. She was getting restless, she hated being away from them for so long, she was desperate to get back to her pack.

Hunter stayed for the first few months, but ended up leaving saying he got a lead on his sister’s whereabouts that he needed to follow. He taught her enough that they could survive without him, they had been tracking Konrad’s pack for a while, recently they’ve been going to each country he’s visited scouting for survivors, killing lycans, gaining allies.

Throughout the months they’re group was known by many names in different languages. They always wore black, their eyes glowed purple, her favorite nicknames she’s heard of herself were “night flower” in Japanese and “black dawn” in Swedish. Luca was able to visit his old pack lands, but many had been killed looking for more silver wolves, he managed to secure allies there so when he called they would come to help.

They were currently somewhere in Germany’s mountains following the latest lead, Konrad recently kidnapped a witch that was well known here, they were tasked with her rescue. Luca was hiding on an overhang that looked down on Konrad’s group, they were a half mile in distance but their heightened abilities allowed them to see the group clearly.

The young witch was bound to a tree, she was gagged and blindfolded, her hands secured above her head so that she could barely reach the ground with her toes. Her hair was light ginger blonde down to her hips. Senna sidled up to Luca’s side watching as Konrad pulled out a satellite phone. She strained her ears to listen, tapping into her wolf she focused on the phone, imagining herself right next to it.

“Not much longer before Ryder snaps.” The voice on the phone spoke to Konrad.

“Good, we need more bodies for my army. Did the witch arrive? He is key in causing him to break.”

“Yes, he arrived, he knows the terms of our deal. When should we expect your arrival sir?”

“Two weeks. Just do what you need, Arman.” Konrad hung up the phone. She looked towards Luca, silently asking if he also heard the conversation. Her mind reeling, she would recognize that voice anywhere...Arman, her father’s best friend, her second father, he was involved in this somehow. A chill ran down her body, she linked to the other three, they needed to get the witch now.

R’ad hid in the shadows hiking down to the tree where the witch was secured as the rest of them surrounded the group, waiting in the trees.

“We’re here to save you, don’t draw attention to yourself.” R’ad whispered, she flinched searching for the source of the voice but when she felt her ties beginning to loosen she relaxed slightly, allowing the stranger to help her. Senna and the others emerged from the shadows of the trees, killing each lycan as quickly as possible, Konrad roared in anger but he was too coward to stay and fight. The witch was trembling in R’ad’s arms, her head swiveling to each sound as they fought and killed each lycan. R’ad removed her blind fold slowly, taking off her gag and restraints, she looked at them in shock.

Senna stepped forward pulling down her black mask, and pushing back her hood revealing her icy blonde hair in a braid. “I’m Senna, we were sent her to rescue you.” She spoke softly, the young witch had tears leaking from her eyes, R’ad slipped off his black jacket setting it on her shaking shoulders.

“Thank you...” She whispered, she swallowed roughly, clearing her throat. “I’m Helena, I’ve foreseen you coming, but I’m still a little in shock at the whole situation.” She glanced back as R’ad briefly, a soft blush crept up on her cheeks before she looked down at the ground.

“Let’s get you somewhere warm.” Senna guided Helena and the group back through the forest, they had a small apartment waiting in the small mountain town. They looked menacing she realized, even little Austin, they were all decked out in fighting gear, black pants, long black sleeved shirt, a light body armor over the chest, and then their black jackets with overly large hoods. They all wore black masks to hide their identities, they looked like a mix between ninja’s and demons she thought.

Helena sat on the couch while the rest of the group took off their many layers, Kyo was making tea, Austin was surfing the TV for something interesting to watch. Helena watched R’ad as he took off his combat boots, but she flitted her gaze away when anyone was near her. Senna sat next to her, offering her a cup of Kyo’s tea.

“So, Helena, tell us about yourself.” Senna smiled.

“I’ve been in hiding for many years, I found this city where I was able to hide easily, I have always been a target because of my gift, I can foresee future events, and usually those with ill intent want to use my gifts to their advantage. My family is dead, so I’m all by myself now...” Her voice started to break, causing Senna to panic internally. She moved closer, resting an arm over her shoulders.

“Well we’re in need of a witch, you could always come join us.” Kyo spoke politely, sitting across from them sipping his steaming tea. Helena looked around the group nervously.

“We can protect you, and it would be nice to have another girl. I’m so tired of boys club.” Senna joked, earning a soft laugh from Helena. She looked up meeting R’ad’s gaze, before looking back at Senna, nodding.

“Sure, I would like to help, you’re going after Konrad right?”

“Yes, he’s our main target.”

“I know where he will be next. If we get their first we can surprise him. Maybe you’ve heard of the pack?”

“Which pack?” Austin interjected.

“Shadow Pack?” Helena questioned. Senna face paled, everyone in the room turned their eyes towards her.

“Shit.” She muttered under her breath. She was not ready for this.

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