Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 3

6 years ago...

He sat in the boardroom, surrounded by other Alphas all the seats were filled except for two. He sighed, pack on pack violence had been rising, there was something in the air that was turning friends into foes. Alpha Kemp and his pack had perished at the hands of a corrupt Alpha turned rouge. The meeting was boring, he only had been Alpha for a year and he was still adjusting to the endless monotony of paperwork that was necessary for leading his pack. He should hire an assistant, or a secretary, CEO’s did it, why couldn’t a pack Alpha?

His wolf was restless constantly in his mind, he craved a mate, male Alpha’s struggle more to keep their wolf in check without a mate. The animal side was too strong without a mate to calm them, one’s without a mate often went mad, case and point with Alpha Konrad who decimated a whole pack. The pack must have not survived because no one came to take Kemp’s chair, he was a good Alpha, he saw that in his short time of knowing him.

On his way back to his territory he got the familiar scent of vanilla and roses. He smelt it just faintly every so often. It was so faint that he thought he was hallucinating it half the time. He would try to track the scent but it was lost before he could find a stronger source, it left his wolf impatient and angry, he often needed to go hunt a deer to let off the energy.

One year ago...

He rolled out of bed, washing the scent of her off of him in the shower, his wolf was unbearable, he ended up caving and sleeping with Chloe, she was rejected by her mate, and as he spent more time with her he kind of saw why, he chuckled darkly. She was an easy lay, but she was fake, you couldn’t love this girl. You surely couldn’t trust her, you never saw her true colors, she could stab you in the back at a moments notice, but if she wanted you she was damned determined to have you. So for a while he let her continue with her advances but he knew if he wanted a mate, he would have to be the man a mate would want. He didn’t need this Chloe drama coming back to bite him in the ass one day.

“Honey...” She called out in a high pitched voice from the bedroom.

“Chloe we need to have a chat.”

“Oh sure honey.” She smiled, skipping up to him attempting to kiss him but he stepped back.

“We can’t do this anymore.” He spoke quickly. She glared at him.

“You can’t do this to me Ryder, I would be a good Luna.” She whined, trying to rub his arms.

“We both know this would never last, this was just for fun. Fun’s over. I need to be a serious Alpha, with a serious Luna.” She growled, attempting to hit him which he easily blocked.

“Don’t make me command you to leave, Chloe. I’m allowing you to act like an adult and walk out with dignity.”

“You’re going to regret this.” She snapped before grabbing her purse and storming off. He collapsed onto his bed, begging the heavens to bring his mate to him.


She popped her head into Otto’s room in the pack house, he was currently building a computer...again. Her littlest brother was too smart for his own good, unlike the older boys who loved fighting physically Otto used his brain to his advantage. He had already surpassed all of high school by the age of fourteen, so he spent his free days building his tech skills or creating new weapons for the pack.

“How is my smartest brother?” She chuckled lightly, hugging him lightly as he kept his eyes trained on the computer parts in front of him, not sparing her a glance.

“If this is correct I can control all the packs systems through it. I eventually want to build like an alarm system so we can detect rouges. What do you think?” He talked continuing to tinker with the parts in front of him, his brow furrowed in concentration.

“I trust your skills Otto you just let me know what you need.”

She continued her tour of the pack, checking in with members, she passed Talia with her tongue down one of the warriors throats—gag. Shuddering at the thought she continued, some were playing music in the grass, kids ran around the designated play area. She saw her brothers Ari and Emil sparing with Hendrix coaching them in specific moves.

Arman was in the city today looking at getting the permits to buy the land just to the west of their territory, to have the lake on her property would be a great addition to what they already had. She had high hopes for her pack, she was glad they grew and were content in how things ran. But she wanted to see if she could push it one step further, more advanced security, different training tactics, new weapons, she learned from her father’s mistake, one that costs too many lives. She refused to let it happen again.

Current Day

He stood on the fourth floor, of his penthouse balcony looking over the territory he built, admiring how everything ran smoothly, he could see just to his boarder in the forest where the stream cut a path through the trees. He had known a new pack moved into the empty land beside him, quiet neighbors he mused, never introduced themselves. But he knew there was a war on the horizon. He’s already heard rumblings from other alphas across the country.

They’ve had a growth problem, rouges used to be a nuisance, a small pack of twenty nothing more that scavengers and marauders. But in the shadows they’ve managed to form an actual pack. Large enough to battle any of the large pacts, it’s good to know your neighbors he thought. They were far away enough that they never ran into each other but he could still pick up a hint of new wolf scent in the air.

His pack was one of the largest, which made his wolf proud. There was one thing lacking. He needed his Luna; no pack has run successfully for too long without a Luna. The alpha becomes too harsh; the Luna balances his power, and takes on the caring role for those in the pack. He was nearly 28 in human years, but still looked 24. He sighed knowing that staying in his territory he would never meet her, he’s already searched his own land, not even a scent. So he must search elsewhere. He’s hoping he would get lucky and she is in the neighboring pack.

He stretched before going back inside and getting dressed if he was going to meet the alpha he should look powerful yet business casual. He wondered why they chose that spot, it wasn’t for the view that’s for sure; the huge mountain blocked half their boarder. He called to his beta and Gamma to let him know of the plan. 3 should suffice, strong but not wanting to show a threat. They met at his Black sleek range rover before heading across the dirt roads.

“I’ve never met any of this pack” his beta said “seems kinda weird doesn’t it? Usually you want to know who you are next to. See if they could be allies”

He nodded, pondering why they were so secretive. He’d just have to find out one way or the other. As they crossed out of their territory into a small patch of no mans land where neither pack has claimed stake he could see the beginning of the compound.

“Whoa” his Gamma gaped. ” Why do you need such tall walls?” He was wondering the same thing. Was it to keep people out...or in? Before the car arrived too close to a group of tall shirtless men, some with guns slung in their shorts, surrounded the car. Guns? He thought what in the hell was this pack about. He rolled down his window and dashed his famous smile.

“Hi I am Alpha Ryder, our territory boarders yours, I was hoping to have a meeting with your Alpha about getting to know one another. Is he around?” The one he spoke to seemed to speak through his pack link, he watched the others as he was waiting for a response, and two seemed to be trying to hold in their laughs.

“You may enter the compound, but you must follow us” he said firmly, the gates opened slowly, and the group of men walked the car into the compound, as they were able to see inside, they gazed up at the tallest building, and before he could see who was standing on the tallest balcony they had retreated inside.

As the group got out of their car they were ushered into the first floor of the largest building, he picked up a lovely scent, of vanilla and rose, the scent made his wolf purr inside him. Mate is near. His wolf spoke to him, making his heartbeat just a little faster. As they entered what seemed to be a conference room that scent hit him like a speeding truck. He missed a step as he entered into the room, trying to figure out whom it was emanating from. But each person he was near smelled the same.

There was a large older man standing at the edge of the table, he must be the Alpha, he thought. As his gaze ranged over the table he looked at the women, surely one of them was the reason for the delicious scent. Two of the females looked like your normal girls, one red head, one blonde, long hair, makeup, dresses, but the one that caught his eye had dark black hair that hinted purple in the light, and she was wearing a tight black tee-shirt, no makeup, and piercing green eyes.

The mystery woman was surrounded on either side of men who looked similar to her, maybe siblings he thought, all blonde with varying shades between each. He turned his attention back to the older man and extended his hand. One male stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders, his dark hair slicked back, his tatted arms on display in his short sleeved black shirt.

“It’s nice to finally meet in person, I’m Alpha Ryder, of the Shadow Pack,” he extended his hand to the man but was not greeted with a handshake. He nodded his head and sat down, without shaking Ryder’s hand.

“My name is Arman, this is the Silver Moon Pack.” Taken a back he sat in the provided chair across the table, he was scanning the room; everyone was focused on him except the mystery woman. She was sizing up his Beta and Gamma, and had a small note pad on her lap taking notes. Interesting. He thought. He recognized Arman from when Alpha Kemp was alive he was his former beta, but he didn’t realize he took over as the leader, surely Kemp had children. Did they also perish all those years ago?

“I know you have settled here for quite a few years now, but I wanted to see if we could have a mutual alliance. There is a rouge pack that has been gaining members out in the East coast, it’s the largest rouge pack we’ve seen in a century, many of the other Alphas have been preparing incase there were to be an attack. Since you and are I neighbors I thought it would be a good idea to get to know one another.”

Arman nodded, thinking, his eye glazed as he spoke in the pack link. Nodding his head again, “We’ll agree to that, what information do you have on this rouge pack?”

“The only information we have is rumors from those who have encountered them, but we know that their numbers are growing, big enough to make a threat to both our packs.”

“Ryder,” Arman spoke, “would you step into a private meeting with talk logistics” Arman stood, walking out a secret door hidden in the wall, he stood linking to his men I’ll be fine, as he followed Arman to the private office.

She stood and told the men to wait in the lobby, she looked at her brothers, knowing they had they same worries as her, worried we would deal with the same monsters again. Let me take care of Alpha business, you three watch the others. She met Hendrix’s gaze, he squeezed her shoulder reassuringly before following her brothers out. When the room was empty she went to the private room, the room where the scent she smelled on that fateful night was strong. She swallowed dryly before opening the door.

“Excuse me miss,” Ryder spoke, “this is a private meeting, Alphas only” he said curtly without turning around.

Arman cleared his throat, “Ryder, I never said I was Alpha.” His back straightened, he turned around, and was met with those piercing green eyes.

“I am Alpha” she spoke proudly, “Alpha Senna.” She walked around the desk, to where Arman was; touched his arm and he went to block the door. “One can never be too careful when meeting a stranger” she spoke as she sat down in the large leather chair. All he could think of was the scent that surrounded him. It was her it was coming from, strong and fresh. He swallowed, and sat down across the desk.

“Sorry for the mistake Alpha, I’ve never known a female Alpha.” She smiled, nodding her head.

“This rouge pack you talk of, is it heading this way?”

“I-I-I think so, they have been gaining members from around the country.”

“Well thank you for the visit, I will send my men over if we have any questions” she stood up, ending the meeting. “Oh, and let’s keep my true identity on the down low for a little while shall we?” she smiled, extending her hand, he went to shake it and was shaken at the sparks that ignited between their skin. Mate! His wolf shouted in his mind. At the shocks she withdrew her hand looking at it, rubbing it.

“Uh oh” Arman chuckled under his breath.

“Senna, may I speak to you in private?” He asked, wanting to get closer to her, smell her, feel her again.

“We are in private, anything you need to say can be said in front of Arman, explain what you put on your hand, why is mine tingling?” she said matter-of-factly.

“Wait...” he looked at Arman, “does she not know?” realization came to Arman’s face, like he saw a ghost. He shook his head no.

“Enough funny business, unless you have more information Ryder, I suggest you leave.” He could hear the Alpha tone in her voice, Arman opened the door back to the conference room, his wolf whined, as he left the room. Arman escorted him back to the lobby where his men were. He grabbed his arm.

“How could she not know what that meant, how could she now know we are mates?” he tried to hold in his growl, his wolf was not happy.

Arman sighed, “She became an Alpha too young, she had too much pressure on her, she didn’t know how to juggle everything. She wanted to be normal, she wanted romance. When she didn’t find her mate in who she wanted she cast a wish spell, she willed herself to forget everything about mates, to not allow herself love.” Arman rubbed his hands over his face, like that of a worried father.

“Talk to her” Ryder growled lowly. Arman nodded, heading back to the conference room and shutting the door.

“How did it go Alpha?” his beta questioned.

“I don’t know, I think I found my mate.” He spoke softly, and headed back to his car, his wolf whining and howling out to his mate.

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