Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 4

Her head in her hands, pulling at her hair she looked up when she heard Arman come back into the room. Her wolf was angry, screaming in her mind. The pressure behind her skull was worse than any pain she experienced, the voice of her wolf made her ears ring, and she couldn’t hear herself think.

“What is happening?” she groaned as Arman closed the door to her office. “I can’t think with her screaming at me” she pulled at her hair, rubbed her temples.

“Senna, do you remember anything about mates?” Arman spoke softly, he was like a father to her, with hers gone, he was who she turned to.

“I’ve heard of them, gossip around the pack, but I always thought it was just a way of explaining love... nothing real. Love makes you weak, you know why I did what I did.” She spoke through clenched teeth, her wolf incessantly yelling at her to follow Ryder.

“Oh Senna,” he sighed, sitting on her desk next to her. “Its very real, mates first are attracted to the smell of their mate, their wolf calls out to them. But many don’t know until they touch. Tingles, sparks, whatever you call it, your touch ignites the need to be with each other. Mates are destined to be together. Even if your human side denies it, your wolf will always want its mate. Mates are someone who will love you forever, protect you, look out for you, be your partner in this life.” She looked up at him, thinking.

“So...what does that mean for me?”

“Senna, do you like the way Ryder smells?” he asked.

“My wolf seems to” she grumbled.

“And when you shook his hand, does it feel like when you touch me or something different?”

“It made my hand go numb, you’re not saying he’s my mate are you?” she stood up pacing back and forth in the small office.

“Well it sounds like he is, but that’s for you two to figure out amongst yourselves.” He chuckled, watching her pace. He went to the small kitchenette area making her his special tea.

“Here, this always calmed you as a girl, drink this while you think of what to say to the poor fella.”

“Well I can’t have a mate now! Not if we have to prepare for war! No distractions” she growled to herself, clearly having an internal argument. She sniffed the tea her wolf inside her already calming, images of Ryder and her swam through her mind as she sipped.

“Give it some time, take a few days, then go speak with him, two Alphas together could make a very strong pack.” He kissed her cheek before leaving her alone in her office.

She needed to run, she needed to let all this energy out. Leaving the pack house she went outside, the fresh air calmed her clammy skin. Leaving out her secret entrance she linked to Ari going for a quick run should be back in a minute. As she left the gates of the compounds she slipped out of her black tee shirt and jeans, left them hanging by her favorite tree and shifted. What used to take so long as a child, now took her less than a second to shift into her wolf form.

She didn’t get to run often anymore, being Alpha there were too many duties to worry about. And especially once Arman saw her wolf he told her of how important it was. At 13 she didn’t realize her wolf had the same coloring, down to the last hair as the King Alpha, Octavius. According to legend Alpha Octavius had powers, that no other wolves had, but they didn’t have the books that could help decipher what it meant, everything was lost seven years ago. So she stayed hidden, no risks taken.

She ran, sprinting in changing directions until she got to no mans land, she never crossed this patch of land, she felt safe in her territory knowing she was within linkable distance. Too far away and linking to her pack could get difficult, even impossible. That’s how rouges can keep captives so easily, they take them far enough they can’t communicate.

She listened, sniffed the air, she heard nothing so she gingerly stepped into the no man land, although it sounds odd, the area was actually beautiful, a small meadow filled with wild flowers, and small rabbits that scattered when she was near. Stepping through she could smell that sandalwood and spice scent again. Ryder. Her wolf cheered. The scent was strong as if he was near. She started retreating back to her territory, this was a bad idea she thought she couldn’t get caught like this.

His scent was strong now, he was close, she sprinted back to her tree behind it she morphed back, hastily putting clothes back on, withdrawing a dagger from her boot and holding it firm in her hand, waiting for him to appear from the tree line. Human form Ryder stepped out, gym shorts slung low on his hips, walking lazily through the grass he smiled at her.

“Why were you following me?” she questioned loudly when he was getting close enough.

“My wolf needed to run, and when he smelt you, he couldn’t resist.” When he saw the dagger he raised his hands, his eyes went to shock, then hurt as he realized what it meant.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought maybe we could talk.” His voice softened. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, his skin was tan, a rich medium drown his muscles well built and defined, she took a step back knowing her wolf was wanting control. He stood taller than her, dark brown almost black curls cut short on his head, a trimmed black beard, defining his high cheekbones, and she couldn’t stop staring as his warm brown eyes.

“Senna did Arman talk to you about what I am to you?” he almost whispered, he was so close now; she could feel the air tingle between them. She took a step back but hit the tree, she was trapped, she looked back at him he was just inches from her. She nodded her head. He smiled, she felt her legs go wobbly as she inhaled his scent, it was overwhelming her senses. She shook her head trying to fight her wolf’s urges, she would not be controlled by her wolf’s needs.

“I-I can’t have a m-m-mate right now” she gasped, his eyes roaming her skin, taking in all of her features. He shook his head and clicked his tongue.

“Now why would you say that?” he whispered again, raising his strong hand to her cheek, taking a strand of her hair and wrapping his finger around it.

“I must protect my pack” she swallowed, making her voice stronger, “I don’t have time to be some love sick puppy.” Her green eyes were fierce, staring at him, he sighed taking a half step back.

“What if I promised to wait for you till the war was done, would you at least take a walk with me? Go to the river?” She thought it over, trying to weigh the pros and cons, all the while her wolf is screaming yes! Say yes, stupid girl! Yes!

“Fine, but only because my wolf won’t shut the hell up about it. But no wolf form, we walk like this.” He smiled, and nodded his head, and opened his arm allowing her to slip past him. She contemplated keeping her dagger out but decided to put it back in her boot, hyper aware of Ryder’s position around her, preparing for any sudden movement.

He walked behind her for a moment, allowing her to lead, but also admiring her as she walked, she had more curves than he realized the first time. Her body was muscular he could tell, but she was definitely not skinny, she had curves in all the places his wolf adored. Jogging up to her side he smiled as he could sense her stiffen, he knew she could feel what he felt. He just had to convince her to let him in as her mate. As they neared the river her pace slowed, she looked around, sniffed the air, and sighed.

“What is it?” he looked to see what she was trying to find.

“I haven’t been back to this river in years.” She spoke softly. “Our old territory is just beyond those trees,” she pointed across the river, “before it was destroyed by the rogues. We lost too many lives that night” her voice broke for a second, before she shook her head trying to rid herself of the thoughts.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, the tingles warmed his whole body, “I don’t plan on letting that happen to you again” he squeezed her hand. “Is what happened the reason why you have the walls around your buildings?”

She nodded her head, ” we had no defenses to prevent them from coming into our homes, everything was burnt down, and we lost 900 lives that night, including my parents, Alpha and Luna. I became Alpha at 13, that’s why Arman is so protective, he grew up with my father and was his beta.”

He stared at her in awe; she was only 13 when she took over? That’s too young for any Alpha. He was proud that his mate was strong, proud of how she cared for her pack, how she rebuilt all that she lost.

“Anyways,” she spoke “enough about sad stories, what do you want to do here?” He understood now why she was a little cold towards him, she grew up too fast, and became a leader as a child, her priorities were her pack.

“Well Senna,” he walked to a small over hang on the river and sat down, letting his feet hit the water, ” I want to get to know you, I want you to get to know me, I want to show you can trust me.” She stood where she was, looking at him, thinking for a moment. Go sit with our mate idiot. Her wolf scolded, what if he can’t be trusted? She countered back. He. Is. Your. Mate. You have to trust him. Go before I take over and make you. Her wolf growled at her. She went to sit next to him making sure she had several inches between them. The sparks don’t allow her to think clearly.

“Your wolf’s eyes are beautiful” he spoke softly, not realizing she was so close to the surface, her eyes changed from human green to their bright purple. He leaned closer, sniffing her neck; she stiffened for a second before her wolf pulled her closer to him. Inhaling his scent made her feel lightheaded. The warmth took over her body as he scooted closer, he kissed her neck softly and she melted. She lay down in the grass and he was hovering over her, he kissed a trail from her neck to her jaw, slowly making is way to her lips.

He watched her slowly, purple eyes starting to fade back to green, she didn’t push him away, didn’t flinch when he touched her. He slowly lowered his mouth to hers, it was a soft kiss gentle, but the sparks ignited in him, driving his wolf mad with happiness. She kissed back after being frozen for a moment, moaning softly when he touched her waist pulling her closer. He was so focused on her he didn’t feel him self being ripped away, thrown against a tree and choked.

It all happened so fast, one second she was being kissed the next she was cold and alone. Looking up she saw her three brothers, pinning Ryder against a tree. Uh oh. She thought, she lost control of her wolf, she tackled Otto pinning him to the ground, then looking at Emil, kicked him and flung him into the river, before turning her attention towards Ari, she kicked him in the groin making him drop Ryder when she started growling blocking Ryder from her brothers.

“What the hell Senna!” Otto shouted, dusting off the sticks and leaves form him.

“Do Not Harm My MATE!” she growled, her order dripping in Alpha command. Her brothers stopped, looked at Ryder standing behind Senna gleaming. He thought it was hot how she took down all her brothers, his wolf purred.

“Don’t blame us Senna, you never told us you would be out this long! Do you realize it’s been two hours! Alone!” Ari yelled at her. She only growled back.

“Guys?” Ryder interjected, “her wolf is in control now, I suggest maybe backing off so she isn’t so threatened.” Her brothers slowly took steps back, giving them a large distance; he put his hand on her shoulder, turning her towards him.

“It’s ok, they were just trying to protect their Alpha, and sister” he spoke softly, watching her eyes, she kissed him hard, pulling him down to her height, knotting her fingers in his hair. When she came up for air her eyes were green.

“There’s my Senna, back on earth are we?” he chuckled. “So much for wanting me to wait huh?” he smiled. Her eye searched his, her body stiffened, pushing away from him she turned, covering her mouth.

“What did I do?” she gasped, looking at her brothers, her body was shaking, coming down off the adrenaline.

“Senna, care to tell us what you’re doing out here with him?” Ari questioned walking closer now that she was calm.

“I- well- we- I was told that what I feel is what mates feel. My wolf took over, she’s been driving me crazy” she groaned.

“Sorry for the surprise guys, we were just trying to get to know one another” Ryder put his arm over her shoulders.

We’ll meet you back home Senna, don’t stay out too long. Ari spoke through the mindlink.

“Did you see her wolf form?” Emil asked Ryder.

“No, just caught her scent, why?”

“Lets keep it that way, bucko” Emil glared, and left with his brothers back to their territory.

Senna turned to Ryder and sighed, she rested her head on his shoulder on instinct but then realized what happened.

“We shouldn’t do this now,” she said softly, backing out of his grasp. “I lost sight of what was right and hurt my brothers for you. How can I protect my pact when my wolf only wants to worry about you?” She started walking away but he caught up with her. Taking her hand she continued walking.

“We don’t need to rush, I can be patient if that is what you want. Just know you can come see me any time you want.” He kissed her cheek. He walked her to her entrance, and said goodbye hoping it wouldn’t be too long before he saw her again. His wolf whined as he walked back to his territory, never had it felt so far away until now.

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