Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 5

It has been over a week since he saw her, touched her, smelt her, and his wolf couldn’t take it anymore. He agreed to wait, but he didn’t intend on staying separated. What if she needed him? What if there was another male looking at her...wanting her? He decided enough was enough, he would go over today, have lunch together, talk, anything. His wolf was desperate at this point.

He decided to walk to her gate, he needed the stress relief anyways, he decided jeans and a tee shirt was enough, made sure his beard was cleaned up, the lines crisp, he added just the smallest touch of his favorite cologne, he hoped she would like it. When he arrived this time they knew who he was. Apparently word had gotten out that they were mates. His wolf was happy everyone knew, easier to keep perverted men at bay.

Her brother Otto met him at the entrance and led him through the compound. This was the first time he was able to see what she built, the largest building was the pack house he assumed, and behind it were two similar style buildings, maybe extra rooms for families. There was a school, a clinic or small hospital, someone even opened an ice cream shop which made him chuckle. He didn’t realize how big it was in the inside, the pack could survive and thrive in this space contained in the walls. Otto led him to a small stage that out looked a large grass field.

“Usually we have music preforming, some of the members are really good on guitar, but since she learned about the rouge pack, she’s increased training for all warriors.” His gaze lifted to see Senna, in tight black tank top and tight black shorts that made her legs long for days. He swallowed dryly, trying to keep his wolf under control.

She was standing on the edge of the stage, legs slightly spread giving her a solid stance, arms behind her back watching all her warriors spar in human form. When he walked up the stage he noticed her shoulder length hair was braided back into two tiny braids, she reminded him of Laura Croft, serious, sexy and badass all in the same package. She didn’t acknowledge his presence so he just watched her for a minute, behind the scenes. She must have linked all of fighters because all the teams rotated to the left.

If she wasn’t going to see that he was there, he would show her. He laid a soft hand on her shoulder about to speak, when she grabbed his hand and he was flying through the air, with a hard landing straight onto his back on the stage, knocking the wind out of him.

“Oops, sorry” she giggled, she knelt to him, he nodded his head as he was waiting for his lungs to come back to life.

“It’s ok, now I know to not sneak up on you.” He gasped, as he was able to breath again. “Training I see.” He spoke as he stood up, looking her up and down.

“I have a routine, fight in human form, and rotate through each person, so you can’t get used to one style, then group A will change into wolves and the other will fight as a human against their wolf, and rotate. Then it’s wolf on wolf, rotating, then side B will stay a wolf as side A turns back human, and rotates. You get the idea” she looked at him and then back to her pack.

“Very thorough.” His wolf was proud to have a strong mate, but he also wanted to see her softer side, his wolf dreamed of her cuddling into his side.

“When do they stop for a break? You have to eat sometime.”

“30 more minutes, just finish this rotation and we can let them rest.”

“Yes, coach” he chuckled and put his arm over her shoulder. She stiffened for a moment then relaxed into his side, never losing sight of her pack. He could see her as a powerful Luna of his pack, maybe one day they will join packs, take over the no mans land and be able to run freely to either side.

Reluctantly she gave them an hour to relax, which received cheers and whoops from the tired men. She led him to one of the smaller buildings behind the large pack house.

“This is where I prefer to stay, but when I am busy I also have a room on the top floor of the pack house I can use incase I need a nap, or just an escape. I like seeing out into the trees.” He nodded silently as she led him up the stairs to the third floor, the place was empty, plenty of rooms but it seems like they had it to themselves. As he stepped into her home looking around inside, a scent made his wolf growl possessively. He followed her to her main living area, the scent only getting stronger.

“Why does it smell like a male wolf in here?” He growled.

“Oh Hendrix was here last night.” She shrugged walking into the kitchen. He followed her pushing her against the counter with his arms on either side of her. His wolf was urging to break free, to claim her as his, fighting to push him back down he breathed in Senna scent letting it relax his tense muscles.

“Why do you have some male near you when I’m not around? You’re mine.” His wolf had surged forward again, extremely possessive over his mate. They hadn’t had any contact for weeks and he was at his breaking point. She slowly reached her hand up, brushing against his chest, sliding her hand over his neck, his body physically began to relax, when she suddenly pinched down on a cluster of nerves at the junction between his neck and shoulder, his body collapsed to the floor in a shuddering mess. Stepping over his body, she went to the fridge before glancing back at him.

“What would you like for lunch? I have ground beef ready, pasta, and vegetables. I just need a little direction” she looked down at him, he was sitting on her floor, shaking off what she did to him. Coming to sit at her island across the kitchen he watched her silently. Even though she kept pushing him away he couldn’t help being pulled back by her beauty.

“What?” she stood frozen.

“Nothing, just admiring you, my mate.” He said softly.

“Do you like pasta and meatballs?” she offered, taking stock of her pantry.

“I am happy with anything, I actually thought we could go into town on a real date, but I like having you alone too.”

He watched her as she worked in the kitchen, she seemed to float, effortlessly, gracefully, rolling the beef into balls and placing them in a pan to sear. The smells wafting towards him made him hungry. He wanted to hug her, this time he would warn her.

“I’m going to hug you now” he spoke softly in her ear, sliding his arms around her waist resting his chin on the top of her head.

“Don’t you feel your wolf is so calm when I am around?” he asking gently, as she stirred the tomato sauce, he heard her take a deep inhale, sighing.

“Unfortunately yes. When you left that day, I thought she was going to rip my brain in half as punishment.” He chuckled, kissing the top of her head.

When they finished eating lunch he pulled her to the couch in her living room, turning on the radio lowering the volume for some background noise. He sat down, pulling her into his lap where he could be free to enjoy her scent, her touch.

“What are you doing?” she squirmed in his embrace; they had been in silence for about five minutes. He shrugged, kissing her neck, getting a soft moan to escape from her lips.

“I missed you, if you can believe that.” He spoke softly. She pulled back to stare at him, searching his eyes. She felt herself wanting to smile, but ended up looking away towards her window.

“I know you feel it too, don’t deny it.”

“What? Am I supposed to melt in your hands?” She scoffed, “I’m sorry Ryder, but if we don’t end up working out I can chose one of my many skilled warriors to be my partner” she shrugged. She stayed still as she heard a low growl from beside her, she looked and saw his eyes had turned icy blue. He took her off his lap, forced her onto her back, and was over her, kneeling on the couch.

“You’re mine,” he growled. His hands taking hers pinning them above her head, his one hand held hers effortlessly, while his other hand traced his fingers along her neck, her cleavage, and her lips.

“Don’t speak about another male in front of me,” he growled. Her wolf like the lovesick puppy she was reveled in how dominant he was, how sexy it was, and yelled at her for making him angry.

His wolf was slowly releasing control, when she saw Ryder’s eyes turn to their normal brown she thought she could use her position to her advantage. Oh yes, she could let him take control, but that didn’t mean she was under it. She could reverse it any moment she wanted. Using her jujitsu technique she shifted her hips closer to him, planting her feet on the couch behind him, she raised up to kiss his neck softly, nipping at the skin. He released her hands, and when he was just about to enjoy the moment, she lifted her hips and bucked him off the couch sending him flying to the floor.

He was on his back again; the wind knocked out again, his mate wanted to kill him, he thought. While he lay there she walked over, straddling his hips, this time capturing his hands. She lean down kissed his neck, sucking, leaving a dark hickey on the side and whispered into his ear.

“You’re not the only one in control, Ryder” she nipped his ear. He groaned, both from pleasure and frustration.

“Times up Ryder, time to get back to training.” She stood up and put the dishes in the sink without looking back towards him. Did that just happen? Did she go alpha on me? His wolf grunted at the challenge, wait until they are on his territory, his terms. Before he left her to continue, they set up a date at his compound, so she could see how he runs his.

“When I go there, I don’t want to be known as Alpha, not yet. Just Senna. My pack is the only ones I trust right now.” She looked at him intently, searching for deception in his eyes.

“Whatever makes you comfortable, I’m game baby” he kissed her cheek as he exited the compound. Baby? She scoffed internally. I am no one’s baby, I am an Alpha, The only female Alpha, I run and protect this pack. She continued muttering to herself as she walked back to the field. This time she joined; she needed to let out some pent up energy.

Since she had met Ryder she was in a constant internal battle, her wolf was already head over heels for him, but her human side was numb it was the most confusing feeling. One second she is in tune with what her wolf is feeling and the next she feels nothing as if Ryder was a stranger. He was a stranger! She scolded her wolf internally, no matter what stupid mate pull she didn’t know him, she had no logical reason to trust him.

She trusted her pack, she trusted Drix, there was a sturdy foundation. Ryder is wanting trust with no foundation. Her internal argument pestered her mind as she hit the punching bag, burning off her frustrations. Sleeping had become increasingly difficult because her wolf was too busy pinning after Ryder’s wolf. To keep herself distracted she trained, she pushed her body to it’s physical limits, and unfortunately for her pack they were training just as hard.

She was training one on one with Hendrix later that week, he was the only warrior that wasn’t scared of going full out with her. Although everyone respected her, even her brothers wouldn’t go full out in a fight against her, she was still their sister. Hendrix managed to get her pinned to the ground, straddling her hips, she couldn’t help the laugh that escaped from her.

“What are you laughing at? I won.” Hendrix looked at her in a confused manner, he had her hands pinned above her head, he was breathing heavily, his shirtless tattooed torso glistening with sweat.

She shrugged in her confined position. “This just made me think back to when I bucked Ryder off me.” She continued to laugh, Hendrix released her hands sitting back on his haunches still above her.

“Did he try something?” He growled.

“No, Drix, well—he got jealous, but I pushed him off. Nothing happened.” Her laugh disappeared; she brought her now free hands up to his thighs rubbing reassuringly.

“I don’t trust him Senna.” He snapped.

“We’re mates. I don’t know what to do, how to feel.”

“Just promise me you’ll stay level headed.” He sighed, getting off of her, sitting on the grass next to her.

“You know I didn’t want this Drix, I didn’t plan this. But two packs combined we would be so strong. Just think...” She sat in front of him, he wasn’t making eye contact with her, he was focused on pulling at the grass they were sitting on. She reached up stroking his jaw with her bruised hand. He leaned into her touch, sighing, his grey eyes meeting her held such pain. She didn’t feel romantic love for him, she physically couldn’t not after what she did. But she still cared for him deeply. He was always by her side. He was her person.

“Back away mutt.” A growl erupted from behind Hendrix, she jumped up into a defensive stance. Her eyes met a very angry Ryder, eye’s glowing blue, his wolf in full control.

“Back off Ryder.” She growled back. How dare he sneak up on her? Who the hell does he think he is? Who keeps letting him into pack territory without notifying her?

“You’re my mate Senna.”

“And?” She scoffed, Hendrix tried pushing her behind him, which only angered Ryder more. She lay a hand on his chest, shaking her head. A threatening growl echoed through the field.

“Hands off Senna.”

“I wouldn’t talk to her like that Ryder.” Ari came up jogging behind them.

“Hands off!” He barked. She glared at Ryder, before she turned back to Hendrix with an evil smile and kissed him on the cheek.

“Time to teach his wolf his place huh?” She whispered in his ear. He shook his head, trying to reach out for her as she stepped towards the fuming Ryder.

“Ari talk some sense into her!” Hendrix pled, watching her stand confidently in front of Ryder, anger coming off him in waves.

“You don’t tell me what I can and cannot do Ryder.”

“You are my mate, Senna.” He growled, grabbing her arm harshly. She quickly twisted out of his grasp, shoving him a few feet back.

“We may have this supposed bond, but that means nothing without trust and love behind it.”

“I am the Alpha!” He growled, stomping his way back until he was a hairsbreadth away from her.

“I am Alpha here.” She growled, pushing her wolf down, stupid wolf wanted to hug and kiss him to stop his anger. When Ryder went to grab her again, she stepped back letting his body weight carry him off balance, she tripped his foot making him fall to the grassy ground. He roared, she could imagine the steam coming from his ears. He charged at her trying to tackle her to the ground but she easily maneuvered so she was on his back. She managed to get her arms around his neck, holding tight until his body relaxed against hers. She looked towards her brothers, Ari was joined by Emil.

“Take him out. And don’t let him in before notifying me.” They carried the limp Ryder back to the front gate. Hendrix ran to her checking for injuries making her laugh lightly.

“I’m fine, really, Drix.” He hugged her tightly, she rested her head against his shoulder, his hugs always comforted her, always had.

“Let’s go get cleaned up.” He murmured softly, not letting her out of his embrace, he carried her to her house, where they relaxed and tried to forget the angry Alpha mate she was now bound to.

As Hendrix lightly snored next to her on the couch, a movie playing in the background her mind was constantly planning, preparing for the worst case scenario. What can she do to make sure her pack was prepared? She had been training her pack mercilessly, making sure they were up to date on the newest fight tactics, once she felt comfortable with their hand to hand combat she would start training them on weapons. A lot has changed since she was that scared little girl, and she was damned sure she wouldn’t allow that to happen again. The only person she could count on to protect her pack and family, was herself.

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