Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 8

Shaking her head she turned her attention back to Ryder, her mate, she needed to remember that. He was her mate, not Hendrix...

“So don’t. You and I are strong alphas; we can make one large pack. Keep everyone safe. How about tomorrow you introduce me to your pack. And then I will introduce you to mine. Eventually we can join packs, maybe train together first, have a group cookout, mingle, can you imagine how strong we could be? Two strong packs lead by two alphas?” he kissed her cheek, her forehead before dipping back and kissing her lips. This was the first time she truly kissed back, she moved her hand into his hair pulling his head closer to her, deepening the kiss. His hands roamed her body, her hips, and her legs pulling her as close as possible to his body.

He pulled away hesitantly feeling like the heat was picking up too fast. She whimpered when he stopped kissing her. Pulling his hands back towards her body. She could feel her wolf take over, and she allowed it, her human side was reeling from remembering her and Hendrix’s past, she needed an escape, she let her wolf be with her mate so she could hide inside herself and process.

He chuckled, “baby wait, I’m trying to control my wolf.” He kept his hands where she led them; under the shirt she wore, on the curve of her hip. She nuzzled her face into his neck; he could feel her lips softly touching his skin, her teeth gently scraping against where she would mark him. He chuckled, squeezing her hip.

“What’s gotten into you?” she pulled back and stared up at him, he could see the blush creeping up her cheeks, her eyes weren’t completely green but not all the way purple, they were somewhere mixing in between the shades. She shrugged her shoulders, a smile playing on her lips before she leaned back down softly kissing his pecks.

“Senna, honey,” he chuckled again, “you have no idea how much I want to complete the mating process, I want to make sure you’re ready.” She pulled back slowly, pulling herself from his grasp. She stared at the ceiling again. Crap what did I do? He grumbled to himself.

“After you marked me...” she swallowed hard, “if feels like there’s fire crawling on my skin, my wolf wants to make it stop, and the only way is to be physical with you. But if you don’t want me, I can deal with the pain.” Her voice was flat, but he could tell she was trying to hold her emotions back, to swallow them down and be strong.

“You’re in heat? Already?” he never knew of females going into heat that fast. “Are you sure, that’s not normal, it usually comes after a month if we hadn’t mated.” His wolf could smell it now, her wolf was increasing her scent, laced with arousal; it was the most intoxicating scent. He couldn’t help but touch her skin again.

“Well, I’m not normal.” She spoke softly, looking at him briefly before looking back towards the ceiling.

“What do you mean?”

“My wolf, the reason I don’t come out as Alpha, it’s not because I am a woman, its because of what people would do if they knew the truth.”

“And what is the truth?” he was sitting up now, leaning on his elbows staring at her, trying to decipher her words, trying to find more meaning in the mystery of her.

“If we complete the mating process, you and your wolf can’t hurt me right? If I am hurt you also hurt?” she looked at him again, this time her eyes were hard, her defenses were up, like she was ready to flee at any moment.

“Of course Senna, I would never hurt you. All I want is to love and protect you.” He touched her cheek softly with the back of his knuckles, feeling the goose bumps on her skin as he trailed his hand down her arm.

“I want you to finish the process then, I trust you, but my wolf is too important to take any risk. I’m sorry, but even with you.” Her hard eyes softened, one single tear escaped. His mind was whirling trying to understand what had her so scared, so defensive that even she couldn’t trust her own mate, the one person in the world she was supposed to trust. He slid down next to her, turning on his side his rubbed his hand up her arm.

“Well, I’m not going to complain, if that is truly what you want Senna. But I imagined it being a little more special the first time, not so much a business transaction.”

“I know it’s hard to understand, but if we do this, I know without doubt that I can trust you, that I can show you my wolf, and you would understand. But there are too many bad people in this world, that I am not taking that risk. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been given a mate, it’s too much risk to you. I just need to stay alone.” She crossed her arms over her chest, turning her face to the ceiling again. The look on her face broke his heart, he sighed heavily.

“Are you tired yet?” he questioned softly. She shook her head no.

“If you truly want to complete everything tonight, we can do that, but not now, we need to get out of this depressing moment. Come with me,” he got up out of the bed, she stared at him, nothing but tight black boxer briefs, her wolf growled in arousal. She slid out of the bed and walked behind him, curious to where he was leading her. Down the hall he open another door, she looked inside and saw what could be considered a private movie theater. A large white screen covered the wall, and a large leather couch with recliners flanking each side sat in front.

“Lets watch a movie, make some snacks, and have a little date, an official date before we do the dirty.” He smiled softly at her kissing her forehead.

“Go find a movie, I’ll make popcorn” he walked back towards the kitchen, leaving her in the doorway. She ended up picking out a comedy movie she hadn’t seen, he sat next to her and handed her a large bowl of popcorn. They watched in silence for a while, still awkward from their conversation. But after the first few jokes they loosened up, she moved closer to him, leaning against his arm, linking her hand with his. The flames still burned across her skin, but when she touched him they dulled to bearable warmth. When the credits started rolling neither of them moved, each knowing what was supposed to happen next.

“I’m going to head to the room, meet me in five minutes” she kissed his cheek and left. He stared after her wondering what she was planning. His wolf was excited to complete the mating process, have her as his fully. After the mating her scent would be mixed with his, no other male could deny she had a mate. He sat there fiddling his thumbs, he couldn’t wait the five minutes, when he entered his room he heard the shower running, the door was open, his clothes he gave her on the floor. He swallowed hard and decided to join her in the shower.

“Holy hell, why is the water so cold!” he gasped, stepping into the stream of blizzard water, it took him a second to look at her. Despite the pain of the cold water, his gaze ran down her body. The water didn’t seem so cold anymore.

“Sorry, I just needed to calm down.” She tried to cover herself with her arms, he noticed with her hair wet under the water, that purple water streamed down her glorious skin.

“Is the color coming out of your hair?” he stepped closer, trying to not groan as the water hit new parts of his body.

“My hair doesn’t take color that well. I dye it about once every two weeks. I try to not wash my hair often, it just comes out faster, but I can’t have my natural color show.” She turned the water warmer, his body relaxed standing in front of her, all he could think of was how beautiful she was, it took all his strength to not take her there. But he couldn’t have her first experience in the shower. The longer she stood under the water the lighter her hair became. It was like paint washing off, releasing itself from her hair strands.

“My hair is silver, Ryder. Not grey like old people. Silver.” She watched him closely.

“Ok, I don’t really get what the big deal is.” He chuckled lightly. Kissed her forehead, and exited the shower.

“Come on Senna, the sun is gonna come up in an hour, we’re wasting moonlight.” She stepped into the towel he was holding for her, her once dark black/purple hair was now almost a blonde tone; purple still lingered giving it a lavender shade. He took her hand and led her back towards the bed; the scent of her arousal was still coming off in strong waves. Her heart was pounding; her breath was shaky and fast.

“Senna, darling..” he turned towards her. “I know you feel like you need to do this. But if you need time...” before he could finish his sentence he was pushed backwards onto the bed. Her eyes were glowing purple now; she straddled his hips, the towel as the only barrier between them. She ran her hands up his chest; her nails lightly scratched his damp skin, pulling lightly on the dark hairs covering his pecks. He was trying to keep his wolf under control but feeling her so close to his manhood he about lost his sanity.

“Come back to me Senna,” he spoke softly; he kissed her hand, nipped lightly at her wrist. He watched her eyes, hoping her wolf would release control. He wanted her, but he wanted Senna, he didn’t want her wolf to force her into this situation.

When her eyes turned back to their brilliant green, he relaxed. He sat up to kiss her lips, she was still in his lap, and her towel was barley hanging on at this point driving his wolf wild.

“Are you sure?” he questioned softly, kissing her lips, her jaw, kissing her new mark. She moaned, grinding her hip against him when he touched her mark.

“Please Ryder” she gasped breathlessly, knotting her fingers in his hair holding him to her mark. That was all the permission he needed, he turned so she was on the bed, throwing her towel to the floor, his fell off as he hovered over her.

He took her hands interlacing their fingers as their bodies combined together, he was trying to not rush, to savor every moment with her, as she reached closer to her climax, he whispered in her ear to mark him. A few moments more and she bit his neck, as he released into her, he bit her mark again, sealing their bond.

She lay there dazed. She replayed what has happened, what they had done; she could feel the blush on her cheeks. Her wolf was silent, content with her mate. He was lying next to her with a goofy grin on his face. She dreaded facing Hendrix after what they’d done, but she knew it was necessary; the mate bond made sure he was loyal and would protect her. They would combine packs, they would be stronger together.

“Now Senna, my mate, my lover, my darling, what is this massive secret you are hiding?” his fingers trailed up her chest, skimming up her sternum to her collarbone.

She stood up from the bed and went to the center of the room, he sat up puzzled when he opened his mouth to ask what she was doing, she answered.

“It’s easier to show you.” He watched as his beautiful mate shifted, at first he was expecting just a wolf, like his, but when she fully shifted he finally understood. He stared; mouth gaping as he took in what was in front of him. Her wolf had to be almost as big as his, which was unheard of for female wolves, not to mention her coat was pure white, whiter than snow, pure silver fur running up her paw, silver tipped ears, silver tipped tale. Her glowing purple eyes stared at him; she sat there, not moving as he just gaped at her.

“Holy crap.” He muttered. He had never seen a wolf like hers, but he knew the legends, her wolf could be the identical twin to the King Octavius, the most powerful Alpha in history. She shifted back to her human form and came to sit next to him, the predawn light coming through the window made her lavender silver hair glow.

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