Alpha Senna (Paused)

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Chapter 9

“You—your wolf—its not possible. How?” He looked at her, searched for an explanation in her eyes.

“Well, I guess I should explain what I know. My family, the Kemp’s we are direct descendants of King Octavius. We can trace our bloodline all the way back to him. I don’t know much of why, but my father told me of a legend, that Octavius’ ancestors would have the same coloring, the same powers, when the werewolf world was in dire need. But the rogues that destroyed our pack burnt everything to the ground; we lost all the ancient texts that could have any information on what I am. As far as I know I’m the only one. Which is why I dye my hair, why I don’t run in wolf form, why I hide.” She was staring at the window, watching the sun rise above the horizon.

“I understand now Senna. If it would help, you are free to look through my library, anything that would help.” He squeezed her hand.

“I believe the rogue problem is why the genes were triggered in me. I can’t take the risk of being captured, who knows what tests and torture they would do to find out my bloodlines power.” Ryder growled at her statement.

“I won’t let that happen.” He kissed her cheek, "thank you for showing me, for trusting me. Let's go to my private library.” He gave her a shirt of his and basketball shorts; he threw on his own shorts and led her back to where his private theater was. There was a secret door behind the movie screen, which opened to a small library, with a few comfy reading chairs scattered about.

“I think, the most information will be from this case.” He walked over to a small bookshelf, layers of glass, which he had to enter a code to open, protected a handful of large books. The books looked old, but not as old as the ones she remembered her father having.

“I hope you can read Latin.” He gave her a book and she immediately went to sit in a chair. She scanned the pages quickly, trying to be delicate but also trying to not waste time. She knew what she was looking for. Her father didn’t have this book, but she remembered him telling her it was a key part in the legend. She was flipping through pages her eyes glowing purple now, until she reached a page half way through the text with large symbols across the page.

“What is it?” Ryder stood behind her chair watching as she searched frantically. The symbols weren’t Latin, it was some ancient runes, but there was a Latin translation it seemed.

“Its says that when the world is doomed to ruin, five will emerge, silver fur, purple eyes to rid the world of evil. Together their powers combined will clear the bloodlines of evil.” She looked up to Ryder, her eyes wide, he came to sit next to her, his arm over her shoulder.

“Keep reading, I’m here” he kissed the top of her head.

“It speaks about King Octavius, his powers were strength, and speed, but he was only one.” She looked back towards him. “The others were scattered across the world, each with different powers, together they taught and exchanged powers, so together they were stronger than apart. There was a battle, wolves against Lycans.”

“Lycans? Those don’t exist anymore, they were just witches trying to create their own warriors.”

“Ryder don’t you see?!” he stared at her in confusion.

“We always thought Octavius was special because of his powers, he was one of the five. History is repeating itself. Which means...I have to find four others.” She whispered the last part of her sentence. He moved the book to the table next to them, taking her hands in his.

“I’m not losing you Senna, I just found you. You and I will deal with these rouges, and then we can worry about saving the world. But we will do it together.” He squeezed her hands tightly, taking her out of her train of thoughts.

“Lets eat breakfast, we can worry about a prophecy later, we’ll go to your land, introduce me as your mate, and if you want you can bring Arman and your brothers here to look at the books. But you’re not fulfilling a prophecy this second. We have time to eat, ok?” She sighed, and nodded. She followed him back to his kitchen, they worked in silence, she cooked some sausage as he stirred the scrambled eggs.

They ate in silence and stayed that way till they went back to his car, he wore dark wash jeans and a fitted maroon tee shirt, she was still wearing his shirt and shorts, she had asked for a baseball cap of his to wear over her hair that was drastically lighter than when she came. She refused to put her dress back on; she would not be making the walk of shame through her pack doors.

She told Ryder to drive to her private residence; she had linked to her brothers and Arman to meet them there. Ryder followed to her room, she needed to change out of his clothes before her brothers came and ripped them to shreds, she changed into black yoga pants, and a tee-shirt that hung slightly baggy on her frame. She kept Ryder’s black hat though, turning it backwards so it hid most of her hair. She would need to recolor it before she met Ryder’s pack officially. She heard her brothers and Arman downstairs. Before she could reach the top of the stairs Otto shouted.

“You mated!?” his shout was more out of surprise than anger. But it didn’t stop the blush from crawling to her cheeks.

“Announce my private life to the whole damn world why don’t you.” She grumbled. Which got a chuckled from Ryder who stood at her side, winking at her.

“So I guess you know everything now Ryder?” Arman shook his hand, sizing him up as any father would.

“To say I was surprised was an under statement. But I brought her back her so that you all could come to my library, it seems like some of the books have useful information. But also as official mates now, we will introduce each other to our packs, eventually with the goal of joining together.” He looked towards Senna, which got him a soft smile and a nod. She looked passed Arman, Hendrix stepped into the foyer, his jaw clenched.

“Before anything though I need to fix my hair, maybe we’ll introduce each other today, and later we’ll have a barbecue, we can set it up in that clearing, neutral ground.” She made eye contact with Hendrix before slowly backing away from the group to run upstairs to her room.

“Sounds like a good plan.” He kissed the top of her head; receiving some warning glares from her brothers. Ryder relayed what they had read back at his place to Arman and her brothers while she went up stairs to recolor her hair. Once the initial tension eased, and her brothers understood that as her mate he would never hurt Senna, they relaxed and were getting along surprisingly easily.

When she stepped into her room Hendrix was waiting on her bed, he must’ve exited the front of the house to come through her bedroom window. He didn’t look up when she entered, she stood in front of him silently.

“So you’re a mated woman now huh?” He spoke lowly.

“It was needed Drix, the rouges are a real threat.” She pleaded, getting onto her knees she crouched so she was in front of him, trying to get into his eye line.

“The marking broke the spell.” She whispered. His head snapped up, his grey eyes meeting hers.

“I remember that night. I remember my feelings for you Drix. Why couldn’t you have been my mate?” She couldn’t hold back the tears from spilling down her cheeks. He slid off her bed, sitting on the floor he pulled her up so she was in his lap sobbing against his shoulder.

“Because that would be too easy wouldn’t it.” He chuckled grimly, rubbing her back trying to sooth her, he pulled the hat from her hair, he hadn’t seen her icy hair in years. He missed it. They sat there for a moment, while she tried to stop crying, Hendrix murmuring soft encouraging words.

She thought that if the spell broke she would be less at war with herself, but now she is aware of her feelings for Hendrix, despite her wolf loving Ryder. Slowly disentangling from his embrace, she watched as he jumped down from her window, walking towards the pack house, she needed to focus on Ryder, focus on her pack, she sighed stepping away from the window to go into the bathroom to fix her appearance.

Senna came downstairs in tight black jeans and a white blouse, her hair was back to her signature purple black, she had one side of her hair pinned back with a pin with a small flower on it. Simple but she was still breath taking.

“Lets get this over with” she hated speaking in front of groups, you would think being alpha for so long she would get over it. But sharing someone personal like Ryder was new territory for her. Her brothers followed behind them, Ryder holding her hand on the left side, with Arman flanking her right side.

“I let the pack know to meet in the field, everyone should be there by now.” Arman spoke to Senna, she nodded, Ryder could see her nerves come to the surface, with a smirk he decided to test out their new mate bond.

Calm now honey, everything will be fine, I’ll be by your side. He spoke in her mind; she snapped her head to look at him in shock, which made him laugh. We’re mates now, we can speak through our bond. They stood on the stage, Ryder at her side, the pack sitting silently in front of them; Arman handed her a microphone.

“Some of you may have heard rumors, but I’ve met my mate,” some pack members chapped and cheered before she continued, “This is my mate Alpha Ryder...” she turned to him realizing she didn’t know his last name. “How do you say it?” she asked when he told her, he laughed. Taking the microphone from her he spoke into it.

“I am Alpha Ryder Oxtoa, my pack the Black Paw Pack are your neighbors. Tomorrow Senna and I plan to have a barbecue in the no mans land, all are welcome.”

“Please tell me one more time.” She tried not to laugh as they exited the stage.

“Ok, ok, my last name is Oats—ooh-ah.”

“I’ll have to practice that one” she laughed. She decided it would be best to be introduced to his pack today as well, just get all introductions done and over with. Her brothers and Arman joined them in Ryder’s car and headed towards his land. The meeting of his pack went over just as well, she saw the blonde from the other night glaring at her from a distance but she paid no mind to a weak girl like her. Ryder mated with her, Ryder marked her, the blonde had no chance now.

Ryder guided them back to his library, and that is where they have been the last few hours. Senna’s parents all made sure they could read Latin with ease, so her and each brother got a book and poured through the readings.

From each book it seemed to recount stories from the past, before King Octavius, each had five wolves from all over the world that came together to defeat whatever was happening. The first account seemed to be the first interaction with Lycans. But in every story Lycans always came back. But they knew Lycans were extinct, so why was it happening again? Why now?

Arman read the book with the most information on Lycans, they were a mutated version of werewolves, where pure werewolves had both a human soul and wolf soul, they could communicate with each other, but Lycans weren’t fully human, weren’t fully werewolf, and seemed to be somewhere in-between. Most importantly, Lycans didn’t have a wolf soul, so when they transformed into their wolf form usually they were under the control of a witch. Lycans were powerful, because they were under control of someone else’s will they fought to the death, in wolf form they didn’t feel pain leading them to be ruthless in the battlefields.

After three hours of continuous reading everyone was overwhelmed with the information. Too much information for one night. Senna decided to stay with Ryder one more night, she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that with all the knowledge the prophecy would be forced to come true faster. She wanted one more day, one more night in his arms without worry. Ryder had one of is pack members drive them back to her territory, Senna was curled into Ryder’s side on his couch as they watched another movie.

She was trying to absorb everything, his scent, his warmth, the feeling of calm when she was with him. She knew that there would be a long hard road ahead, the only reason her wolf was the way it was because something bad was on the horizon. She just hoped that at the end of it all that she would have Ryder at her side.

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