When Maeve Met Caleb

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Maeve McLaughlin is in her last semester of college. Her twin brother Liam is attacked by a rogue werewolf which throws her into the world of shapeshifters. She is drawn to the alpha of the Sapphire Pack and confused by her feelings for him. Alpha Caleb Gallagher has an epidemic on his hands. He keeps finding crazed rogues on his land and to top it off the Darkwoods Pack is trying to encroach on his territory. One wild rogue attacks a human park ranger and he ends up meeting his mate. Now he and his mate will have to navigate life as a human and wolf pairing in a wild world of werewolves. They need to figure out what is making wolves go wild and attack the weak and stop the Darkwoods Pack from stealing their land. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! THIS WORK BELONGS TO ME AND IT IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT! PLEASE BE DECENT AND DON’T TAKE MY WORK.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

*I have not edited this story, so I apologize for any mistakes you catch. I am trying to edit but life gets hectic.*

I parked my car in one of the campus parking decks. Taking a moment, I reflect on my upcoming semester. I have four more classes standing in between me and my business degree. All winter break I worked on creating my new line of precious gems jewelry. I have an online store with a religious following. I use white gold plated material because I am allergic to sterling silver. I pride myself on my jewelry being hypoallergenic.

Stepping out of my car, I shiver as the cold Vermont air blows past me. I retie my scarf, blocking out all wind. One thing you should know about me is, I hate being cold. I don’t know why I didn’t go to college somewhere warmer. I long for the warmth of my bed in my apartment I share with my twin brother Liam. Liam works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a game warden. His program was a year shorter than mine, but luckily he got a job nearby. My phone dings and I look down to see my best friend Penelope sent me a message.

Maeve hurry up to class. I saved you a seat!

I’m on my way. I shoot back and pocket my phone, then slip on my backpack. I hurried out of the parking deck and across the quad to make it on time to my eight am class. As a senior I had hoped not to be in any, but alas Professor Whittaker refuses to teach anything later than an eleven-thirty class. Hurrying into the lecture hall, I don’t notice a blond guy and bump right into.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” I ask looking up into the bluest eyes I’d ever seen.

“I’m fine. Are you?” he asks me and I nod tongue-tied. He goes to leave the hall and I blurt out,

“Skipping class already?”

“Don’t go here. I was bringing my brother his laptop.” His deep voice makes me shiver and shockingly I blush. I nod like an idiot and scurry into the hall over to where Penelope snagged us seats in the back.

“You okay?” she asks me looking into my eyes.

“Peachy,” I lie and pull out my notebook to take notes. Call me old-fashioned, but I find the material sticks in my brain better when I have to write it down.

“Liar,” she whispers as the professor walks in.

“I’ll tell you later,” I promise and try to focus on what our professor has to say.

An hour and a half later...

“Maeve I can’t believe we already have a paper due in two weeks,” Penelope moans tucking her computer away. I laugh and say,

“What did you expect? We have sixteen weeks until we graduate. Did you look at the syllabus?” We walk out of the hall and I see the same man I bumped into leaning against a wall. I feel a tingle shoot down my spine when our eyes connect. He gives me a wink and pushes off the wall. I think he is coming over to me when another guy with the same white-blond hair steps in his way.

“Hey, Caleb. Why are you still here? I thought you had a meeting?” I recognize the guy as Owen. He and I have had a lot of classes together throughout our four years here.

“Maeve come on.” Penelope pulls on my arm and I follow her to the student union and get a cup of coffee with space for cream and sugar.

“What do you have next?” she asks me when we settle on two couches.

“Accounting 300. I need it to do my books for Moonlight Jewelry. It’s the only other one I have today. I have my capstone class and one other management class tomorrow. Fridays I don’t have class. I’m going to use that day to get homework done. Then the weekend I can focus on jewelry making.”

“Speaking of jewelry. My mom loves the earrings and necklace set I got her for Christmas. She was so impressed she wants to host a party for you to sell to her friends,” Penelope tells me and I gape at her.


“Yes. She wore them on New Year’s Eve at a party and all her friends wanted to know where she got them.”

“I’d love to do a party on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Tell her to call me and we can set it up. I do custom orders too, so I’ll bring my materials and people can see their options,” I tell her trying to contain my excitement. My parents haven’t been very supportive of my business. Maybe this party is just what I need to show I can be successful. I’ll need to double up on supplies to make multiples of each type I carry.

“I’ll let her know. How is Liam?” Penelope asks and I smile. She has had a huge crush on my brother since freshman year. We look alike with our bright red hair and emerald green eyes. He is a foot taller than my five feet two inches.

“Fine. He is gone for the week doing a stakeout. He said something about trying to catch offseason hunters,” I reply sipping my coffee. Thank goodness for coffee or I wouldn’t be able to function.

“Is it dangerous?” Her hazel eyes showing her worry.

“No. He said it was routine,” I say trying to help alleviate her worries.

“Good. Oh, I’ve got to run to my next class. I’m so jealous you only have to take four this semester. I have six,” she complains and I laugh.

“I took two eighteen credit semesters freshman year. Now I get to reap the rewards,” I gloat and Penelope glares at me.

“See you Wednesday,” she bids me goodbye and I’m left on my own. I take this time to pull out my textbook. I need to outline the first three chapters and then I can get started on my paper. I have another hour until class starts. Getting comfortable I put my earbuds in and blast my favorite country station from my phone.

Leave me your thoughts. This is the first story I have written in first person. I wanted to try something new.

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