Let it Be

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The scent of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside of his every cell, or into the air all round him. She had become a necessity to him.

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Chapter One

She watched her reflection in the mirror. Her hair hung around her breasts in brown waves...she should have put her hair up...but it was too late now. She needed to go soon...the party would have already started by the time she would make it.

The rose gold dress clung to her curves...her tanned skin seemed to shine next to the pearly essence of the dress.

She smiled at her reflection knowing that her dress was going to be among the modest of them all, she hoped it would help her fly under the radar of the Alpha.

He was new to the pack, she heard the gossip of how handsome he was, but she had yet to set her eyes on him. Her stomach twisted in knots of anxiousness.

“Cammie come on! You are already late!” shouted Poppy to her sister. “Jake is waiting in the car!”

“I’ll be there in a minute!” she shouted back. She put her hands in her hair and shuddered!


As she made her way down the stairs she could hear Poppy and her mom talking, but as she came into view her sisters jaw dropped. Their mom turned at the look on Poppy’s face.

“Woaaah...sis...you clean up nice!” Poppy said as she looked her sister from head to toe. “If you think this dress was going to let you fly under the radar then you have an other thing coming...”

“Oh hush Poppy...” their mother said as she stepped towards Cammie. “You look lovely dear.”

“I should go change...put on that blue dress!” Cammie said feeling self conscious now. She bit her lip as she looked down at her silky dress. “Oh god I look naked don’t I!”

“You don’t have time to change!” Poppy said as she looked at the time.

“Honey, you look radiant, don’t pay your sister any mind.” Her mother ushered her out the door.

“My bag...” Cammie tries to prolong her leave once more.

“Jake already put it in the car!” Poppy interrupted. “No more excuses, Jake and I have dinner reservations your keeping us from them!”

Poppy pushed her sister out the door and closed it behind them.

On the drive to the Pack House Poppy and Jake chatted away leaving Cammie in her own little bubble, giving her time to try and relax.

She couldn’t believe that this was actually happening! Her parents had offered her off to the new Alpha...well it wasn’t just her...all the unmated she-wolfs were called to come and participate.

The new Alpha was unmated himself, for him to take his rightful place as pack leader he was missing one thing...and that was his mate...the packs Luna, his Luna. Cammie hoped it wasn’t her! Anyone but her...please!

She had dreamed of meeting her mate, and being filed into the pack house with all the other unmated women was just not how she ever saw it happening. This night was threatening her perfect vision of how she hoped she would find him.

Alpha Greyson would pick five girls tomorrow night that will stay at the pack house for him to further explore which she-wolf he would be bonded to. Once an Alpha took his place, different rules applies for mating. He wasn’t just finding his mate, but she has to be worthy of being the packs Luna.

Cammie planned to stay far from him and to stay low in the hopes that she would get to go back to her life and forget all of this!

As Jake pulled up in front of the giant grey bricked mansion Cammie tried to calm her beating heart...her heart felt like it would burst out of her chest.

Just stay clear of him, and don’t make eye contact! - she repeated in her head.

Poppy turned in her seat to look back at her sister.

“Are you ready?” she asked

“No,” Cammie said as she let her head fall back on the head rest closing her eyes trying to keep the tears at bay.

She never asked for this! She wanted to find her mate on her own! Not be chained to some Alpha and be at his beck and call! She wanted her freedom!

Being only nineteen, she still had time to find her mate, she was in no rush!

“Sis, being bonded to someone is not a bad thing, especially an Alpha...don’t look like your world is ending...this is just the beginning to find the one.” Poppy reached an arm out to her and squeezed her hand. “Besides, it might not even be you, there are a hundred girls here tonight, just go have fun!”

Jake opened the door for her to step in. “I don’t want this... I never did!” Cammie said and stepped out of the car.

“I will walk you in.” Jake smiled offering his arm to Cammie.

As they made it up the steps Cammie held on tight to Jake. Jake had become like a brother she never had. He was her pack, and she would hold on to him for dear life!

“You know...it’s not as bad as you think it is...if you are bonded to him, that means he will be to you as well...” Jake offered.

“But I love my freedom! I wish this wasn't even an option for me! I want my freedom! I want my freedom to choose!” She said as they reached the top of the stairs.

Jake nodded, he knew that Cammie just didn’t understand what a bond meant, how truly magical it actually was. She had avoided all the men that ever advanced on to her because she didn’t want a bond, because a bond changed everything.

“A mates bond, is unbreakable, loyal to a fault, whoever your mate is, will only see you...thats not a bad thing. Jake pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back, running his hands over her hair.

“Jake...” Cammie smiled, knowing he was trying to mask her scent with his, which would most def help her stay low for the evening.

“Don’t tell your sister!” He warned as he pulled away holding her at shoulder length. He pulled her in one last time and kissed her forehead. “I shouldn’t have done that...but think of it as a diversion...your sister will kill me!” He smirked. “Now get!” he said as he opened the grand black door he passed her bag to one of the wolfs waiting to direct the guests.

“Camilla Tyrel” he said to the tall man.

He nodded his acknowledgement.

Jake gave Cammie’s hand one last squeeze and made his way down the stairs.

Cammie took a deep breath and entered. The air in the house seemed to change, as she stepped inside.

“All the others are in the dinning hall, Alpha Greyson has not arrived yet, hurry along, I will bring your bag to your room.” He nodded towards the hall.

Cammie headed down the hall her heart beating fast again. This was it! Before she could go into the dinning hall she would need one more moment alone to steady her emotions.

She slipped into a door just to the right of the dinning hall and pressed her back to the door closing her eyes. The peace only lasted for a few seconds as she could already feel eyes on her. Her breath caught in her throat as she could sense a blazing heat in front of her.

She didn’t dear open her eyes as her chest rose harder now.


He was finishing off some paper work, when someone stepped into his office and he could sense the air around change. There was some charge, like a buzzing around him.

She hadn't noticed him just yet. He rose from his chair and made his way towards her. She smelled of another werewolf...but he could smell the faintest scent that belonged to her. He couldn’t figure it out just yet, but it was there lingering around her.

He leaned towards her moving her hair off her shoulder trying to get a stronger scent that was hers. His nose barely grazed her neck and he could feel the girls body tremble. Her body was responding to him, it was as if he was awakening something within her.

Just as he was about to take another sniff of her to try and figure out her scent that was being masked. She opened her eyes and slapped him.

“Paws off you perv!” She shouted, having had caught him off guard with the slap she managed to push him away and escape out the door.

Leaving him behind his heart racing, a hint of arousal, and a smirk played on his lips.


Cammie busted through the main door and her eyes scanned the room for her friend. As their eyes connected with Lena, she bolted towards her, ignoring all the stares from the other girls.

“Lena!” She exclaimed and hugged her raven haired friend.

“Cammie,” Lena said as she could smell the Alphas scent on her friend.

“Oh I am so ready for this to be over so that I can go back home!” Cammie whispered to her best friend.

“Home to your romance novels?” Lena raises her eyebrow.

“Yes, home to epic loves! Loves that simply can’t compare to any of this!” she said as she waved her arms around.

All of a sudden the air changed in the hall, making Cammie straighten her spine and she didn’t dare turn around...but Lena slowly spun her friend around.

In walked the Alpha, followed by his close circle.

Oh Shit!

“Oh my god....” Cammie turned to Lena.

“What?!” Lena whispered in confusion.

“I just slapped him & called him a perv!” Cammied whispered back.

“You what! Why!?” Lena asked shocked.

“He was sniffing me...I just reacted!” Cammie said as she slipped behind Lena.

“He is looking over here,” Lena whispered.

Fuck! So much for laying low...but maybe that would be what got her kicked out because she disrespected him...

The men made their way to the front table, one Blond man stayed standing. Alpha Greysons, Beta, his younger brother.

“Welcome Ladies! Thank you for taking the time in joining us for this evening! We all know why you are here.” He said and scanned all the ladies who had now been seated. Cammie made sure to position herself so that she wasn’t in eye sight of Alpha Greyson.

As soon as she was able to she would get out of this hall to minimize any possible contact. She wanted to make it to the ceremony when he would choose the five women to stay behind with him. The less he saw of her the less of a chance he would have to ask her to stay.

“Our Alpha is in the search of his perfect mate,” The blond continued and Cammie noticed Lena blush. “Every lady here will have a chance to interact with Alpha Greyson, from those small interactions he will pick Five of you to stay behind for a week to see who his true match is. Ladies please enjoy your meals and once we have feasted you will have time to mingle!”

His eyes scanned the crowed of women and his eyes lingered on Lena. Cammie could see her friends skin turn a soft glowing pink. Her eyes grew as big as saucers as she noticed what was happening.

“Did that just happen!” she whispered to Lena. As she had leaned into Lena she had exposed herself to the head table and she could feel that stare on her once more.

“I don’t know what that was...” Lena breathed as she tried to steady her shaking hands.

Cammie shifted her eyes to the head table and her eyes locked with Alpha Greyson, but she broke the contact quickly and found the blond still starring at her friend. “He is looking over here,” she whispered to her friend. Cammie watched as he leaned towards the Alpha and said something, the Alpha nodded his head and Cammie’s eyes locked with the Alpha’s a smirk played on his lips as the Blond stood up and headed directly towards them.

Oh shit!

He stood right in front of them blocking the Alpha from Cammie, their eyes finally breaking contact.

He reached our his hand to Lena.

Lena placed her hand into his and spoke softly. “Lena Adams”

He pulled her hand to his lips and smiled. “It’s a pleasure Lena, I am Ethan Calland”

“Yes the Alpha’s brother...” Lena blushed.

He nodded their eye contact never breaking. “Would you mind stepping outside with me?” he asked, his smile was one of the sweetest smiles Cammie had seen in a long time, His hazel eyes twinkled in the light.

Lena nodded and without a glance back at her friend she followed Ethan outside the dinning hall. Just like that Cammie once more felt that gaze on her, she crossed her arms over her chest as she suddenly felt naked. She didn’t dare to make eye contact with him again. The plan was to blend in to lay low.

She slowly turned her body towards the other ladies left at her table.


What was it about her? Why do my eyes keep finding her...she clearly didn’t want to be here. He would catch himself looking for her, her skin seemed to glow...her lips so pouty, and he noticed how when she really smiled her top lip would stretch across her teeth, and a small wrinkle would appear above her lip. Those lips so full...but her eyes...her eyes were something different. Those eyes, those eyes could haunt a man’s soul. They appeared Green at first sight, but if you were close enough to that beautiful face, you could see the specks of gold covering them.

From the second she walked into his office he could feel it, there was something different about her. Her smell he couldn’t figure out just yet...it had been muddled by another's scent...it’s as if she wanted to stay hidden from him. That scent he would have to figure out before he could choose who was to stay behind.

Greyson’s attention was shifted to the main doors opening. There his brother stood, a huge grin on his face, as he lead the Raven haired girl towards their table. Greyson had sensed it happening to his brother. They were twins after all. Not many knew that fact about them, but he could sense his brother in ways that normal siblings couldn’t.

“Brother, I would like to introduce Lena Adams...” Lena stretched her hand out to Alpha Greyson, and his hand engulfed hers. He nodded at her sizing her up.

“ I would love for her to stay as my guest.” Ethan spoke. All eyes were on them now.

“Very well, why don’t you join us Lena” Greyson spoke and one of the men stood making room for her.

Lena looked over her shoulder to find Cammie, she didn’t want to leave her friend but she knew her place was next to Ethan now.

Cammie gave her a smile and that was all Lena needed to take her place next to Ethan. “Thank you.”

“Would you like your friend to join us?” Ethan asked her.

Lena’s eyes shot to Cammie who she could see had paled a little at the suggestions. “No that’s fine...She doesn’t love attention, she’d kill me.” she whispered the last part to Ethan, but Greyson heard her.

“Interesting dress to wear for someone that doesn’t want attention...” Greyson said to the two of them.

“I picked that dress for her...” Lena said as she picked up her glass taking a sip of water.

Cammie would hate for Lena to keep the attention on her much longer. “So has anyone caught your eye yet?” she asked Greyson.

“No one yet,” he lied.

“Well the night is young!” Ethan said as he nudged Lena with his shoulder.

“Ah brother, but not everyone is as luck as you to find your mate as you are giving a speech.” Greyson teased.

Lena blushed.


Oh crap! How can I get out of here! Cammie thought to herself as she poked at her food with her fork.

The dinner portion was coming to an end, she would need to really work on dodging.

As most women began to crowed around the Alpha, Cammie saw her chance to slip out unnoticed.

She didn’t want to be here, but she knew she had to stick it out, she didn’t want the pack to speak badly about her family if she just up and ditched this whole thing.

She walked the halls of the house until she walked by a glass door, her jaw dropped at this impressive little library. She pushed the door open and slipped inside the dimly lit library. The smell of old books hit her hard.

She made her way around the room exploring books.

She picked up 1984 by George Orwell. She flipped through the pages till she found that one quote that stuck with her.

“The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all round him. She had become a physical necessity.” She read it out loud, she wished someone needed her like that.

Her fingers danced on the spines of other books and she pulled another out that she hadn’t read before. She closed her eyes and flipped to a random page.

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” She read out loud and smiled.

That was what she wanted. Was that too much to ask for?


All these woman were clouding him with their scents, he needed a break, he excused himself and mentally conveyed to Ethan that he needed a moment to himself, not to let anyone follow him.

As he stepped out into the hallway he could hear the woman chatting. He needed a moment to himself, to clear his senses...to clear his mind.

As he walked down the hallway he found that scent that was lingering under another’s. It was so faint but he could still track it. He followed it and found himself in front of the glass doors. There she stood, her hands flipping through a book, her attention was given fully to the book in front of her.

She glowed in the dim light. He took his time watching her, the way the dress hung around her curves, awakening the earlier arousla he has felt.

He slipped inside the library and watched her from the door. For once she was so immerses into something else that she couldn’t feel his gaze on her.

He watches her lips pull into a smile as she read the text, that little wrinkle above her top lip, he ached to touch it...but he knew he has to tread slowly with her, she wasn’t like the other who has come in hopes to be his mate...no she had a mind of her own, she wanted something...and he has to try and figure out what it was.

He slipped into the shadows of the library, as he hid she spun around feeling like she wasn’t alone anymore.

Her eyes scanned the room but she wouldn't be able to find him. She returned the book to the shelf and left the library in a hurry.

He took a short cut to the front hall and slipped inside the dinning room, he moved through the women and to his brother, behind him he could hear the door open and there it was the air changed once more. He knew she was back.

He gave Ethan a look and Ethan excused himself from Lena, and followed him. As they passed by Cammie, a shudder ran through her body.

“I think she is here...but it’s like she doesn’t want to be...” Greyson said as he paced the office.

“Who is it?” Ethan asked as he watches his brother, worry written all over his forehead.

“There is one girl in particular that I can’t smell...she came here covered in another's scent...I need you to send the ladies to their rooms...but I need you to have Lena’s friends room changed. I need her closer to mine.” Greyson stopped pacing. A strange calm was washing over him.

“Cammie?” Ethan asked raising a a thick blond eyebrow.

“I can’t rest until I know her true scent.” Greyson looked at his twin brother.

“Wow I haven’t seen you this worked up ever...women don’t phase you.” Ethan smiled.

Greyson just gave him a look and Ethan got to his feet. “I’ll deal with it.” he nodded and left the office.


Lena and Cammie stopped talking as Ethan re entered the room, his eyes making it right to Lena, she was a part of him in a weird way now...and Cammie admired that. “Ladies!” He spoke as he stood next to Lena, their hands connecting. “We are going to be ending this night short, Alpha Greyson has some last min business to attend to. Please make your ways to your bedrooms and we will see you all at Breakfast!”

His eyes came upon Lena, “Come Ladies, I will show you to your rooms.”

Lena smiled at him and followed him out of a side door. Ethan turned and looked at Cammie “Come along now”

Cammie nodded, she was thankful that the night had come to an end, which meant her stay here was that much closer to an end.

As Ethan lead them to their rooms he turned his head towards Cammie. “Your room is that Green door...but that room doesn’t have a working shower...so if you do want to freshen up you can use the bathroom in that room.” he pointed to a room at the end of the hallway.

“Oh is that Lena’s room?” Cammie asked.

“Lena will be with me tonight, my room is down this hall...but feel free like I said to use the shower in the room at the end.” He smiled, but his smile held a secret.

“Uhm... okay.” Cammie said as she watches Ethan drag Lena away, she watched as he opened the door to his room and as Lena passed by him to enter first he slapped her but playfully.

Cammie watched them disappear giggling to themselves.

She entered her room with a smile on her face! She walked over to her bag that lay at the foot of her bed and pulled out her bag of toiletries. She made her way to the door at the end of the hallway and knocked.

No one answered, she pushed the door open and as she entered the room a smell so divine hit her nose. She wanted to run over into the bed and snuggle down. This Scent made her insides hum.

She resisted her urge to snuggle down in the bed and made her way to the bathroom. She slid out of her dress and slipped into the shower.

The hot water ran down her body washing away the day, soon she would be free of this craziness and back in her own house! She could relax and not feel so watches by the Alpha.

Oh shit! she thought as she realized that this shower wasn’t just washing away the day...it was washing away Jakes sent! How could she have been so stupid!

She hurried her shower up she had to get back to her room and try and rub her dress all over herself in hopes there would be enough left on the dress to cover her scent.

As she wrapped a white towel around her body she left all her things in the shower trying to hurry back to her room.

But as she opened the bathroom door the steam pushed her scent out into the room.. “What are you doing here!” she asked her eyes wide.

Alpha Greyson stood across the room he had just walked into the room. “This is my room, what are you doing in here? There is a perfectly good shower in your room...”

“Ethan...he...he said my shower wasn’t working...to use this bathroom.” She stammered out. She moved her head and thats when it happened...her scent made it’s way to him.

He let out a growl. Cammie had never heard such a primal sound come from a man before. “I am sorry, I’ll just go...” she tried to take a step, but that hunger in his eyes the way he was looking at her...as id she was a piece of prey to him. Froze her to the spot.

He closed his eyes for a second as more of her scent came rushing at him, he inhaled and when he opened his eyes again they had changed to his wolf eyes.

He advanced towards her. Cammie backed up into the wall clutching her small towel to her body. Her wet hair sat on her shoulders. Without her heels he towered over her even more.

He brushed her hair from her shoulder and once more lowered his nose to her skin. His nose followed her curve of her neck inhaling her scent. There it was.

It was a creamy smell of Vanilla and a hint of tangy lemon.

On instinct he grabbed her hands and held them up above her head so that she wouldn’t slap him again.

He pressed his body against her and looked right at her. He could see the gold specks in her eyes, but this time he could see the need in them. He could sense her need for him.

He licked his lips exposing his top teeth to her, and a soft moan escaped her lips. That single moan was music to his ears and he growled.

His eyes darted from her eyes to her lips.

Her body seemed to be working at it’s own accord. She pressed herself off the wall and into his hard body his need evident against her belly.

His lips came crashing down onto hers. She responded to him with a hunger he never felt before. He let go of her hands and they came and tangled in his dark hair.

He pulled his lips away from hers and kisses along her neck, where he felt her pulse he flicked out his tongue tasting her skin.

Before he could stop himself he had bitten her, marking her as his. A loud moan escaped her lips. “Mine,” he whispered and placed a kiss over the bite.

“Oh my god!” Cammie exclaimed! “What did you do!” she began to push him away from her. Once he was a safe distance from her her hand flew up to the bite.

Her eyes turned to anger! “How dare you!” she said as she clung to the towel again. “I didn’t ask for this...any of this!” she spoke as she pushed passed him.

“Camilla...” he spoke her name. She froze by the door. “You are mine.”

She pun around to face him one more, “I refuse to be anyones!” and with that she stormed out.

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