His Locker

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In every high school there's always an unwritten rule to follow. It could range from avoiding a certain teacher when running late to class, what tables are off limits at lunch, and even straying away from secret "haunted" basements that the seniors spread unrealistic rumors about. Nonetheless every school has these rules that aren't taught but are just simply common sense. For my school we have one vital order...

Stay the hell away from Luca Romano.

He repelled everyone's attention solely because of his terrible, and I mean terrible reputation. It may also be the fact that one look from him could make anyone, even the way too tall mountains of muscle our school likes to call jocks, run down the halls crying from fear. Luca wasn't someone to take lightly, with his dark demeanor and undeniable attractiveness he definitely shouldn't be messed with.

And for me?


I was the dumbass sneaking notes into his locker.

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