You Owe Me A First Love

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I've always aspired to become a novel writer. I am one of the oldest employee at Steel Publications and one fine day the perfect opportunity came when my dream could finally become true. But my boss, he asked something from me that I've never done before, I've never had a boyfriend before and he very well knew it. "Get yourself a boyfriend and I'll give you an opportunity to prove yourself." He said. My neighbour Adam had always been interested in me and we shared a normal relationship. He was a very famous singer and was always busy but somehow he managed to take out the time to flirt with me regularly. He was nothing more than a flirty neighbour to me untill he offered to be my pretend boyfriend. Will things go too far because of the deal that Blair's boss made or will Blair finally try to give this whole love thing a chance and finally get a boyfriend?

Romance / Drama
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Blair's POV

Steel Publications had always been more than a work place for me. I've given it my 5 years and was one of the first employees. My boss, Carter Steel and I had more of a friendly relationship rather than a boss and a employee one. Many femal co-workers were really jealous of the bond me and Carter shared but after working for 5 years with someone you kinda develop a bond. Of course they were jealous because, well let's face it, Carter is the most good looking person I've ever laid my eyes on. I can't say for sure but he sure has 6 pack abs and his black thick hair and his dark blue eyes are worth drooling over, but I don't see him that way, he's just my boss who happens to be a really good friend of mine.

I wasn't an established author yet, I was only an editor, but I desperately wanted to be one. An opportunity knocked on my door when Carter announced a new competition for everyone. The rule being whoever brings him the most enticing plot for his upcoming book, 'Shadow Lurkers 2', he/she will permanently be added to his team of authors. I actually had a pretty amazing idea in mind which I wanted to share and so I went to his office to discuss. As usual he was so engulfed by his need to find a good plot for his other books that he didn't even notice I knocked on his door. I pushed the door open and entered inside, coughing to gain his attention. His eyes shot up but after seeing me, they softened.

"People usually knock before they enter my office, Blair." He said in his normal voice.

"People usually answer when someone knocks at their door, Mr. Steel." I know he doesn't like me calling him 'Mr. Steel' but I love getting on his nerves.

"You know I hate it when you call me that Blair. Just call me Carter for god's sake."

"I never asked you this but why do I get to call you Carter while other employees call you Mr. Steel? You know it doesn't look good for me, right?"

"You and I have shared 5 difficult years of bringing this publication to where it is. We have a much deeper bond than I share with those dummies out there."

"Hey! Don't call them dummies. Some of those dummies are my really good friend."

"Including that Jake guy? What do you see in him anyway."

"He happens to be very funny and his face isn't bad to look at." When I said this, I saw a hint of anger on his face? Maybe I am just reading too much into it.

"Why are you here?" He said, not giving me any reply.

"I just heard about the competition you started, I want to take a part."

"You are one of the best editors I have Blair, why would I want to lose you?"

"Because I can be an even better author! And I am ready to be an editor on the side if you want."

"Let's make a deal." The corner of his lips lifted into a wicked smile I recognise from when he has something cruel going on in that head of his. "If you can get a boyfriend by the end of this week, I'll let you participate in that competition. But rules are, he shouldn't know the reason why you're dating him and you'll have to stay in a relationship untill I publish 'Shadow Lurkers'. What do you say?"

"Weird having my boss put forward such a request but, why not?!" Upon hearing my reply, he almost seemed shocked. He really thought I would miss such an opportunity because I've never had any boyfriend before? Nope, not gonna back out this time Carter Steel.

"For someone who's never had a boyfriend before, you seem pretty confident."

"For someone who's got a lot of work to do, you seem pretty interested in my life." He enjoyed my snarky comebacks too much to ask me to stop. He once said 'The only reason I come to my office is to have these daily banters with you.' Even I enjoy them too much but I'll never accept it in front of him.

If finding a boyfriend is all it took, then getting a boyfriend it is. I am not afraid of anything anymore. I owe it to myself. And I won't mind having some fun during the process ;)

Carter's POV

Maybe she didn't realise the effect her words had on me. When she mentioned the qualities she adored about Jack, I wanted to rip his throat apart. No, I didn't like Blair, she's my good friend and I care about her deeply. I know for a fact that Jack is a huge dirtbag and his reputation with women isn't good. I just hope Blair doesn't fall for his trap.

I hoped this bet would make her back out but she accepted it too quickly and suspicion is rising in my mind. Who will she choose? Will this guy be a trouble in her life? She's too naïve and trusting to be in an adult relationship. And I'll protect her always because she helped me these past 5 years to bring my company to where it is right now and I owe that much to her. Maybe making this bet wasn't a good idea. I took out my anger on Jack by making this stupid bet, I really hope Blair doesn't get hurt. I don't like her, no I don't, she's just a good friend, only a good friend, nothing more, right?

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