Loving the Bully.

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A year later and Ayla's heart hasn't healed. The deep wound that Ryder created hasn't healed. But she is now different, matured, heartless. For now she has Alexander and Arabella Sequel to Beauty and the Bully.

Romance / Drama
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Loving the Bully.


Sofia Jamora as Ayla Rose Salvatore.

Francisco Lachowski as Ryder Theo Costello.

Briar Nolet as Bria Emily Wilson.

Myles Erlick as Myles Brogan.

Jessica Alba as Alaia Rose Salvatore. (Ayla's mum.)

Thom Evans as Stephan Salvatore. (Ayla's dad.)


That's it for the cast! Of course more people will be casted but for now this is it. I hope you like them all because I think they are perfect.

I don't have pictures at the moment but soon I will.

You do not have to read the first book but it is encouraged to do so as you will understand this story better. If you're not bothered to read the full story just read the last few chapters specifically the last two.

(Late Night Walks.)

(Revealing His Secrets.)

Those are the names of the last two chapters of Beauty and the Bully. It'll be best if you read them.

Okay now for the boring legal stuff.

This book is copyrighted and well if you copy you know what happens. x

Also any relations to real people, deaths, places or anything realistic is purely based on coincidence.

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