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Abandoned in the woods, lonely and cold. Just before she meets sweet, sweet release of death, a small family finds her and takes her in. Unable to find her way back home, she is forced to live in a house with kind and hospitable strangers. Their traditions confuse her, but still yet oddly intriguing. Now finding love with the youngest son, she is no longer sure of she wants to leave...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Wind lightly brushed my skin, causing my body to shake violently, the icy cold of the outside is quickly catching up with me. Snow coated me from head to toe, as the snow only layered on more from the falling snowflakes of December. Only when I squirmed a bit in an attempt to move , I realized…

I'm naked.

Bum, breast, bare naked… I inwardly cursed before continuing in my attempt to rise from the dirt, snow ground.

My feet and hands are tight and numb, as I felt little, burning sensations dance across my hands as I clenched and unclenched my hands. Dirt and grime was smeared all over the tips and palms of my hands and feet, traveling under my nails to give my nails an ugly yellow tint. I placed my hands under my body and rose to a plank position, but the joints in my elbows buckled, causing me to plop face down onto the dirt, snow on the ground. I laid there for a second, letting the thought dawn upon me that my body is slowly freezing up and locking my joints. I can’t afford to call for help in fear that they might hear me and come back to do more damage…

I wanted to test my legs to see if the same idea applied, and it surely did. My knees buckled causing me to again, plop face first into the dirt, snow ground.

I huffed in frustration, as I felt my genitals start to get a burning sensation, which was my ever so kind warning to hurry before I have an infection.

I brushed the black strands of hair out of my face, taking a second to look around. Thick, dark brown trees surrounded me on both sides, seemingly for miles… there are no animals, and very little insects. Must be man-made, hint number 1. I looked up at the sky, which called for terribly straining my neck, but I am willing to deal with the pain. The previous darkness in the sky is fading away into a light blue, it’s the morning, 8 or 9 maybe? I rested my head back into the snow cushion, I need to think. Think! Think! Think! But my mind is blank, no thoughts came to mind. Therefore I’m stuck here until I have to deal with the humiliation of someone finding my body and carrying it to somewhere warm and safe.

After coming to this resolution, I accepted the sleep that teased my eyes… and.. slowly… fell… asleep…


A rough slap on my thigh jolted me awake from my peaceful slumber.

Although sitting up, with my heart racing from the abrupt awakening, I was still quite tired in the eyes. I felt my eye bags hang and a stinging sensation threatened my eyes from lack of sleep. My vision is blurred as I search the room for the source of my discomfort, my eyes landed on my bedroom doorway. A cocky, thin lipped smile taunted me, as his mischievous eyes challenged me. My older brother, Ares leaned against my door frame. His wavy black hair was pulled back into a pin, exposing his bare face, and of course those black eyes. I don’t care how similar in looks we are, I’ve never considered him my brother. Especially with those eyes.

“What?” I said with a little more aggression than intended.

“That’s how you greet your brother in the morning? How shameless.” he snickered almost to himself.

“ What do you want?” I’m starting to get impatient, I had one run of a night last night and am not in the mood for his foolery.

“Mom said it is your turn to go hunting this morning. So I would hurry up if I were you.” He quickly slammed the door behind him at the last part. I groaned in response.

I stacked cotton shirt over cotton shirt before pulling and buttoning an old blue sweater over my shoulders, then a big brown fur coat over all of it. I slipped into a pair of jeans and boots, grabbed my worn down sack from the corner before heading out.

I weaved through the forest easily, avoiding the loose branches that were slicked with ice and water. Hopping over the burrows and holes that threatened my path. I’ve walked through this forest so many times, I have the map of it etched into my mind.

The pros of living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere: it is always quiet and it’s easy to get away from others. The cons: the only people you know is your family, the only visitors you get are the occasional family members and traveling merchants who happen to come across your home. It sounds depressing, but after living like this for 18 years, you get used to it.

I approached a familiar oak tree. Reaching into the rotting hole in its side and pulling out a cold steel shotgun.

I dusted the dirt and dust off of it before slinging it into my belt loop.

This gun is my greatest achievement, handmade by me.

I covered the hole back up with some stray twigs before going about my way. I looked up into the sky and saw the darkness fade into a light blue, it’s 8 a.m.

I walked a few more ways before I heard breathing. I immediately duck down and put my gun into shooting position. There are very few things that breathe so heavily, bears, wolves, and humans. And it’s not bear season, nor human season. I sit in a crouched position with my gun balanced on my shoulder, turning in every direction after every few steps. I slowly moved towards the sound, cocking my gun just in case. It doesn’t sound like the wolf is moving, is it injured? Giving birth? I crouch closer until I come to a cluster of trees. And in the middle of it all, a body laid, coated with dirt and snow, shivering violently.

A human.

I slowly drop my gun to the ground as I get onto my hands and knees and carefully crawl toward the body. Not only was it human, but a girl, a naked girl.

She is black, but on the lighter end of the scale, her once curly hair is now matted down with dirt and ice, sticking to her face relentlessly. Her eyelashes are tipped with snow. The only thing covering her is the patch of dirt and ice that covered her breasts and genitals. She is quite beautiful. Even though her skin was slowly purpling from the cold, she still held a beauty about her.

I took off my jacket and covered her.

How am I supposed to carry her without touching them?

I shook the thought out of my head, getting her safe and warm is more important. I patted away the dirt and snow on her body. Her made her straddle me as I covered her body with one of my layers with my jacket on top. I held her like a baby with my jacket as the padding between me and her bum.

I leaned down to pick up my shotgun and started sprinting back home, I don’t care to put my gun back in the tree. As I felt her shiver violently against my chest, I could feel her hands clutch my forearm.

She is so cold…

She nuzzled into me, stealing away my heat.

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