Stolen Innocence

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"Damn you, Jesse, I hate you so much!" I scream out at him, standing up as tall as I could and puffing out my chest. I watched as he straightened up, "What did you just say to me?" He asked taking a step closer to me with the devil in his eyes. Holding my breath I start to back up, when he rushes towards me I flinch, throwing up my hands in front of me to block him. Because let's face it, I didn't know what he was going to do to me. As I back up into the wall, I think 'Oh Shit' as he closes the open space between us. I watch as he reaches out and grabs my wrists, pulling them upwards he places them against the wall one on each side of my face. Pushing them against the wall with some force as he leans into me pressing his body hard against mine, pinning me securely against the wall. I took in a deep breath as he bends his head down to my ear. "Now I do think that you owe me an apology Makena! You're not supposed to back talk me after all, are you?" He whispered into my ear, breathing huskily. Makena Kindell is 30 years old, she has had a rough life so far with many ups and downs. When a boy from her past tracks her down, begging her to give him a chance at a relationship. Will she lower her wall and let the man who's willing to force the issue in? Can she learn to love the man who's haunted her dreams, who will stop at nothing to make her his.

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Chapter One

"Come on Makena, do it for me! You know you want too!" My best friend begs me over the phone, she was trying really hard to get me to call her crush and get some information out of him. She has always had such a nack for getting me to do things that'll get me in trouble with my mom. Last year we decided to sneak out when she was over spending the night one time... Needless to say we ended up getting caught. I got grounded and I never quite heard the end of it either.

"Trinity, I'm not so sure..." I say quietly back into the receiver. You see this boy, the one she's currently trying to get me to call. He's actually apart of the popular crowd, you know the ones I'm talking about. He was friends with all the boys that almost every girl in the school wanted to be with, and every boy dreamt of being. He was the type of guy who always seemed to have a different girl on his arm every other week.

I keep trying to tell her that she could do so much better, but she won't listen to me. It's like she only has eyes for him. She was constantly fantasizing about what it would be like to be his girl, always saying that if he ever gave her a chance he would never need another girl as she knew just how to treat her man, to keep him happy and satisfied.

"I promise it'll be alright Kena, we will block your number! He won't even know that it's you unless you tell him. I will tell you exactly how to do it!" She replies to my statement.

"Oh really, how?" I ask her, rolling my eyes towards my ceiling.

"All you have to do is hit *77 before you dial his number!" She says sweetly. I was feeling so out of place right now, you see I am actually the quiet, shy, go with the flow type of girl. Never would you expect me to be so bold as to do anything like this, it made my heart race just thinking about doing it.

"Trin, this guy doesn't even seem to know that you exist! Why do this to yourself?" I question her, worried about the reaction this guy might do.

"Oh, he knows I exist all right. I actually think that he might like me, you see I was walking behind him and Jesse in the hall between classes the other day heard them talking..."

"You know you really shouldn't be eavesdropping on someone else's conversations!" I reply, again rolling my eyes towards my ceiling. She always surprised me with her knowledge gaining skills sometimes. She told me once that she could read lips, but I've never really tested that claim.

"I know, I know... But anyway, Mak. They were talking about a girl that they both think is very cute!" I do the eye roll again because naturally this mystery girl must be her, right?

"Ruben told Jesse, that the girl they were talking about has been to his church a few times! Mak, I go to his church! You know this, you have come with me... I'm pretty sure that one of us is the girl they were talking about! I have to know if it's me, and no offense girl but I'm sure hoping that it is me and not you!" She says excitedly, I stare out my window trying to decide if it's a good enough risk for me to make this call for her.

"Still Trin, that girl could be anyone. Don't be getting your hopes up?"

"I know, but it's killing me! I need to know and I can't call because he's blocked my number. Please Mak, do it for me." She begs over the phone and an image of her begging at my feet went through my mind, and I let out a small chuckle.

"Okay fine, I will do it! I'll make the stupid phone call!"

"Oh yay, okay... Okay, let's do it three way! That way I can hear what he says for myself!" She exclaims excitedly.

"Okay, that might actually help me out with my nerves." I reply to her through a smile, my stomach dropping to the bottom on of my feet. My heart began to race, I silently hoped she couldn't hear it through the phone.

"Oh, no problem! I just want to hear his voice, it's so dreamy." Again I roll my eyes... This must be a record for my eye-rolling today. I put her on hold while I dial his number.

"Hello Trin, you still there?" I whisper.

"Yes, I'm going to mute myself while I listen so he can't hear me at all." She whispers back...

"Okay." We both sit silently listening to it ring, I was getting more nervous with each one.

Ring... Ring...

"Hello?" I heard his voice, and I immediately froze. His voice always gave me the chills, this wasn't Ruben... It was Jesse, Ruben's long time best friend. The bad boy of the popular crowd. "Hello, is anybody there?"

I clear my throat, trying to get up the nerve to even talk to him. "Yes, umm hi. Is Ruben home?" I did not like this guy at all, in fact, he actually scared me. He has a favorite past time of torturing girls like me. He was known as the bad boy of our school, as he was always behind some kind of prank going on somewhere. What Ruben or anyone else in their group saw in him was beyond me.

"Oh well, he actually is. Who is this?" He hissed, he didn't sound at all pleased.

"Oh well... Umm, it's Makena!" I reply to him softly.

"Well h-e-l-l-o, Makena! It's Kindell, right?" I heard the small chuckle that he made. "And why on earth would a girl like you be calling my good friend today?" He asks me sweetly.

"Well, see I was calling him to ask him a important question." I had to remind myself that Trinity was there on the line listening to everything he said. So if he got out of control she would know about it, and could help me out.

"Oh well that's just too damn bad! You are just going to have to talk to me LOVE! I'm sure I can answer the question that you have to ask." He declared sweetly.

"Oh my god, do not ever call me that!" I scoffed.

"Oh and why the hell not? It's just a nickname. Plus you should know that I'm only teasing you anyways!" He cooed at me, I swore I could hear the smile in his cocky tone.

"Fine, whatever! But come on Jesse, I need to talk to him. It's for our biology class." I lied through my teeth, hoping he'd give up on the fun he was having and put Ruben on the phone.

"Okay fine then... If you're going to be that way, here he is." I hear as he reluctantly calls out Ruben's name, then some rustling noises and then his grumbled tone.


"Oh hello Ruben, it's Makena Kindell. We have biology together! Do you know who I am?" I ask him, I knew I sounded a little too hopeful, but all well.

"Yes, of course, I know who you are." He answers.

"Okay good, Look I'm going to be honest with you. I am only calling you as a favor to one of ny best friends, because she begged me too." I say softly, aware that he probably could care less about why I was calling. I decided to get to the point, of why I was calling.

"Okay." He replies, urging me as well.

"You know Trinity West, right?" I ask.

"Yes, I know who she is." Okay I definitely heard the slightest bit of disgust in his voice as he spoke.

"Okay good. Anyways, she asked me to call you today and find out if you like her bu chance. She told me she overheard you and Jesse talking about some girl that you both liked, saying she went to your church a few times..."

"What?" He cuts me off, I shrug my shoulders and continue.

"Yeah, so I just need to know if you like her at all!" I finish, my heart beating so hard and so fast in my chest.

"Okay wow, who does she think she is? She shouldn't go around listening in on other peoples conversation's. They could be private you know." He growls out, I flinch at his tone. Glad that he couldn't see my reaction.

"Oh, I agree!" I silently hoped she wouldn't be mad at me for agreeing with him.

"I don't like that Bitch okay, tell her to leave me the hell alone! God, I am so tired of her stalking me all of the time!" I was about to tell him that I'd let her know, but heard some more rustling noises then Jesse's voice rumbles out in a low growl.

"Did she happen to hear the girl's name by chance?"

"Well no, I don't think so. I don't think I'd be pit up to this if she did now would I?" I spoke softly in reply to his growl. I won't lie here, it intimidated me.

"Well that's good then. Do not ever call here again Makena! You are not to talk to him anymore, and I mean that! Do as I tell you, or I will hunt you down and strangle you!" After he had finished talking, I hear the sound of the phone being slammed down as he hung up on me.

I silently stared down at the phone in my hand, I couldn't stop my body from trembling at the thought of him doing it. He just threatened to kill me, would he actually do it? I wondered silently. "Oh my God Mak, I am so sorry!" I heard her voice come over the phone cutting through the silence.

"Trin, why did you make me do that? That was so scary and so embarrassing!" I wept into the phone, I just couldn't stop the tears from falling down my face. I sat on the edge of the couch, with my head in my hands. It really upset me that she made me do that, she should have known it was a possibility. That something like that could happen, Jesse could be so cruel when he wanted to.

"Come on Mak, I didn't know he was going to be there! He's such a jerk! I'm so sorry, I will never ask you to do something like that again. Especially when I now know how he feels about me, I'm just so sorry." She did sound serious. I knew she was telling me the truth, I mean really how could she have really known if he was there or not? I decided that I would forgive her... Eventually.

"It's fine, I only hope that he didn't mean what he said." I sniffled at her, I was still shaking so bad. I knew I needed to change the subject, because the faster I forgot about the incident the better! "So Trin, tell me what your plans are for this weekend?"

"Oh, umm... Well I am going to be hanging out with my brother as it's his birthday on Saturday! What about you? What are your plans?" She asks sounding curious, she sounded seriously interested in my plans.

"Well to be honest, I'm thinking about hanging out with Suri, she wants to do a sleepover and stalk her handsome guy crush!" I chuckle a bit as I thought about the plans for Saturday, I was really looking forward to hanging out with my other best friend. She's a year younger then we are, and Trinity didn't like her. But every chance I could get, I'd hang out with her. Trinity often told me I could do better, that we were to good for Suri.

"Oh well that sounds like fun!" Oh yeah right, I knew better than believing that one.


"Well, I think you should do something about Jesse's threat! Maybe call the cops and file a complaint about it, so they have a record of it." She says all serious, I knew she was only trying to look out for me.

"Oh, I probably will. Better to be safe than sorry." I say as I hear a tap on my door. "Oh hang on Trin, someone is knocking at my door!" Because of what had just happened, I do something I normally don't do... I look out thr peephole before opening the door.

Gasping at the sight I saw, I quickly bolt ny door and duck whispering to Trin. "Oh my god Trin, Jesse is here!"

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