Howling out for her

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He spent centuries roaming the ends of the earth searching for his mate only to come up empty handed. The immortal man vowed to never stop searching for her, no matter how unbearable the gape in his heart began to grow. But one night he lost control...his wolf took over his human form and howled out his pain to the full moon. He wanted nothing more than to find his soulmate and centuries of cluelessly searching was slowly breaking him. His cry shook the earth, shattering kingdoms and wounding the people. His howl destroyed him, leaving him in an endless slumber that could only be broken with the touch of his mate. That was until many years later a girl clumsily roamed the forest and stumbled across a sleeping wolf.

Romance / Erotica
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The faint winds gushed through the tiny slot of the cracked door of the terrace balcony, the cold gust of air racked a new set of shivers to the girl curled up in a mountain of fluffy blankets.

On the side of her sat a worried mother setting down a bottle of used up cough syrup that she's been feeding her child for weeks. The sickness her daughter felt was completely foreign to her parents, as well as everyone in the pack. No one for miles knew what was wrong with the kid, while people searched for cures the little girl stayed at home and suffered.

This left everyone in the area frightened for the unwell child, her parents being the ones who were scared the most.

Her father sat in another room praying to the moon goddess above to save his innocent babygirl. In the same room as his father, a little boy sat in bed with tears in his eyes watching silently at the man weeping to the sky for help.

But amongst the sorrow filtrating through the pack, one person lay with a smile on her face.

The pain the little girl was feeling was damn near unbearable but even with the torture that was so immense she managed to use all her power to try to cheer up her crying mother in front of her.

With a shaky high pitched voice the little girl croaked out the familiar phrase she would ask her mom every night.

"Mama, tell me about the howling wolf." Her mother let the silent tears roll down her cheeks before clearing her throat and telling the folktale the little girl has begged to hear every night.

This story held a special place in the girls heart. Listening to the legend would hopefully take her mind off of the agony her body was going through. So with a shaky voice...the mother tried her best to animate her daughters favorite legend.

"Long ago, in the heavens above, the gods and goddesses worked together in harmony. Two goddesses were willing to work together for a creation that changed the world forever..."

"Mother Nature and the Moon Goddess decided to plant shapeshifters down on earth. The Moon Goddess came up with the idea of humans who could be gifted with a different half, the second part of their soul would be occupied by a wolf. This made them stronger than most humans and gave them the ability to hardly age." The mother clutched the small cold hand of her daughters before continuing with the story.

"But Mother Nature decided she wanted a group of people even more special than the shapeshifters. With the four elements she made hybrids who possessed the power of each element, earth, wind, air, and fire. But that wasn't all...they decided to create a ruler for all those who were created, he was half god and half werewolf. He possessed the power of all the elements while being the strongest shapeshifters known to man."

"They called him means a man who is like god."

At the mention of the oh so familiar name the little girl perked up in her bed. "He was a well loved ruler. He created peace and unity for centuries but slowly...ruling alone took a harsh toll on him. While his brothers and sisters found their mates to rule the kingdoms with them...he was left alone. So being one of the most powerful leaders came with a curse...the curse of having no mate."

The little girls heart ached for the man, she was young but she knew how important mates were to werewolf's. Without being blessed from the Moon Goddess with a soulmate you would eventually die from a broken heart. It was rare but sadly it happened to the wolves who never found their mate years after they turned 18.

"He couldn't take being alone anymore, so the man stepped down as the king and handed the throne over to the 4 hybrids. For centuries he searched the ends of the earth for his mate, he looked everywhere trying to find her. It was so exhausting for him but he vowed to never stop searching for her...he refused to give up."

"But as time went on the ache in his heart grew."

"He tried so many times to end it but being a god came with another curse...immortality."

The mothers tears came to a bay once she saw the look on her daughters face, she looked the story completely distracted her from the sickness. With the little girls eyes growing heavy from tiredness she began to wrap up the legend.

"One night, the man lost control of his wolf...he shifted for the first time in years and let out the most heartbreaking cry. He howled out to the moon for his pain and suffering wanting nothing more than to find love. But the howl was so painful...that it changed everything forever."

"His cry could be heard from all the way up to the heavens, this howl was so strong that it not only wounded him but it wounded everyone on earth...they could all feel his pain for a split second. The cry broke apart the kingdoms...and left the elements and shapeshifters to rule in diversity instead of unity."

"With one last howl the wolf collapsed and fell into a deep slumber to never be woken up again."

The mother brushed a blonde stray hair away from the little girl and trailed her finger down her chubby cheeks. The girls eyes fluttered in and out of sleep as her heartbeat began to slow...something that could be noticed miles from outside the house.

"Tell me how I can save him..." the girl whispered in a haze. The towering women above her choked up a sob before finishing the rest of the story for the little girls last breath.

"They say his wolf form rests in plain sight but no one can see him except his mate...and once his mate finds him...her touch can wake him up." So with her last bit of strength, the girl ignored the wailing of her mother and weakly brought her hand up to touch her mothers face. The women clutch the girls hands holding it closer to her cheek.

"I'll wake him up, mama...I promise." Another cold gust of air rushed into the room flowing gently towards the girl, her grip on her moms face weakened before she loosely dropped her hand entirely.

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