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Falling For My Best Friend's Brother

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Luis simply says, "Falling for your best friend's brother is wrong but I couldn't help it. Being gay in my school leads me to get bullied when my bestie or my sister isn't with me; funny part of this is I didn't like him when we first met, I actually hated him. I'm not quite sure when I stopped hating him but I guess it stopped when he saved me from getting myself killed by a boy who was bullying my best friend."

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Chapter 1

Maxxie’s brother is so good-looking. I wonder if he has a girlfriend? Damn, I remember one time; I went over to Maxxie’s house to surprise her because my family said that Jackie and I had to go with them over summer break but Jackie and I persuade our parents to let us stay home so I got to her house and that’s when I saw her brother shirtless and sweating. I could do so many things to that body of his. That six-pack of his; I could just lick them clean off his sweat. My hands running along his muscular chest over his biceps. Mmm, so delicious. Oh, he could do so many things to me, but he would never date me. The best part is my dreams may give me hope; speaking of dreams, I have a funny feeling that Maxxie is about to hit me.

I quickly snap out of my thoughts to see Maxxie’s hand heading straight for me! I don’t have time to move but Iwas saved by the one and only Harry a.k.a Maxxie’s boyfriend. My sister begins to laugh at me. This happens every time I think about Maxxie’s brother. I head to the lunch line when I see Donte; Jackie’s crush; walking by our table so I decided to embarrass her.

“Jackie isn’t that Donte, the boy you have a crush on?“, I ask with a smirk.

Jackie doesn’t say anything but she did put her head down. 1 point for me; 0 for Jackie. The lunch bell rings to tell us that it's time to go to class. Everyone at the table has the gym. I hate the gym but there are some good parts of the gym. Reasons for me not liking the gym: 1) I get pushed into the lockers because I am gay. 2) I’m a cross-dresser. Reasons for me liking the gym: 1) Maxxie’s brother. 2) all my friends.

Running to the boys’ locker room and changing quickly before any of the guys came into the room. Just as quickly as I got in, I got out and headed for the bleachers waiting for my friends to come out. Jackie is usually the first one out of the locker room but Maxxie is the first one out today. Maxxie sees me and waves while she heads to Harry and his group of friends, which is made of my bullies. Looking away from Harry’s group to see Jackie running out of the locker room.

“So, when are you going to tell your crush that you like him?“, Jackie asked with a smirk.

Before I could say anything, the queen bee and her minions show up. I will never know why they put so much makeup on for.

“Oh, look the loser has a crush.“, Angel says while looking at her minions.

“Okay; so what. Everyone has a crush on someone.“, I say calmly.

“Yeah, your right but I’m straight and your gay.“, Angel says with a smirk on her face as if she won over her point.

“So what. I’m gay and I like someone.“, I say.

“Look whoever you like it better not be Jay or Ari.“, Angel says.

I just roll my eyes before turning to face Jackie but instead, I find an empty spot. Getting up and begin to walk down the bleachers.

“Ari, you need to ask someone out for the dance that is coming up and same with you Jay.“, I hear Donte say to Ari and Jay.

Angel hears that and pushes me out of her way to get the guys. I try to catch myself but I lose my footing fast and I start falling from the bleachers. I didn’t know what to do once I was falling down from the third row from the top of the bleachers but I know was that it was going to hurt once I hit the gym floor.

“LUIS!!!!!“, Jackie, Maxxie, Harry, Jay, and Donte scream my name from the gym floor.

I close my eyes and wait for the impact of the gym floor but it never comes. My back hits muscular arms. I slowly open my eyes to meet the most beautiful eyes, I have ever seen.

“Are you alright, Luis?“, Ari asks me without looking away.

“I am now.“, I say.

I didn’t realize that I spoke out loud when I said, “Ari, you have that alluring and mysterious to your amethyst eyes.” I feel Ari’s chest move up and down as if he’s laughing. Then I hear the sexiest laugh coming from Ari. Oh, my god, his laugh almost made me cum in my PE shorts. My cheeks are burning from the blush that I have on my face.

“Ari, you’re going to catch his gayness.“, Angel screams at Ari while walking toward us.

Ari keeps his arms underneath my back and legs, and he moves back every time she comes toward us. I’ve known Ari for as long as Maxxie and me been friends while Jay and Donte, I met freshman year. Not once have I seen either one of them act this way to anyone.

“Yo, Ari! What are you doing with the gay boy?“, Lucas asks Ari.

Ari doesn’t say anything but holds me close to his body. I look up at Ari’s caramel face where his amethyst eyes show hatred for Lucas and Angel. Did I mention that Lucas is one of my bullies from Harry’s group? If I didn’t then here it is now. Lucas, Harry, and Angel along with her minions are my bullies. Maxxie only knows that Lucas and Angel along with her minions bully me but not Harry.

“Dude, you can’t catch that Fag’s gayness. Ari drops the fag and goes hug your girl.“, Lucas says to Ari.

Ari growls at Lucas. The only time Ari will growl at anyone is if they are threatening his family member or someone he likes or even the person he likes. Ari has never growled at anyone dealing with me.

“Luis, is not a fag, Lucas.“, Harry says calmly.

I wanted to yell at him for being a two-timing douchebag but I won’t say anything I want this to play out.

“Bullshit! Harry, the only reason you said that is because the head of the cheerleaders is best friends with the fag.“, Lucas says to Harry.

“Is that true, Harry?“, I hear Maxxie ask her boyfriend.

I turn my head to where I heard Maxxie’s voice to see the hurt and pain behind her eyes. She waits for Harry to answer her which I see Harry run his fingers through his hair before his face has a smirk on it. He wiggles his finger at Angel and Angel comes to him happily. My eyes go wide; Harry isn’t just a two-timing douche bag but also an asshole, a dick, every bad thing you can think of.

“Yeah, it’s true. I never liked you; I just wanted to be your boyfriend so your fag friend couldn’t say anything to you about me bullying him. Angel is my real girlfriend.“, Harry says with laughing at Maxxie and he has his arm around Angel’s waist.


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