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THIS BOOK DEALS WITH TRIGGERING SCENES. IT WOULD INCLUDE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, SELF HARM, ABUSE AND OPPRESSION. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Not everyone who looks happy are really happy!! You never know what's their true self!! Kevin Jonas, the heir of one of the most richest family. He's a famous guy in the school. He's handsome, hot and rich. What else do you need?! Every girl wants him. There was a girl who never wanted him. Yeah that's what she says!! But is that really true?! Laura Watson, a new girl in the school. She's weird. Always silent, all by herself. Never talking to anyone as if she doesn't cares about anybody. She says she's not an open book. She has a lot of secrets deep inside her. What are those secrets? What would happen when Kevin notices her?! Everything was going well until one day a guy entered their life. Aiden Mendes. A handsome and rich man. He belongs to a rich family and was born with a silver spoon. He's a successful businessman and has name everywhere in the business world. Every girl wants to be his but he wants someone special. What would happen when he meets Laura? Will he fall for her?! What would happen after the sudden entry of Aiden in their life?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: New girl.

Kevin's POV:

"Kevin, get up", I hear a familiar voice coming as someone pulls my blanket. I pull back my blanket and snuggle into it.

"Mom, just two minutes", I whine and try to sleep but she again pulls my blanket.

"Get up or you'll be late for your university", my mom says as she keeps pulling my blanket. "You're not a kid anymore, Kevin Jonas. Now get up."

"Ugh", I sit back as I stretch my arms and see my mom smiling at me. "Good morning, son", she says with a warm smile.

"Morning, mom", I greet her back. "Get ready and come down to have your breakfast", she says as she walks out of my room.

I pull out of my blanket and walk to the bathroom. I stand inside the shower and let the cold water flow down. After taking shower I quickly get ready. I wear blue tshirt with dark jeans and leather jacket with dark boots.

I walk down to the dining room to find my dad, mom, Steven, my brother and his wife, Jenna and not to forget my little nephew and niece.

Well, my brother is not my biological brother. He's my cousin but his parents who are also my father's brother and his sister in law died in an aeroplane accident. So my parents adopted him when he was just 4. He's elder than me by 10 years.

"Morning", I greet everyone as my 3 year old niece comes running towards me. I pick her up and kiss her cheek. "Good morning, sweetheart", I greet her.

"Good morning, uncle", she says while wrapping her little arms around my neck and kissing me. "Where's Noel, Cara?", I ask her when I hear small steps coming from behind and see my 3 years nephew. Yes, they both are twins.

He runs towards me and pick both of them up and ask, "How was your trip?"

"I saw Kangaroo. It had a pocket....", with that they both started telling about their trip to Australia and told about their fun.

After breakfast, I took my car and headed directly to the university.

I was just sitting in the class with my group, when Mrs. Della entered with a girl beside her. "Class, she's a new transfer student", announced then turned to the girl beside her. "Dear, introduce yourself", Mrs Della said to the girl. I couldn't see her face as she had her head bowed down that was mostly covered by her hairs.

She looked up with her eyes almost closed but she didn't show her face as she was wearing a mask. A mask?! Why's she wearing a mask at school? Is she trying to be cool? Ah! Well, if she is then she would better stay away.

Well, she's wearing a grey hoodie with a dark jeans and a pair of shoes. She didn't look so bad but with her mask, she seemed like some Mafia or secret agent.

She opened her eyes that revealed her beautiful baby blue eyes with long eyelashes. Wait!! Did I just say beautiful? Ugh! What's happening to me? I didn't even see her face yet!!

"I'll end up betraying anyone who gets close to me. You'll be sad if you're close to me...", she said in a monotone. ".... so try your best to avoid me", she continued and then walked to sit on the last bench.

She has beautiful voice. What's happening? Why am I praising her?

Everyone were hooting and screaming. "Wooo!! So scary!" I just watched her as she was really not bothered by anyone as if she didn't bother about this world. She just stared blankly to the Professor.

As the lectures got over. It was now our lunchtime. Me and my group headed out to have something not before glancing at the new girl. Oh what was her name?! Well, she didn't even tell her name.

Why do I even care about her name? Hell!! What's up with me today?

I heard someone calling me from behind, so I turned to see Anna coming to me. "Hey, babe", she said in a flirtatious tone.

"Hi!", I said in a blank tone. She was disappointed by my reaction. Well, Anna is my current girlfriend. She's in my class. Well, I'm learning business management which is too obvious as I'm the heir of Jonas Group. I'd have to help my brother in business.

"Baby, are you mad?", she asked in a sweet tone as she hung onto my arms. "Umm..... No, baby", I replied with a tight smile.

I don't know what's wrong with me?!

"Let's go have something", I said and we walked to the cafeteria. After having some food, we all were sitting outside on benches.

I saw a someone walking with a tray. It was her. The new girl. She walked and sat on the bench opposite to us. She was facing me but she didn't looked up my way. Her tray contained a glass of something, I don't know, maybe some juice or cold drink with a sandwich.

I stared at her as she looked around her surrounding. There were not much people in the here now as everyone must be in the cafeteria sitting and enjoying.

She sighed and shee slowly took her mask off and took down the hoodie cap from her head revealing her beautiful silky, smooth wavy honey brown hairs and her beautiful face. She has really pretty face with soft features. A small nose, two beautiful baby blue eyes, light complexion and a her perfect pink lips.

I took a deep breath as I took in her beauty. I never knew there would be so much beauty under those mask and hoodie. I was taken aback when someone shook my shoulder.

I look beside to see one of my friend, Ryder as he was trying to control his laughter at something someone said. I paid no attention to them but the girl in front of me.

She took a bite of sandwich then a sip of her juice or something. After two or three bites she stopped eating. Is she already full? She took her mask and wore it along with her hoodie cap.

How could she take my breath away in just one look?

And why's she hiding herself when she's so much pretty?

There's something that no one can see!!

Hey, guys! Do you like the story? This is my second book. I'm really grateful to everyone who supported my earlier book. Thank you so much guys. Hope you support my this book as well.

Well, it's just the point of view of Kevin. Well, there are more surprises and suspense that are hidden. Why was she hiding herself? What's her problem? Leave a comment below and let me know.
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