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Get married, meet, and then fall in love? Catherine Downey is a 24 year old nurse who has gotten herself into a large amount of debt when she meets a man who's family happens to have a lot of money she is made an offer that she just cannot refuse. All she has to do is be married for a year reluctantly she excepts intending on marrying a gay personal trainer but she is sadly mistaken when she ends up marrying his very straight younger brother. Rich, smart, sexy, and mysterious Beau Barrett has it all at just 27 he is the owner of a multi million dollar national conglomerate but even the rich and good looking have their secrets. When Beau's mother makes it apparent that he should marry a girl and settle down he has the perfect girl in mind.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hi welcome, if your here from my post on Wattpad, thank you. If not welcome! Let me hear your thoughts. - KBM

Chapter 1:

They say that a new year is the time to start fresh, create goals for the year to come, make those changes you wanted. In Catherine Downey’s mind it was all the same, people who made the resolution to go to the gym only went for the first month or so, people who claimed to change their attitude or perspective on life hardly lasted two minutes without having something snarky to say. So what’s the point of even trying? Nothing will ever change in the world. Just as she would never reach the finer things in life, no one else would find their goals complete.

“Cathy dear, why don’t you come celebrate with us?” One of the charge nurses had asked her, she gave a very fake half smile before declining and shoving her face back into the mounds of paperwork piling up at the nurses station. The woman mumbled something incoherent about her being so unsocial but she only brushed it off. Catherine was not only a workaholic but a very private person, she had a close friend named Beth who worked in a different department and in her mind that’s all she needed. Beth was nice to her and never judged Catherine on her closed off personality. She began to wrap up one chart on a girl of age 12 with renal failure, it was a tragedy what most of the kids in her wing went through and it was more than difficult for her to watch day in and day out the ones that didn’t make it. The code “blue” was called out for room 214 and Catherine perked up at that, she knew which room that was, it was the patients chart she had just finished. In an instant Catherine was running down the hall and skidding into the room, another nurse was already working on the girl while her parents sat crying in the corner.

“Someone get them out of here, now!” She yelled as she took over compressions, her blood pressure had spiked and the hemodialysis was no longer working. She didn’t have anyone available to donate to her so she had to wait on the list. Life is so unfair she thought as tears brimmed her eyes. The doctor arrived moments later, the monitor had been running flat for several minutes now.

“Time of death, 12:10.” He says before scribbling on her chart and walking out to inform the parents. Catherine stared at the girls lifeless body, they had been talking only an hour earlier about the last Harry Potter book she had just finished and now she was gone.

When 7AM rolled around Catherine was more than eager to get out of the hospital, this past night seemed rougher than when she first started. She pulled her sweater tighter around her as she walked the blocks toward the gym, her best chance at working out her frustrations was to literally workout, with the help of Beth she had access to one luxurious thing in life. As she pushed open the doors to the green and purple themed gym a giant gust of cleaning supplies hit her and she scrunched up her nose. Smiling politely at the woman who ran the counter in the early mornings she handed over her card to be swiped.

“Enjoy your workout Beth!” She heard before she made her way to the locker room. After stripping off her scrubs and changing into gym clothes she shoved her bag into a locker and made her way out to the treadmill for a little running. She wasn’t too familiar with the actual weight lifting equipment so she stuck to the basics.

Tyler stood at the counter with Jessica, the morning front desk staff member as he watched the blonde girl head over to the cardio section of the gym. He pulled his phone from his chubby’s and sent a quick text letting his brother know he found the girl that he had been talking about, his brother was right he thought as he watched her set a pace and begin jogging. She stared intently at the television screen in front of her, A slight frown on her face, her bright green eyes seemed a little dull today but all in all she was gorgeous. Although he preferred the same sex he couldn’t deny that a girl that perfect could make a man like him question his sexuality in a quick minute. He strode over to her and jumped on the machine next to her causing her to look up at him strangely.

She stared at the man in confusion, there are plenty of other treadmills why was this man so close? She was about to voice her question when he spoke first.

“What’s your name?” He asked flashing a very white smile, after he’d spoke she learned two things, one that even his voice was hot; as she took in his ripped muscles she had to refrain from licking her lips, and two that he was most definitely gay. It wasn’t only his voice but the pink stringer and chubby’s he had been wearing that also gave it away.

“Catherine.” She mumbled almost inaudible. She went back to watching the news and from the corner of her eye she saw that he was about to speak again.

“Look, I’d really just like-” She began but he cut her off.

“I saw you in here a few times, thought I’d introduce myself. This is my gym.” He said proudly and gave another wide grin. Panic rose in Catherine as she thought maybe he knew she was using someone else’s ID. Would she get kicked out? Could she be arrested for impersonating someone? She tried to breathe and told herself to calm down she was over reacting, he didn’t say anything about calling the police or that she was in trouble, just act cool.

“Look if you ever-” he began but before she knew it she was spilling the beans herself.

“I swear she said I could use it!” Her hand shot up to her mouth and her eyes grew the size of saucers, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“I beg your pardon?” He asked with a slight chuckle. She flushed red of embarrassment.

“N-nothing.” She assured him.

“Well anyway, if you ever want someone to train you I’d be more than happy to.” He smiled genuinely. She half smiled back and thought of a way to let him down easy, she thought he was gay but after that it was obvious he was trying to hit on her.

“Aren’t you gay?” She blurted out and again covered her mouth with her hand.

“Well yes ma’am is that a problem?” He asked with an amused look on his face. So she was right.

“No I’m so sorry sometimes my brain to mouth filter malfunctions.” She replied her face heating up more and more by the minute. She really needed to get out of this conversation, fast.

“You’re too funny Catherine.” He laughed. Somewhere in the midst of their conversation they had stopped walking on the treadmill.

“I really appreciate the offer but I just couldn’t afford a personal trainer.” She said sadly, and it was true though. She hardly was able to keep her electricity on half the time.

“I never said anything about paying, come on I’ll show you some stuff.” He pulled her along with him and began showing her some actual weight lifting exercises.

Catherine had learned two things from that morning one that she was in way worse shape than she thought and two that she had found a good friend in Tyler maybe she was wrong about the new year never being any different because hers was beginning to shape up already.

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