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His plan - chapter 10


I opened my eyes to the brown cherry wood of my desk. must have fallen asleep while waiting for my second in command to report back.

Groaning I rubbed my eyes and leaned back in my office chair. Glancing at the window to see it was getting dark out, I must have been out for a few hours. Sighing I got to my feet and left the office heading to the master bedroom.

As I walked in I noticed how empty my bed seemed, standing in the doorway I thought of how nice it would be to see my little mate curled up in bed in a little bundle or perhaps dressed in some exotic lingerie waiting for my return. I couldn't help the small shudder of pleasure that coursed through my body at the mere thought.

Snapping back to reality I shook my head and growled, I needed to control myself before I ended up going down there and dragging her to bed myself. Laying in bed on my back i continued to daydream about her, she was very small, most female she wolfs we're 5'8 or taller very rarely we're they any smaller, if I had to guess, she was only about 5'3 with long beautiful black hair small but cute pink little lips and big soft eyes. Her frame was small too with just the right curves.

I glanced down and yup, sure enough, there's a tent in my pants. Growling again I sat up on the bed, gods she didn't even have to be in the same fucking room, to get me riled up.

Staring at the silk bedding in thought about how uncomfortable it must be to sleeping in the dungeon on one of those nasty cots. Not to mention how cold it must be at night. at the thought of my precious mate being in that cell all alone I got out of bed, screw it if my beta was busy I needed to know if she told him anything, if she did I won't hesitate to go down there and bring her to my bed, she could struggle, fight me, insult me I didn't care at least she would be warm. I just want her to be on my side... She may hate my guts for a few days considering she's daughter of alpha kade but I have plenty of ways to...convince... That woman to bend over.

But if she didn't, I'm not sure what I would do with her, perhaps I would question her myself, seeing as that I'm her mate she should be more willing to speak to me.

Walking down the hall I stopped and entered my office. I leaned against my desk and mind-linked my beta to meet me here. It only took a few moments for him to come walking in.

"Alpha" he addressed me and I looked outside. It was better to speak in the alphas office, the walls would not give way to secrets so easily here.

"I want the details of what she told you, " speaking firmly, internally I hoped she was cooperative but deep down I had a feeling she didn't, she's notorious for being a witch, stubborn and stuck up, I hated women like that, I would have to teach her, her place. Dethroning her father is only the first step, next would be taking her off whatever petal stool she was on.

"I'm sorry alpha but the girl did not cooperate, do you wish for us to try again?" He stood tall and I gave him a questioning look, us? And what makes him think asking ago in would help...

I shook my head and focused on the fact she didn't cooperate. "No, it just means we have to move onto phase two."

"What would that be sir?"

I moved away from my desk and looked back at him. "I'll question her myself, if she doesn't give me the answers I want, ill dethrone her from whatever class she's put herself into, once she's on our level I'm sure I will easily be able to convince her to cooperate. " I grinned.

"After all, I am the alpha."


By morning I woke up sore, beaten, bruised, and so cold. Not only did I sleep the entire night on the stone floor, but the dungeon was nearly freezing at night, not to mention they splashed me with water so that just added onto the ice-cold temperatures. I wonder if I'll freeze to death down here first, after all, winter is coming.

I took a shakey breath, trying to prepare myself, to push myself off the ground, but everything hurt, and my back felt liken it was on fire. I cringed and quickly gave up. No, the cold won't kill me, the infection will.

I could hear the door to the basement open and my stomach dropped, they were back already? I can't take another beating. I closed my eyes and tried to steady my breathing. I just needed to remind myself it would all be over soon.

The men who entered approached my cell and unlocked the door, I was petrified and shaking uncontrollably out of fear, if I wasn't so worn out I'm sure id be crying my eyes out.

I could sense someone get close to me and I bit my tongue to keep from whimpering or making any other sounds that may entice my tormentors to hurt me more, I learned begging and crying gave them thrill and excitement, making beatings longer and much, much worse.

"I know your awake little one." The familiar voice of the alpha caused a chill to run through my body. Was it his turn to hurt me. I opened my eyes and looked up at the man, his glowing yellow irises burned into me.

"Hmm, well this is quite a horrendous state to be left in, look at you your freezing, and smell like shit." He spoke gentle and a bit disgusted. Glancing back at one of the two who beat me yesterday, he asked a question seeming genuinely unsure.

"How long has she been down here?" He was mocking and making fun of me now I could tell.

"Four days sir." The other man spoke and I avoided his gaze.

Alpha axton tsk'ed and ran one hand over his face looking back at me. "Shit."

"Well little one, I know you probably want out of here more than anything so ill make you a deal." He lowered his hand to stroke my cheek and I flinched away expecting to get hit.

He paused for a moment seeming displeased with my reaction. If he wasn't interested in hitting me before then now surely he is.

"Hm... Option one, you save yourself a lot of embarrassment and trouble by telling me the exact location of your father. Option two ill tear your previous life to shreds and make it hell."

This was a trick, he knew I would tell him I don't know, if I said so again he would become furious and beat me unconscious, it was better to stay silent and let him know that I won't fight or backtalk him, at least then punishments weren't as bad.

I kept my mouth shut and looked down at the ground showing my submission.

A low growl came from the man crouched above me and I started to shake more. Before squeezing my eyes shut.

"So that's how it is." He spoke quietly.

I braced myself for his attack. He leaned over and flipped me over onto my back, I nearly cried out in pain and was about to move back to my former position of laying on my side but I was hauled off the ground and thrown over his shoulder, I yelped out of shock and pain from his shoulder digging into my side where I have a broken rib. I didn't dare speak or protest of fear he might get angrier at me. I bit back my whimpers of pain and climbed to the back of his shirt as he walked out the cell and up the stairs.

"Alpha?" The other man asked unsure.

"Hold my calls and take care of business for the rest of the morning chase." I gulped hoping whatever he planned to do would be quick.

"Yes alpha." Chase nodded and walked away.

We started to ascend the stairs up to the second floor, and my nerves started to go haywire, what was he going to do? Throw me off the roof? I looked down the hall towards where he was headed and paled.

He was going straight for the master bedroom.

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