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Her pain- chapter 11


Forgetting about whatever pain I was experiencing, I began to panic. No way, there's no way this was happening, I began breathing more rapidly and struggled to push myself away from him, or preferably out of his arms. This was the worst possible scenario and the worse possible position I could be in. What should I do?!

Axton seemed to only ignore my struggles and let out a low growl that made me tense up in fear.

I'm not strong enough to do anything, to stop him.

I squeezed my eyes shut as tears started to freely flow down my cheeks, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of my cries or screams. That's all I could do... I've never felt so hopeless and more vulnerable than I do now. I covered my mouth with my hand to hold back a sob. This was really happening. This is my breaking point, I had hoped to at least die without being defiled by some greedy man, yet alpha axton is about to crush any hope I had left.

As he got to the end of the hallway he opened the door to his room and shut it locking me inside with him.

He walked over his bed and I let loose a sob. As soon as the sound left my mouth he dropped me on the bedding roughly causing a yelp to slip past my lips.

"Knock it off with the hissy fit princess its not the end of the world." He looked down at me with a scrutinizing look and crossed his arms.

Carefully lifting my head I sat up from the position I had been thrown down onto the bed in and looked him in the eye. There was a strange mixture of emotions swirling in his eyes.

"Hmph." He took a step closer and reached his hand towards me, on instinct I flinched away and turned my head away so he wouldn't hit me in the face.

But after flinching away, I could hear a low rumble from him, nearly a growl. "Stop being stubborn." He spoke lowly sounding a bit angry.

I looked back at him and he stood back up, looking me over. I felt a bit embarrassed and disgusted by how repulsive I must look and smell and I could see it in his eyes that he indeed thought I seemed repulsive.

"Strip." He demanded and my heart skipped a beat ad I looked at him in fear.

"What? I said STRIP. undress toss away your clothes, then get in the bathroom, " he jabbed his a thumb in the direction of the master bathroom. "And clean off. Don't think about running because I'm going to be waiting right here."

He walked around to the side of the bed, behind me and laid down with his hands behind his head. Closing his eyes he relaxed and got comfortable.

It took a minute to register exactly what he had ordered. Was he not going to take me? Or was he just waiting until I was cleaned off before he decided to rutt.

"I gave you an order princess."

I gulped and shakily stood up ignoring the pain of my battered body. And supporting myself with one of the bedposts. There's no point in upsetting him more.

I shuffled over to the bathroom and went inside. Locking the door behind me. Carefully going over to the bathtub I turned on the water to a comfortable warm temperature. I sighed at how nice it felt, being out of the cold cell. But it was hard to enjoy anything, I was absolutely terrified...

Now for the hard part. I began removing my clothes, My shirt came off, then my pants, leaving me in my undergarments and bandages.

Looking at the mirror I took in a sharp breath. I looked like I hadn't slept in weeks. My arms and legs were heavily bruised with a few minor scratches, my fractured ankle was swollen and throbbed as well as my torso and backside. Sitting on the side of the tub, I carefully removed the bandages to see even more bruising, nearly black from my broken rib, And my back... Red, bloody, and inflamed most likely from infection.

I held back a sob at how terrible I looked, I'm not sure why but there was an ache in my heart, just from knowing I was like this because of not only my father but because of axton too. For some reason, him being the cause of my pain made it so much worse. I moved off the side of the tub and sat on the floor resting my head against the side of it.

Once I'm cleaned off axton no doubt would probably drag me out of the bathroom, throw me on the bed and do what he wants. Maybe killing me if he's harsh enough.

I watched the water flow out of the faucet and smiled, why? I'm not sure, maybe because my life was so messed up, or maybe because I've lost my mind and hit my breaking point. After 19 years this is how my story ends. I suppose he was right, no one's going to care about me because I'm worthless.

I sat there for a moment blankly watching the water. Once it got full I reached over and stopped it.

I put my arm in the water to feel it's relaxing warmth, possibly the only good thing I've had in the past week, I wouldn't mind drowning in this warmth, literally.

A knock on the door startled me and I flinched, pulling my hand away from the warmth.

"You better be getting cleaned off." Axton's threat made me nervous and I don't realize I stoped breathing until I heard his footsteps walking away.

I glanced back at the water then at my reflection, there was no way I could possibly get into the tub.

Instead, I grabbed a towel and dipped it in the water before carefully washing my body off with it, I had to avoid my ribcage, ankle, and back, it hurt too much to rub the towel over them, my back was already infected no doubt so there wasn't much point to clean it without anything to kill the infection.

Once I was finished I attempted to clean my hair the best I could but only got as far as rinsing it.

I wasn't completely better but it was the best I could do. Looking around I saw a robe hanging nearby. I would have gathered something less exposing but it didn't matter, nothing mattered anymore.

Taking the robe I slipped it on. Draining the tub, I watched the dirty water run down the drain until was empty. I didn't want to think about what was about to happen next, once I left this room. I rested my head on the side of the tub again, feeling exhausted and tired, I'm so tired. I fought to keep my eyes open, but it felt so good to let them close as I drifted off into the darkness.


I hated it when she had struggled in my arms when she that's where she belongs, and I hated it when she flinched away from my touch, I could see tears and fear in her eyes. The tears most likely fake, or pity party tears, same with her fear, she's only scared that she's going to lose whatever power she had over the pack.

It did unnerve me to see her like that but I can't let her continue to be a spoiled shelf, she needed to learn, it was interesting to see how horrified she looked when I told her to strip, I'm sure she's in the bathroom embarrassed that she was given such an order.

Sighing I wondered what the whole limping to the bathroom was about, did she think id take pity on her and give her what she wants? Mate or not I'm not going to tiptoe around and proceed to do her bidding, she will learn her place is not above me but beside me.

After waiting a few moments I knocked on the door, to make sure she was doing what she was told, she needed that bath bad. I didn't mean to leave her downstairs for three days, I just got so caught up in establishing the pack, and I was so angry to find out she was made daughter that I didn't want to think about her.

Well she can think of it as punishment and it was a good way to lower her self empowerment, embarrassing her by leaving her down there like a prisoner shouldn't have hurt her, just made it clear she's no longer in power.

Sitting back down on the bed I waited for her to finish, about 20 minutes later I became impatient, she had been in there for over 40 minutes, how long does it take to clean off?!

I went over to the bathroom door and tried twisting the doorknob. Surprise surprise, it's locked. I rolled my eyes, why we're locks even a thing in werewolf communities it's not like they would stop any wolf from entering.

"Open the door princess," I spoke, not really in the mood for her spoiled behavior.

No response.

Was she giving me the silent treatment? "Open the door or I'm coming in naked or not." The thought of her being indecent almost made me want to just bust the door off its frame. Again no response. I sighed, so be it.

I cracked the doorknob off and opened the door, to my surprise she was leaning against the tub fast asleep.

She was wrapped in a soft grey robe that covered most of her body. Sighing I went over and picked her up bridal style and carried her to bed. I smiled at little, enjoying how small and cute she was and enjoying having her in my arms.

Laying her in my bed I covered her in the blanket and went over to the opposite side, before getting comfortable myself. I noticed her ankle looked red and swollen, I bit my lip, did she somehow twist it when she was running from me?... I sighed and looked at her face, there was definitely a bruise on her cheek as well...the sight of both the injuries bothered me but she looked peaceful in her sleep, I would have to deal with them later, I didn't want to wake her...

I kept my distance for tonight so she could sleep peacefully, tomorrow we start getting her into shape to become a proper luna.

Closing my eyes and yawning I turned away and fell asleep.

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