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His mistake - chapter 12


I woke up with an ache in my chest and to the scent of blood. Growling I sat up and held my chest cringing in pain. What the hell was happening to me? Glancing over at the girl beside me she was still asleep facing away from me, I sniffed the air and the scent of blood was still there, I snarled in irritation, the scent of blood has been lingering in the packhouse for days, after taking the girl out of the basement he ordered for the damn place to be scrubbed clean to get rid of the smell but it was still there.

Getting out of bed I walked over to the bathroom and looked around, I noticed a towel covered in grime, dirt, and blood. Growling I went back into the room. She didn't even properly bathe no wonder the smell of blood was still lingering she needs a good hour-long soak in the tub.

I crawled back into the bed and looked at her, something seemed off I turned her over onto her back and noticed she had labored breathing and was breaking out into a sweat. Something was very wrong.

"Hey! Wake up princess, what's wrong?!"

She only groaned in response and my chest ached more. "Dammit don't tell me you got sick from being downstairs!" I put my arm behind her back and under her knees lifting her up and carrying her out.

I mind linked my beta. 'Get the packs doctor here, now!!' Took her downstairs and noticed my arm was felt wet and warm. I stopped and set her down on the couch. Looking at my arm I noticed blood.

My stomach dropped as I looked at her, the back of her robe now soaked in blood. "Princess?..." My hand was shaking as I removed the robe to see the bloody bandages and her bruised stomach sank at the sight. "How did this happen..."

My beta, Simon rushed into the packhouse followed by the doctor. He seemed confused at first then once he noticed the state the girl was in, he stiffened.

The doctor rushed over to us and began digging through his bag of medical supplies, he quickly started to cut off the bandages and once they were off I only saw red, her back was shredded by what was either a whip or claws, her skin so badly damaged you couldn't see anything but the mangled, shredded flesh. I froze in place at the sight, sick to my stomach and horrified.

The doctor looked over the damage and spoke clearly as he rushed to try and clean the wound. "It's infected, ill give her sedatives and do my best to keep her alive, I'm not sure how it got this way these wounds look days old she should have healed by now yet they are still open, " he paused not sure what else to say, nothing made sense even if she was whipped with silver it should have only taken her 3 days to recover. But I couldn't understand anything he was saying, my mind was a blurr and my chest ached as though I was being repeatedly stabbed through the heart.

He injected her with a sedative and I lost it, my eyes changed to slits and my fangs and claws came out. i couldn't stop myself... I won't allow anyone else to touch or hurt her!

I tackled the doctor to the ground and raised my claws to cut out his throat. Something barreled into me knocking me over and off the man. I quickly recovered snarling at my beta.

"Alpha you're losing it! You need to get yourself under control! " he was crouched in front of me eye-level ready to attack just as I was. He looked nervous, almost like he was guilty of something...I could only see red though. And I was almost sure of it, he was responsible, responsible for her pain!

I lunged tackling him in a flurry of claws and punches we wrestled each other. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the other man get close to my mate. A snarl was ripped from me as he checked her heart rate. I darted towards him, I won't let anyone touch her!

A wolf stopped me jumping in my way and I snarled at him. My the man who had stopped me before jumped on my back shouting incoherent words, I wasn't sure if he was speaking to me or the two new threats that just entered the room, either way, I didn't care, id kill them all if they get in my way!! I transformed into the black beast I was buck in to get the man off me, but as he let go the two who just came in tackled me biting down on my shoulder and hind leg in an attempt to restrain me.

They were all going to die! I won't let anyone hurt her! Sinking my fangs into the one closest to my jaws I snapped his leg with a crunch and he yelped out in pain. The one who jumped on me shifted and bit onto the back of my neck causing me to release the broken legged wolf.

I thrashed and clawed at each of them who came at me, grabbing one of them I violently threw him out the window, just as another tackled me through the wall, I could only see red. I shook off what dust had gotten into my fur and stood up, now there were six different wolves in my way. How dare They separate me from my mate?! I didn't care how many I had to tear through, how many I had to kill, I will protect her!

Without another second to spare I ran at them head-on. If they died it would not be my fault, the moment they stepped In my way, they became my prey.

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