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His Rage - chapter 13

The smell of blood covered the area, I don't know who's blood exactly but I didn't care there was only one scent among them that I cared about, my mates, and I could smell her blood, that's why I was fighting that's why there's blood on my fangs and my claws, it's why I could taste the blood in my mouth. All my senses were at their highest point, I could see sharper than ever, and pick up on the movement of those around me.

A snarl was all I would give them, a snarl and injuries if they decided to get in my way, which they did, they ignored my warnings and in return, they pay with blood.

Three of them were already down for the count, due to broken bones that I caused, what do they expect except injury and death? They dared to get in the way and separate me from my mate! She was hurt! I could smell it, and nothing would stop me from killing those responsible for her pain! They chose to die the moment they touched her and now the fools before me dared to separate me from her!

She is mine! I will not allow her more injury, I will not allow her to feel any more pain, and I will not let them stop me!

I bared my fangs at the four wolves standing in my way, I don't care if I had to tear through every single one of them in order to save my mate!

"Alpha please try to calm yourself! You're being irrational!" One of the wolves spoke to me and I only growled in his direction. He was the one who stopped me before. He stopped me from tearing the man who dared to touch my injured mate, to shreds! And something told me he was one of the ones who hurt her.

My hair stood on end and my lips curled back in a snarl. He will pay.

I lunged at the grey wolf and those around me jumped in to stop me, but I will not be taken down! A younger brown wolf bit into my hind leg as another tan wolf bit into my opposite shoulder. The grey wolf ran at me in an attempt to bite into my neck so they could subdue me, but I was having none of that.

Grabbing the hind leg of the one who took hold of my shoulder I effortlessly threw him into the grey wolf knocking them both back a short distance, the young wolf who held onto my back realized I was going for him next and quickly let go to avoid my teeth but I grabbed him by the back of his neck before he could pull away, and he let out a yelp. An older red wolf barreled into my side making me drop the youngster and land on my side.

Snarling I jumped back to my feet and charged at him, both of us getting into a bloody dogfight with teeth and claws, I bit into his side when he went for my shoulder and ripped a large gash into him, he only let out a growl and attempted to scratch me with his paw. The grey wolf came up behind me jumping onto my back and attaching himself to the back of my neck.

Kicking the red wolf back I struggled to shake the grey one off, the tan wolf from before ran back into the fight biting onto one of my back legs. As I continued to snap at the red and grey wolf.


Running over to the packhouse I came upon a bloody battle, several wolves were fighting it out against the alpha who was going ballistic, when I heard the beta call for the closest warriors in the area to come to the packhouse I knew something was wrong but this is insane!

Looking around I could see there were three wolves already down for the count with broken legs and one even had a chunk of flesh torn from his body.

I watched at the alpha grabbed onto his beta and threw him into a tree. They were trying their damned best to stop him but he was much bigger and much stronger. If this kept up much longer he would kill everyone.

I could hear a whimper come from the packhouse and turned back to see one of the walls was blasted through, but inside I saw the pack doctor tending to a badly injured evony.

Running over I kneeled beside the doctor as he treated her wounds injecting her with something to ease her pain, only now she wasn't just suffering from a bloody whipping, her body looked bruised and beaten, she also seemed sick, very sick. I put my hand on her head and could feel she was burning up.

The doctor looked up at me and spoke first answering my suspicions. "She's suffering from an infection, it seems pretty severe as well do you know this girl?"

I grit my teeth hating the alpha, he hurt her, I knew she was in danger and I couldn't do anything about it, now she was in even more danger. "Yes..."

"Can you tell me how she got these injures or how long she's had them?" He asked as he began to give her antibiotics and clean the wound.

"A few days, little over a week, she was tied to a post and whipped by the previous alpha." He nodded and got out a needle and wire to sew what he could of her deeper wounds.

"And do you know why she hasn't healed at all? Or how this wound was allowed to get infected."

I shook my head and held her hand and she struggled to breath." last time I saw her I helped her clean the wounds and bandage them, that was the day before your lot arrived the wounds were fresh she was supposed to be resting to let them heal but if I had to guess, she was treated roughly and the wounds kept tearing open."

He looked up at me for a moment probably wondering the answer to his other question.

The snarls of the alpha outside made us both look to see two more wolves were down and the beta was injured, limping on one paw and a large gash across one of his eyes.

"Why is he out of control?" I asked. The doctor paused looking at the alpha then looking at ebony.

"My guess is because of this girl, he nearly attacked me when I went to help her." He continued to work quickly, trying to seal her wounds and stabilize her before the alpha came after us. But seeing how the fight was going, there's no way he would have enough time.

I ran up the stairs to the alphas office and looked for the one item that could stop him, it had to be somewhere.

When I finally found it in a cupboard I smiled, grabbing the rifle and box of ammo. I dug around in the box until I found a tranquilizer dart, specially made for werewolves with liquid wolfsbane inside of it, the only problem was there was only one left, in order for it to take down the alphabet needed a clear shot of his neck which was hard when he was fighting like a maniac.

Running back downstairs I loaded the shot into the gun and kneeled down in front of the hole in the wall.


Two more left to take down, my body was buzzing with adrenaline and I knew I had a few wounds but they were nothing of concern. Those who attacked me got it much worse, the tan and grey wolf were the only two left standing and they were already nearly taken care of. They both were out of breath and hurt yet still were trying to stop me. I growled lowly and walked towards them they were in my way.

The grey ones one good eye clouded over as he communicated with someone. I took the chance and ran at him, he snapped out of it and jumped away avoiding my jaws as they snapped at the air. But instead of doing what I expected, he went for my shoulder biting into it leaving himself exposed. Growling I went for his neck but seconds before my teeth sank into his fur a loud crack of thunder sounded through the air and something hit me in the neck.

I shook him off and turned towards the direction of the sound. A boy stood there holding a rifle aimed at me. Baring my teeth I ran at him, but my vision became blurry, my run turned to a sloppy jog in seconds before I stopped completely, everything was spinning, shaking my head to try and get my myself to focus, I started to feel weak, and tired. I looked past the boy, and at the one thing, I was fighting for before I collapsed on the ground and fell into darkness. 'Mate'

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