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Banishment - chapter 14


My head hurt, the voices around me were slowly becoming recognizable. Where was I? Why did it feel like I was hit in the head? and my body was sore. I tried focusing on the voices.

"Why would he lose control all of a sudden?"

"Perhaps the girl is possible-"

"No! Don't you dare even suggest such a thing, he hates kade and his daughter, they tore away everything from him! She's nothing but a pest."

"But the evidence is right there I could see it in his eyes when he looked at her! He attacked me just for touching the girl!"

"It's not possible..."

"Perhaps he is still trying to accept the truth"

"if that's true he wouldnt have told me to interrogate her! I-i fucking had them... Did we tear open those wounds on her back?! Why didn't she heal!? She shouldn't be dying! She's a wolf isn't she?! He'll kill me if she's his mate!"

"That's not something I have the answer too..."

Mate? My... Mate? My mate, where... Where is she?! She's hurt! I need my mate! My eyes snapped open and I shot up but was pulled back by chains, a snarl was ripped from my throat as I looked down at the chains around my wrists and waste, keeping me against the wall.

I growled and thrashed to get free, I needed to get free she was in danger, she's hurt!

"Shit he's awake!" I snapped my head in the direction of the voices to see my beta Simon and the pack doctor.

I bared my teeth in their direction. "Release me." I grit my teeth.

"Alpha I'm not sure that's a good idea, you lost control and injured 5 of your own men."

"Where is she!" I snarled and tried to lunge at him, my eyes now slit.

"The girl is ok she's resting now she's still badly injured but is stable the wounds got infected so she's still recovering-"

"RELEASE ME!" I commanded enforcing my dominance they both fell to their knees.

"Y-yes alpha." The doctor stuttered and came over And uncuffed my wrists while I gave a death glare to my beta, he hurt her and he would pay for it dearly, but first, he needed her, need to be by her and have her in his arms. Once the restraints were off I shot up and rushed up the stairs snarling at anyone in my way. I followed her scent up to one of the bedrooms and broke open the door.

What I saw nearly tore me in two, she was asleep in bed with an iv in her arm, she was pale with black marks under her eyes and bruises on her arms, she was peacefully asleep in the bed. Next to her was the boy from before I shook my head and could partially remember him shooting me.

He got to his feet and stood between me and the bed. I growled as my eyes turned to gold but he didn't dare back down.

"Move." I stared him down and puffed up his cheat refusing to back down.

"No, I won't let you touch her." I snarled in response, my fangs and claws extending.

"She's mine!" I took a step closer, this pup was getting on my nerves if he doesn't back down I won't hesitate to teach him his place.

"If she's yours then why the hell is she bedridden from infection and beaten to a pulp!?" He growled back and I lunged.

I tackled him to the floor and he bared his fangs, punching me in the jaw. I barely flinched and grabbed him by the neck. "Get out." I let my dominance radiate off of me as a command, I didn't want to hurt the pup but he was on my nerves.

Letting him go I stood up and stepped back holding my head high and clenching my hands into fists.

He only glared back at me with anger in his eyes, I understood he blamed me, I blamed myself as well, more than he knows. Getting to his feet he kept his eyes on me as he left the room.

I made my way over to the side of the bed, sitting in the chair next to my sleeping mate.

Reaching out, I took her hand in mine and started to gain control over myself again, the fog in my head slowly starting to lift. Sighing I closed my eyes to relax.

I listened to my mate's steady heartbeat calming my nerves I know I lost control, but I couldn't help it, it's hard for anyone to see their mate on the brink of death and not snap. Opening my eyes I looked up at her pale face, had I paid closer attention she wouldn't be like this, she's sick and hurt and it's all my fault.

Leaning over I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand. Her skin was hot to the touch. How did this happen? I should have seen the signs, she was not spoiled she was shy, she was not disgusted she was fearful, and she wasn't repulsed by our touch, she was in pain.

Gritting my teeth and clenching my hand into a tight fist I thought about how she reacted and how I treated her, why didn't she say something? I would have taken care of her, she should know that I'm her mate, her alpha, she belongs to me just as I belong to her. Does she hate me because of her father? Whatever the reason I needed to fix this and gain her trust, she needs to understand my loyalty.

My thoughts were interrupted by Simon walking in the door.

Gripping my mates hand tightly I held back the growl in my throat.

"Alpha, if I may ask-"

"There's nothing to ask, you already know the answer. She is mine, she is my mate."

He was silent for a moment mulling over my words. Releasing her hand I stood from my chair holding my anger the best I can.

"Why is she like this..." I looked over to him and he stiffened.

"Alpha, I did not cause the wounds on her back."

"But you did harm her!" I snarled as my anger began to surface.

"I only did as you had instructed, you requested I get information from her so I assumed that you meant to-"

Before he could finish I grabbed him by the neck and pinned him against the wall. "I did no tell you to harm her! I told you to ask a simple question!" I was seconds from digging my fangs into his neck and ripping out his throat. "You've disobeyed my orders! You know the rules! You attacked an innocent female!"

"I'm sorry, I was mistaken, I had no idea." He swallowed hard.

Throwing him out the door I snarled. "Leave, Leave and never, Come back."

He groaned and looked up with his one good eye, the other gouged out yesterday by my own fangs. "You're hereby banished from pack territory."

Shock quickly took over his features before it turned to anger, I snarled back at him his response was cowering in fear before getting to his feet and leaving.

Turning back to my mate I crawled into the bed next to her wrapping my arm around her waist I pulled her closer to me being much gentler and careful of her injuries.

Sighing I buried my face in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent calming my enraged nerves.

"your safe now."

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