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Her awakening - chapter 15

3 weeks later...

Everything was dark, I couldn't see anything, it felt as though I was floating in an abyss, my body felt light and I couldn't seem to open my eyes. Where am I?

How did I get here? What happened before I became like this? Am I dead? Was this the afterlife? It feels like im stuck in some kind of limbo.

I stayed like that for a while, I was waiting for something to change but the darkness was all there was.

Before I gave up hope, I finally felt something, like I was being held down by something I started to panic slightly but soon realized how warm it felt, it was the first bit of comfort I've had in a long time, I didn't try to resist or figure out where the warmth came from, I just wanted it to stay with me forever, it made me feel at peace.

I'm not sure how long I stayed within the comfort and warmth but to my dismay, it slipped away from me leaving me back in the cold empty darkness alone. This happened many times during my isolation I would be alone at times but the warmth came and went randomly keeping me sane while I was stuck in this limbo, each time it went away, I was left longing for it to come back, and it always did. Sometimes it was light and I could only feel a small amount of the warmth on my hand, other times it embraced my body. I'm not sure what it is but im happy im not completely alone here.

The warmth was cradling me a while ago but just left again, im sure it hasn't been long but I already miss it. Perhaps there's a way for me to summon it? Or maybe get it to come back. I focused on trying to do something, anything if I could just move then maybe I could go after it. It's all I have left, and if it leaves for good im sure I might lose my mind. I started to get feeling back in my arms and legs as if my body had been asleep and was in the process of waking.

Shortly after I could hear things, distant voices and sounds, they were too jumbled and quiet for me to understand but im sure im making progress. Would I be able to find the source of the warmth that held me and comforted me before? I have to try.

Soon I was able to feel my body, it felt heavy and something was laying over me while I rested on what felt like a soft cloud, it was silky and the scent coming from it was like one wood and spices I wanted to bathe I the scent. Slowly I moved my fingers, it was only a twitch at first but I was able to grip onto my silky bed. Bed? Was I in bed? I attempted to move more, I managed to move my legs then my head burying my face into what I assumed was a pillow. I inhaled more of the pine scent before slowly opening my eyes.

My vision was blurry and it took a moment to focus my vision, I was indeed laying in bed, but It wasn't my own, who's bed is it? Looking past the bedsheets I also noticed this was not my room. The decor consisted of greys, blacks, and whites.

I tested my arms and legs to see if I could move properly, sure enough, I could move but I felt stiff and I nearly groaned at how good it felt to stretch. Looking at my arm I noticed there was an iv needle in it. Carefully I removed the needle. My body felt heavy now that I had my feeling back, but something else seemed off. Carefully I sat up into a sitting position and looked at myself. I was naked.

I still didn't understand where I was or how I got here, I felt weak and my body still felt stiff. There was something else missing that I couldn't quite figure out.

Instinctively I reached my hand around my side to touch my back. Wait, my back. I felt around my backside more and looked over my shoulder slightly, I could see pink scars that were healing over. My injuries are gone? How long have I been asleep?

Looking to my side I could see a window to the outside with some light coming through the drawn curtains. I'm at the packhouse. But why am I in this room? Who's room is this? How am I not dead? A lock of my long black hair gel over my shoulder and I glanced back down at my body. I dont understand what's going on.

The click of the door being opened behind me grabbed my attention and I felt a sudden chill down my spine as dread filled my entire being.

Careful I glanced back towards the door.

Alpha axton was standing in the doorway staring at me in disbelief.

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