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A Friend - chapter 16

Absolute terror was the first thing I felt when I saw him. But there was something else I couldn't describe, a foreign feeling that was new to me, it left a tingling sensation in my stomach and only grew stronger as I looked at him. His hair was a wild mess and he was shirtless, only wearing a pair of shorts. I could tell his appearance was the cause of this strange feeling but I have no idea why? It's common for male werewolves to walk around with no shirt so why was he affecting me?

Shaking the thoughts and strange feeling aside I focused on what was happening. Was this... His room? A sense of dread filled me as I pulled the sheets up to cover myself despite having my back turned on him.

I remember clearly now, he had dragged me to his room before and made me wash off, he had planned to rutt with me afterward but I must have passed out in the bathroom. I'm bare naked now, did he... My thoughts left a sickening feeling in my stomach. It can't be. Why else would I be naked in his bed?!

I covered my mouth and didn't even notice I started to shake as tears fell down my cheeks, this can't be happening.

He walked over and approached me when I noticed him reaching for me I panicked. Letting out a short shrill scream and jumping out of the bed on the opposite side from him I ran for the door to get away, but he was quick, he rushed over and blocked my path guarding the door.

"Evony!" He said my name, but I couldn't think straight, I backed up against the wall and sank to the floor sobbing and pulling my legs to my chest. Why me? Why was this always happening to me?

He rushed towards me and I flinched squeezing my eyes shut, I expected him to grab me or hit me, but instead, he kneeled down to my level and put his hand on my head. I cried more I wouldn't dare open my eyes and look at him.

He trailed his hand down gently to the side of my face and placed his other hand on my other cheek lifting my head.

"Why are you crying?" He sounded hurt and a bit distressed. When I opened my eyes he was looking at me with worry. Curse him, how dare he act innocent he's just like my father, he plays nicely then once im convinced and do something that displeases him, he hurts me again.

I smacked his hands away from my face in a short bit of retaliation and he went from worried to surprised. I still held onto the anger within glaring at him.

"You, you...." I wanted to speak my mind, to curse him and show him how much rage I had pent up because of him but the word died in my throat as I thought about what things he was still capable of doing to me, im powerless against him if be chose to use me again, and I had just shaped at his hands, I had just rebelled against him, giving him all the more reason to hurt me.

I started to tremble again and my hate-filled glare turned back into a terror-filled expression.

He watched me seeming confused, I felt vulnerable and exposed to him, not just from the fact I was naked but his eyes always seemed to bore into my very being as if he was searching for something. But what more could he take from me?

He reached for me again but hesitated when I flinched. He stood up and walked over to his closet pulling one of his t-shirts out and handing it to me. I quickly grabbed the garment and slipped it on, ignoring the stiffness of my muscles and how weak I felt.

I hugged myself while staying pressed up against the wall, he merely watched me with an unreadable expression, but after a moment his face softens and he pets my head running his hand through my hair. I closed my eyes and held my breath waiting for him to stop and roughly grab me by the hair before dragging me back downstairs. He removed his hand from my hair and leaned closer to put one arm under my legs and one behind my back to pick me up.

I panicked and struggled against him kicking him back with what little strength I had, I managed to take him by surprise and he fell back on his ass. I took the chance to run past him and ran out of the bedroom door. I could hear him growl as I ran through the hall and down the stairs to the first floor, I noticed a few of his packs warriors lounging around in the kitchen. I ran for the front door but one blocked my path looking down at me.

I stopped and backed away as three others got up from their seats in the kitchen and walked towards me.

I felt myself walk backward into something warm before hands grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around so I was facing the one I walked into, he wrapped his arms around me and pressed me flush against his chest before growling at the men who were in the kitchen.

"Leave her alone! You are scaring her." At the familiar voice, I looked up to see it was Ethan. Relief flooded over me as I hugged him and hid my face in his shirt. He shushed me and walked me into the living room sitting us down on one of the couches. I relaxed some keeping my hold on his shirt and he mumbled quietly to me.

"It's ok, your safe no one's going to touch you." He avoided touching my back and just held me close to him. After I calmed down some I pulled back to look up at him.

He smiled and pat my head. "There you go. They didn't mean to scare you, alpha just doesn't want you leaving the house yet." At the mention of axtons title, my small body began to shake again as more tears rolled down my cheeks. He pulled me against him again so I could hide my face in his shoulder.

"Hey, hey what's wrong? Evony your shaking like a leaf..." He spoke softly patting my head.

"He... Defiled me!" My voice broke as sobs racked my entire being and Ethan went stiff stopping his comforting.

After a moment he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back so he could look at me. "Evony, what makes you think that?" I wiped the tears from my face and tried to get a hold on myself.

"I woke up naked in his bed! I don't know how long I've been asleep but all I remember is him dragging me upstairs before he made me clean off, I think he was going to... But I passed out, that's all I remember!" I choked back another sob as tears rolled down my face. Ethan looked as if he was ready to go tear out the alpha's throat. He turned his head to the door as axton walked in and snarled at the alpha.

He pulled me against him when he noticed me start to shake even more in the alpha's presence. Both their eyes fogged over and it seemed like they were having heated words with each other, by the scowl on axtons face. After a few moments both their anger died down as their argument ended and they came back to reality. The alpha glanced at me and I turned away. He hesitated before growling and leaving the room.

Ethan turned his attention back to me and pat my head again. "It's ok, your fine, the alpha didn't defile you." I looked at Ethan confused. "He... " he sighed as if unsure what to say. "The alpha is hot-headed and doesn't always think things through before he does it but he would never rape someone, especially you, he went on a rampage when he found out how badly injured you were, and he refused to let the doctor take you to the medical wing you were recovering in his room, as for why you were naked, it was easier to monitor and clean your wounds that way, he took the bandages off a few days ago to let your skin breath and hasn't really bothered dressing you since..."

I listened to him closely but I only become more confused. Why would he enrage over my health? He's the reason it got so bad.

"The alpha isn't as bad as he seems he just fucked up, he promised not to hurt you again. In truth, evony... He's your-" Ethan was cut off when his eyes fogged over again, I watched him confused, he's my what? His lips pressed into a thin line obviously angry about whatever conversation he was now having with someone.

He closed his eyes and let out a low growl that had me flinch away. When he noticed his face softened up a bit but he also looked at me with pity. "He won't hurt you again ok?" I looked away no longer crying I wanted to believe that, but I just couldn't.

"How long have I been out?" I spoke softly and he sighed. "About three weeks, it was pretty bad, you got really sick from the infection and with how weak you were before it took a heavy toll on your body."

Looking at my arms I noticed just how thin I really was, I hadn't eaten for days before I fell unconscious, they must have been tube feeding me while I was asleep. "Are you sure he didn't do anything to me while I slept?" My hands started to shake and he grabbed them. Looking up into his eyes I could see he was confident in his words. "Just trust me ok?" I nodded and looked back down. I pulled away from him and hugged my knees as I sat next to him.

"Hey, I promise things are going to get better ok?" He attempted to reassure me as I tried to get my nerves under control but I was completely terrified, for me, it felt like it was just yesterday that I was bruised and beaten downstairs waiting for my life to end. I jumped a little when someone walked into the room. "There you are aren't you coming to train-" the woman stopped when she saw me and she furrowed her brows.

"Ah, Leiah sorry I had something I had to take care of, this is-" he was cut off as she spoke while giving me an unimpressed look. "I'm aware who this is, she's none other than kades blood am I right." I could see some anger in her eyes, all I could do was lower my head and scoot back closer to Ethan.

"Leiah that's enough! She has nothing to do with kade, she wouldn't hurt a fly!" She scoffed and crossed her arms. "I thought she was in a coma," I spoke quietly avoiding her gaze. "I just woke up..."

"She's scared enough as is Leiah, she's been through a lot so if you wouldn't mind giving her a break!" Ethan growled and she sighed. "Sorry just have a deep hatred for, her father he killed my mother's sister..."

I nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry..." She bit at her bottom lip before coming over and sitting in one of the chairs. "It's fine I know you are not responsible for his actions."

Ethan seemed a bit more relieved by leiahs willingness to let her hatred for me go. "Evony this is Leiah one of the strongest warriors of the alphas pack." I looked up at her surprised and she seemed to sit up straighter proud of her position. She had long dark brown hair and green eyes, she was also very tall and had a well-toned body.

"You're a female warrior?" I asked a bit intrigued by the she-wolf, my father refused to allow any females in our pack to fight.

"Only the best in the region I've trained with the alpha for years, he taught me everything I know and in return I teach the rest of the pack how to be strong and how to survive. Our alpha takes pride in the strength of his pack members and it's rare for him to take anyone under his wing, such as your friend here." She motioned toward Ethan. I looked back at him surprised but he didn't seem all too happy about it.

As a child, he always wanted to become the strongest member of the pack he wanted to be a warrior, so much so that he even tried to defend me against my father once, which resulted in a nasty wound and the loss of his sense of smell. I smiled a little know that his dream would be coming true but my smile wavered when I realized just what that meant, he would be training with the alpha, he would work for the alpha. What if he was given orders to harm me? Would he do it?

I turned away looking at the ground. Both Leiah and Ethan looked at each other confused. He put his hand on my shoulder to try and comfort me. "You ok?" No. I was never ok, and I never will be.

I gave him a small smile. "Yeah im fine, im glad you're finally getting what you wanted. You deserve it. " he looked at me unsure for a moment probably not believing my words.

"Well if we aren't going to train let's go get some food! I'm famished!" Leiah spoke standing to her feet. Ethan looked at her and sighed. "Can't, alpha doesn't want her leaving the house." I looked away disappointed, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hungry.

She chuckled and walked up flicking ethans nose. "Just because he gave orders doesn't mean we always have to follow them!" She then turned to me smiling and I watched her shocked, was she out of her mind? No one would dare disobey my father's orders, it was considered treason! Wouldn't she get in trouble if axton found out?

"Hmm, though if we are going to go out you can't go looking like that sweetheart." I looked down at myself remembering I only wore an oversized button-up white dress shirt, I didn't even have a bra or underwear on. Blushing I hugged myself at the embarrassment.

"Come on let's go get you dressed!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet before pulling me upstairs. Ethan followed behind with a scowl. "Leiah I don't think this is a good idea." She pushed me into one of the bedrooms and looked back at Ethan. "No men allowed sorry!" Then she shut the door in his face.

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