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Just two girls - chapter 17

I watched Leiah slam the door in ethans face and it made me jump a little. Was this really what I've come to? Flinching and jumping at loud sounds and quick moments? I suppose this is what PTSD is like and I have it bad. Looking around the room I saw a few personal items of Leiah's she had a few clothes thrown about and some accessories on her dresser, such as jewelry and hairpins.

Walking over to them I inspected the bracelets and earrings, I've never had personal items like these before only the necessities I've always wondered what it was like to dress up all fancy and elegant, I'd see a few pack members with expensive-looking jewelry, they would brag and talk about it, sometimes even going as far as praising their mates saying their mates gave It to them as a gift. Would mine do the same? Would he give me gifts or presents to make me look pretty? I smiled slightly at the thought as I ran my fingers over the cold metal of a bracelet.

Who am I kidding? I can't pull off an elegant look with jewelry, I look pathetic to most she-wolves and who would want me as a mate beside power-hungry males trying to get alpha from my father or perverts.

I sighed and looked back at Leiah who was digging through her closet. She pulled out some shorts and a tank top before going past me and looking through her dresser.

"These might not fit perfectly so you'll just have to bear with me ok?" She glanced at me and I looked at the cloths confused, she was letting me use her clothes? Well, I guess we didn't have much choice.

As she got out a pair of underwear she looked and me and decided none of her bras would fit, her chest was massive compared to mine.

"Alright take that off and let's see how this will look on you!" She smiled brightly and I gulped. I slowly peeled off the shirt facing away from her a bit embarrassed to be naked in front of her, it may be common to strip when you transform but I haven't really stripped in front of anyone before.

Glancing back at her I saw her staring at my backside and the scars that covered me. My vision went to the floor ashamed of how horrible I must look.

"That must have hurt..." She spoke softly before handing me the cloths. I didn't reply, what can I say to that? Oh yeah, I passed out in the process or yeah it nearly killed me and put me in a three-week coma?

I slipped on the underwear and then the shorts. As she watched with a sad look on her face. Before I could put the tank top on she stopped me.

"Let's get a different top... I don't think you'd enjoy people staring at you..." I only nodded a bit surprised that someone from axtons pack was being considerate?

She went back into the closet looking for something else as I sat on the edge of her bed looking at her choice in furnishings.

She had a shelf full of different items, some books, a cup of pens, a bobblehead of some strange man, and some weird pebble-like object connected to a switch with a wire. It was pink in color. I glanced at the closet seeing she was still distracted. I got up and walked over to the shelf looking at a few of the items, she had a knife sitting on a display case as well, it looked like some kind of heirloom. I picked up the strange pebble object, not sure what it was, it was made of a soft material like silicone and the wire was about a foot long, what on earth was this possibly for? It's not as if it can be plugged into a socket. I looked at the switch on the opposite end of the wire and flipped it on. I jumped when I felt the pebble side start to vibrate. Weird.

"Aha! This should work!" At the sound of her voice, I jumped and quickly placed the object back before stepping away from the shelf and covering my chest.

She came out with a simple grey hoodie, with a strange logo on the back of it, at least it would cover my scars. She handed me the hoodie and I slipped it on. She smiled and pat my head. "You look so cute in my oversized clothes!"

I blushed at the comment and looked to the floor. After a moment her smile dropped into a frown. "Who did that to you?" Confused I glanced back up at her.

"Your back, all those scars... That isn't something you get from a fight, that's torture." She confused me, why did she care who hurt me? The only person who's ever shown sympathy for me was Ethan, and I've known him for years, ever since I was a pup, yet I just met Leiah and she acts as if she cares.

Sighing I responded avoiding her gaze. "I suppose I caused it, I upset the alpha and he served my punishment." Leiah only watched me fidget, I didn't like being stared at, it made me uncomfortable.

She grabbed my hand, drawing my attention, she gave a small smile before pulling me over to the door to the hallway. When she opened it I saw Ethan anxiously standing outside with a scowl. But he became a bit more relaxed when he saw is come out. "Let's go to the diner, aunt Mei makes the best food around!" Leah said cheerfully.

Ethan seemed anxious and unsure, and I was a bit nervous myself, my body was also starting to feel a bit strained from all this running around, but I didn't dare tell Leiah no, what if she snapped at me or told axton I disobeyed? I gulped and nodded as she leads us out of the packhouse.

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