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Possessiveness - chapter 18


I cringed and had to let my eyes adjust to the sunlight, I hadn't been out in weeks and even before that I had been locked up, no doubt I was as pale as a ghost to anyone who saw me.

Looking around I noticed the pack was thriving, everyone was out doing their daily chores and both axtons pack members and my own were getting along normally if anything it seemed as though everyone was much more happier and lively, there were children running about freely and people chatting. It was strange seeing people so carefree before you would rarely see anyone outside, much less converse with each other, they were even starting to build new cabins it's amazing how things can change when your not around, with my father gone, the pack is recovering from years of neglect and cruelty. Wouldn't it be better if I just disappeared as well?

I watched longingly as one child was playing with their mother and father, I wonder if things would have been different if she never died.

Ethan must have seen the distant look in my eyes since he came up and put his hand on my shoulder snapping me out of my thoughts. I gave him a small reassuring smile that I was ok but it didnt last long, he knew better, his childhood wasn't all great either, though his parents loved him dearly and raised him the best they could, his father was often busy being the beta and when he turned 13 his mother became deathly sick and died. After that his father became cruel and distant, me and Ethan became friends which my father disliked, and whatever my father disagreed on, ethans father hated. He was loyal to my father and dedicated his life to him, why? I have no clue and neither did Ethan, after his mother's death their relationship broke apart.

I never wanted to be so selfish and drag Ethan into my problems but he was always stubborn and stuck his nose places it shouldn't be, the first time he found my father beating me was the time he got hurt and lost his sense of smell, after that he just supported me the best he could. I mean honestly, who could deny the alpha?

We walked in silence through the village, Ethan seemed annoyed and Leiah was excited. A few pack members would glance and stare at me, most I didnt recognize so I doubt they knew who I was or why a stranger was strolling around within. Their pack and others gave me hateful glares. I can't blame them, im nothing more than their enemy's daughter, and a rouge... I nearly faltered as I realized I no longer was a part of the pack, I was now an outsider, a rabid dog. I don't belong here.

Unconsciously I pulled the hoodie over my head to avoid looking at anyone. We came up to a larger log building with a big glass window at the front and smoke coming from the chimney on the roof. I inhaled the scent of barbeque and my mouth began to water as my stomach churned. We walked into the retro-looking dinner and sat down at a booth near the window.

An older lady with an old dirty apron on came over with a note pad and some menus. "Well look who it is, haven't seen you for two weeks Ethan where have you been hmm?" She spoke and Ethan glanced at me scratching his head.

"I was caught up with training." She glanced over at me and her brows furrowed. "And who might this young lady be? Oh my darling you're as thin as a toothpick and pale as a ghost!"

I curled in on myself slightly not sure how to respond to that, luckily Ethan seemed to be my saving grace today. He cleared his throat before speaking quiet enough so other people in the dinner wouldn't hear. "Auntie, this is evony... Kades daughter, the one I've told you about..." At the mention of my name, her eyes widened in shock before she looked at me with pity. "I see, we'll darling I've heard quite a bit about you, and despite what everyone else in this pack thinks of you, your always welcome to come here and eat, or if you ever need someone to talk to my ears are open, and my mouth is shut!"

I only smiled lightly at her friendliness and nodded. Leiah leaned forward onto the table not even bothering to look at the menu. "I would like the classic please!"

Ethan glanced over the menu once before setting it down and ordering him as well. "Make that two classics." He yawned and leaned back.

I looked over the menu at all the delicious looking foods, the descriptions alone had my mouth watering but I couldn't choose anything. I carefully closed the menu setting it down. "I'll just take water..." All three of them looked at me both surprised and confused.

"Darling, aren't you going to order something to eat? You look like you need it..." Sheepishly I avoided their gazes and pulled my knees up to my chest.

"I don't have any money..." At the mention of money aunt Mei just started laughing. "Sweety you don't need to pay a dime, you can have whatever you want and eat here whenever you want for free, so just tell me what your craving!" She smiled warmly and I just stared confused.

"I don't have to pay? Why?" It didnt make sense out of all the people I was the one who didnt has to pay for my food?

Aunt Mei opened her mouth to respond but Ethan interrupted her. "Aunt Mei is just really considerate evony, so just order whatever you'd like. Leiah seemed just as confused as me on the subject but didnt say anything.

I looked at the menu again agonizingly trying to decide what to have, I hadn't had real food in forever. Making my decision I handed her the menu. "I'll have a rack of ribs please." Slipping the order onto her notepad she smiled and nodded.

"Sit tight and ill have the food right out for ya!" She walked away and went through a swinging door into the kitchen. Leiah placed both her arms on the table proving her head up. "Sooo, evony tell me about yourself!"

I looked at her confused and tilted my head slightly. "I don't understand the question." She laughed before putting one arm down tapping the table with her finger. "I mean what kind of things do you like, do you have any hobbies? Maybe any crushes?" She winked and I could see Ethan roll his eyes before crossing his arms and mumbling. "Just wait till you find out the truth..."

I thought about it for a moment, I've never had a crush before, and I don't even know what it's like to "like" someone, besides that I rarely was allowed outside and I had nearly nothing in the way of personal items so the only thing that came to mind was...

"I like meat?" Both Ethan and Leiah looked at me for a moment before Leiah snorted and began to laugh.

"That's not what I meant by what do you like, besides im pretty sure all of our kind likes meat!" I blushed at the realization, of course, we all like meat we are all werewolves.

"She isn't exactly used to socializing, our previous alpha didnt like her talking to anyone much less going out..." Ethan spoke sounding annoyed by the fact.

"I knew he had was an ass but that's just cruel, werewolves are social creatures we need interaction with others or else we'd go insane. Was he trying to completely destroy her?!" Leiah seemed pissed off by the thought of it, I just silently sulked thinking about all the ways my father mistreated me.

"I can't say he wasn't, he drove the pack into a pit of sorrow, if you didnt come around hunters or rouges would have destroyed us," Leah growled, causing me to flinch and sink back further into my corner of the booth.

Our conversation was interrupted when aunt mai came back to use with our food, she set down ethans and leiahs plates that seemed to be loaded cheeseburgers with fries when she handed me my plate, I could only stare at it in awe, the smell of BBQ assaulted my senses and I could feel my fangs start to itch as I held myself back from ripping into the meat. Ethan gave me a sideways glance and smiled before picking up his meal and starting to eat. I did the same, pulling off a single rib and enjoying the sweet juicy flavors, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever tasted, it quite literally tasted like heaven to me I groaned in pleasure and finished off the first piece in seconds before going in for another. Leiah scarfed down her own food and sat back. "I told you guys, aunt, Mei makes the best food!"

I smiled and cleaned off the barbecue from each of my fingers savoring it, I never thought I would enjoy eating so much. It was relaxing to be out of the packhouse and quite fun to hang out with Leiah. She seemed like the polar opposite of me, so outgoing and happy, she even seemed willing to speak her mind freely without any trouble at all. I suppose this wasn't the worst day of my life. Halfway through my meal, Ethan was finished with his food and Leiah was snacking on her fries talking about different things, such as ethans training schedule and something about an upcoming party in the next week or something. Ethan was arguing with her about a certain move they had been working on, while he thought it was better the allow an attacker to strike first in order to catch them off guard, Leiah thought it was better to strike first, in order to get their opponent before they get you. I listened to them bicker as I took my time enjoying my meal.

Somewhere in the conversation, Leiah made a good point about something leaving no more room for Ethan to argue about it, so instead he crossed his arms over his chest and pouted like a child. Leiah laughed and made fun of him because of it, while I just enjoyed being there.

I went to reach for another rib when Ethan's posture went rigid and he cursed. "Shit." Both me and Leiah looked outside the window to see what the problem was when I saw axton walking towards the diner shirtless and pissed off, I went pale. My hand started to shake and Ethan grabbed my arm to get my attention and calm me down.

Leiah didnt seem phased by it and merely leaned back, putting her feet up on the table. "What's he pissed off about?"

Axton walked in through the diner's front door and bee-lined straight for us. I cowered behind Ethan when he came up to our table and growled. "I thought I gave specific orders that she is not allowed to leave the house" he spoke through gritted teeth, then glared back at him and Leiah spoke up.

"You did but I decided otherwise, besides the poor girl was hungry." She inspected her nails not seeming to care that she was speaking to the alpha. Axton's attention snapped to her and he let out a low growl. "I gave an order, you should follow it."

She glanced up at him not seeming impressed. "We just went out for lunch no harm done I don't see what the big deal is, it's not like she's hurting anyone by being here!" He growled more balling his hands into fists.

He turned his attention back to me and I quickly looked away avoiding his gaze. "Evony, we are leaving, Now." I gulped and started to shake, why did I leave the house, now he was going to punish me.

"What's your deal?!" Leiah stood up from her seat challenging him, axton merely snarled at her and used his dominance to make her back down. Reluctantly Leiah cursed under her breath and sat down. He turned back to me. "Evony."

Swallowing hard I moved out of the booth keeping my head down. He grabbed my wrist and walked us out of the diner, I glanced back at Leiah and Ethan hoping one of them would help me but Ethan only looked away ashamed and Leiah cursed growling at axton. "Prick."

We went outside and axton continued to pull me by the arm, my body was struggling to support me and I kept tripping over my own feet. He stopped to look down at me and I was shaking from the strain. I kept my head down as a sign of submission, I didnt want him to get even angrier. He cursed under his breath and let go of my arm before scooping me up and carrying me bridal style. He mumbled something under his breath saying I shouldn't even be out of bed. I blushed and held onto him as he carried me back to the packhouse.

He took me inside and back to his room before setting me down on his bed. As he started to walk away I spoke quietly. "I'm sorry..." He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me. He stood there for a moment before walking back towards me. I looked up as he approached and my heart rate started to spike. He leaned in and brushed his thumb over the corner of my mouth, wiping away a bit of barbeque sauce. He stuck his finger into his own mouth to lick the sauce off and closed his eyes seeming to enjoy it before opening them again and staring into my own eyes with a look I couldn't describe. I was frozen in place as he held me captivated. Slowly he pulled away standing up straight and looking down at me. My heart was beating rapidly as I tried to understand what just happend.

"Next time you don't leave without me."

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