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Evony- chapter 2


I was running through the forest, as fast as I could in my human form but I could hear the sound of heavy footfalls close behind, he was close.

He enjoyed this, I could tell every time he would jump in front of me to make me change directions, herding me into a dead end. He was faster, stronger and much bigger, he knew this that's why he enjoyed this chase so much. As he jumped in front of me again all I could see was his snarling mouth full of blade like teeth and his black bottomless eyes.

I stopped and gasped before quickly running another direction. Soon my feet started to kick up snow and the air got chillier. I could feel him snap his teeth behind me making me run faster.

I turned the corner around a rock formation and came face to face with a cliff looming high above, a dead end. I could see the full moon above looking down upon me. The moon goddess was a cruel one.

I collapsed to my knees and could feel something warm running down my back. I looked at myself to see the snow under me was turning red, and that there was blood running down my arm. Hesitantly I reached up to touch the area between my neck and shoulder, my hand came back completely covered in blood.

The wolf that was chasing me stopped a few feet away blocking the only way out. His lips were pulled back in an angry snarl and I could only watch as he slowly stepped closer.

When he was a mere few feet away I tried to scoot back but my back only came in contact with a hard stone wall.

I looked into his eyes and only saw one thing as he watched me. Pure hatred.

He lept at me and a silent scream left my throat moments before I woke up in a cold sweat.

I quickly looked around me to see I was laying in bed in my room, and there was sunlight pouring in through the window.

I've had that dream so many times yet I'm still terrified of how it ends. Is that my fate? To have my mate tear into my neck and chase me down out of enjoyment before killing me?

I trembled at the thought. I need to stop thinking about it.

I got out of bed and quickly got dressed. A knock at my door made me jump slightly, I was still shaken up over the dream, but once Ethan's voice spoke up I relaxed some.

"Evony, are you up yet?"

I stepped over to the door after slipping on a simple grey sweater and some jeans.

He glanced down at me showing the size difference, I was a mere 5ft whereas he was 5ft 11in, he had hazel colored eyes and short dark brown hair, he was cute and often attracted attention from other females in the pack but he didn't just have the looks, he was stronger than most in my pack, he was the betas son and my protector he was next in line to take the position of beta just like I was next in line for alpha, not that I would ever be one.

"Oh your up! Good, are you hungry?"

I turned around and slipped on my boots. Before brushing my hair.

"No." my answer was short and simple. Despite Ethan being the only one who's ever allowed to be near me, I've tried to keep my distance from him, my father hates it when I'm around others, and sometimes gets annoyed when Ethan gets too friendly with me. I enjoy having him around because it's better than being alone, but I don't want my father replacing him with someone else, I don't get along well with others and Ethan's really nice despite everything.

I turned back to see him awkwardly fidgeting at my door. I sighed and walked back over to him, it was hard even for me to give him the cold shoulder.

"Can...can we just go to the cabin?" I asked quietly while avoiding his gaze, and he just simply smiled.

"Of course."

He headed down the stairs and I quickly followed, I could feel some excitement building up within me but as soon as we reached the lounge area my excitement died instantly.

My father was standing talking to a strange man. The moment he saw us his stare turned into a glare. Both I and Ethan quickly tried to avoid his gaze and hurry out the door. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side today because he called out my name.

I stopped at the door and Ethan looked at me worried then back at my father and the man who was now both watching me.

I glanced up at them and saw the stranger had dirty blonde hair and golden colored eyes, I could see his eyes darken as he looked me up and down, I hated that look it filled me with disgust and shame.

"Yes alpha?" I responded quietly.

"Come greet our guest, Kai."

For a moment I could feel the strain through the pack link, it wasn't a request, it was an order.

I walked over to both of them with my head down respectfully. Ethan took a step to follow but my father sent him a quick glare.

"Ethan you may leave." Another order.

"Of course my alpha. I'll wait for you outside Evony." Ethan gave me a sorry look and walked out. It wasn't his fault, no one could refuse a alphas order.

"Evony, this is Kai the son of beta Jackson from the yellow stone pack. He came here eager to meet you."

I nodded and glanced at my father I knew what was going on, he wanted to set me up and send me away to another pack, he didn't want me to take over this pack he wanted to stay alpha until the day he died of old age, he just had to get rid of me and what better way than to give me away to some wolf from another pack.

Kai smiled and took my hand, kissing the top of it. "So nice to finally meet you Evony." I pulled my hand away nervously I didn't like him, not in the slightest.

"Nice to meet you too..." I looked away from them and I could tell my father didn't approve of the act.

"Evony, why don't you go show our guest around the pack, I will tell Ethan you are busy and he is dismissed for the day."

I looked at him surprised and he only glared back challenging me to talk back. I nodded and lead Kai outside.

I showed Kai around the village and could feel eyes on me from the other pack members, I often found it better to just avoid acknowledging them and continued on. I could tell Kai wasn't at all interested in the village and his sole attention was on me. I felt anxiety creeping up my spine and some dread.

We arrived at the pack doctors office and I decided to show him inside, the place was empty because the pack doctor was away for the day attending to a sick pup.

I felt a little relieved that this was the last stop of the tour and hoped I could still recover what remained of my day after we went back to the packhouse, but my relief quickly died when Kai came up behind me.

"You know your quite beautiful" he spoke with a low growl and I quickly pulled away and backed up away from him.

He simply chuckled and strided closer to me as I continued to back up but I quickly was closed in and stopped by a wall.

He grabbed me by my shoulders pushing me against the wall and started kissing my neck.

Repulsed I pushed him back." Stop!"

He seemed a little surprised but quickly got back his confidence. "Feisty aren't you?" He came at me again and this time his hands grabbed at my sweater trying to pull it off.

I struggled to push him back but he was much stronger than he looked and I couldn't get him to budge. "Stop! Get off me!"

I was starting to panic more and more how stupid could I be bringing him somewhere secluded where no one else was. No one would hear me or be able to stop him.

As soon as I heard the tearing sound from my cloths I grabbed whatever was closest to me off the medical tray and stabbed him in the arm with it.

He yelled out in pain and backed off holding his shoulder where a pair of scissors were now embedded.

"You fucking bitch!" He snarled and stepped closer and on instinct I kicked him in the crotch and ran out of the office.

I knew that it hurt like hell but I didn't dare stop, I ran out of the building and back to the packhouse frantic.

I looked back to see if he was by chance following me only to run into someone.

"Whoa Evony, what's wrong?! What happened?" Ethan grabbed me by my shoulders and looked me over.

I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes and I hugged him hiding my face.

"Evony what..."

"Please I just need to get away from here, away from the pack!."

He nodded and lead me away to the gardens behind the packhouse. I know my father will be furious once he finds out what happened and I don't dare to show my face right now.

Ethan and I sat under the old oak tree and I hugged my knees to my chest, I was disgusted and couldn't get rid of the uneasy feeling I had.

He didn't question me and only comforted me by staying close, I could feel his worry and I was worried too, I wasn't afraid that I might have to face Kai again or that he would envoke his wrath upon my pack, I was afraid of something much worse.

I was afraid to face my father.

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