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Fear and confusion - chapter 20

Note: so I've noticed how crazy popular my story has gotten so far and I just wanted to let y'all know I freakin love your feedback and would probably hug each and every one of you to death if I could, your all amazing fans and it's really pushed me to write more! I can also say expect some more werewolf stories in the future. If you guys would be interested, I know I probably sound like a broken record player by now but please go read my other stories, if those get some love then ill be sure to work on them a bit more! Ps, they are all fantasy romance with some kind of human species relationships! I love you all! Also if you haven't already follow me for more information on all the stories including alphas pet! And feel free to comment or review!


Everything was dark, dark and cold. There was no light and it felt as though I was in some kind of iron prison. My hands were bound behind my back and I was stuck kneeling on the cold floor. Something was wrapped tightly around my head covering my eyes, I was blindfolded and bound in another hell.

Where am I and how did I get here? No one was around as far as I could tell, it was all just black silence. I attempted to try and pull free from my bindings or stand but my wrists were chained to the ground. The sound of approaching footsteps made me stop, and I listened closely as they came closer. They stopped merely a few feet in front of me. I tried not to panic, my breathing was already uneven and my heart hammered against my chest.

The man before me chuckled darkly before taking slowly paced steps around me. At the sound of his familiar voice, I froze. No, no, no! How?! How did he? I couldn't breathe much less move, I was paralyzed by fear as he came up behind me and ran his hand over the top of my head. "F-father?" My voice was weak and ended with a whimper as I began to shake uncontrollably.

His dark tone of voice seemed to echo off the walls as he spoke. "Did you think you could escape your fate?, did you think I was gone for good, that your life would change? You're no different from your foolish mother. How ignorant!"

He grabbed me roughly by the hair lifting me somewhat off the ground as I squealed. It hurt.

"Your nothing but trash, not even worthy of the title wolf, you will die by my hand or live the rest of your life in perdition." He ripped off my blindfold as his voice changed at the last word. I opened my eyes to see something, no someone else I feared, it wasn't my father standing above me it was axton.

He was standing there holding my head back with one hand, grinning as the color drained from my face. Within a blink of an eye he raised his other hand, claws extended and sliced them across my throat.

Jolting awake I screamed and sat up in my bed, shaking uncontrollably with a cold sweat and erratic heartbeat. The bedroom door slammed open making me jump, and my head looked up to see axton standing there as he had just run a marathon. Did I wake him? Was he angry? I started to shake more as my breathing became harder. He swiftly came over to me and sat on the bed before pulling me into his lap despite my attempt to scoot away from the man. He held me tightly against him and asked what happend in a hushed voice.

I inhaled his scent of spices and pine, relaxing some in his arms. Closing my eyes I accepted the comfort he was offering despite not knowing why he was doing it. "Evony, are you ok?" I couldn't respond my voice felt lost to me so I only nodded. "Was it a nightmare?" He started to run his fingers through my hair and instinctively in a panic I pushed away from him trying to get out of his lap, I didnt want him to grab me by the hair like he did in my dream. He looked surprised at first but grabbed my shoulders to stop me. "Evony!"

His stern tone of voice made me freeze, he was staring me down but I refused to look at him, I was afraid to look. "Your safe here." He whispered almost sounding hurt. I refused the temptation to look and instead inspected the rug. He sat there silently watching me as I regained control over my nerves. "We need to talk." I gulped at the change in his tone, he wasn't happy.

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye to see he was looking at me sternly. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me crossing his arms. He seemed conflicted about something.

I kept my gaze downward to avoid his looks. He turned and walked three feet away looking out the window into the night sky.

"I'm setting up some ground rules." With his back turned on me I watched him closely, he was so tense. "Once you're brought into the pack you will be confined here. For the first few weeks your not allowed to leave this house without me or my permission." I already didnt like where this was going.

"Your to acknowledge me as your alpha, which means no disobedience, you will do as I say and only call me alpha in public, behind closed doors you are free to call me whatever you please, just don't push me, I have a short temper. You will do my bidding when with me, if you are left alone your free to do what you wish, with supervision, starting tomorrow Ethan, Leiah, or one of my gammas will be escorting you, your not to be left alone, understood? " he looked back at me and seemed surprised by the fact I was giving him a hate-filled glare. I wasn't even aware of how or when my anger started to rise. He took quick strides over to me and my determination faltered. Using one hand he tilted my head up to look him in the eyes. "If you disobey I will not harm you, but you will be punished." His voice sounded husky and it caused the tingling sensation to return within my stomach.

"To all others, you are considered my pet do I make myself clear?" Swallowing hard I nodded. "Good." Releasing me he quickly went around to the other side of the bed and laid back sitting up against the headboard. I watched him closely.

"Come." He spoke looking back at me. Reluctantly I crawled over to him to lay down but he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me over to him so I was straddling him. I was too surprised to even resist. He touched my face gently looking closely at every detail, from my eyes to my lips. I could feel the slightest rumble come from his chest. What was he doing? After a moment of staring at my lips, his eyes went back to mine and I started to feel strange. I didnt understand half these new feelings, were they good or bad? And how was he doing it? He tilted his head to the side exposing his neck, and I could feel my fangs start to itch as I stared at him.

"You need to taste my blood and become part of the pack evony." The way he said my name made me shudder. But I looked back into his eyes unsure, was he crazy? For me to bit him on his shoulder so close to his neck?! That was something intimate! In most cases when an alpha invites someone into his pack they take blood from his hand, not their neck! He must have noticed my hesitation because he started to release his dominance pheromones, his eyes started to glow as he watched me closely. I easily crumbled under his power and leaned forward, trying to speak my mind but words wouldn't come out. I swallowed hard before biting into his shoulder lightly, just enough to draw a small amount of blood. Retracting my fangs from him I licked some of the blood, feeling the bond as I was accepted into the pack. He groaned at my simple. Action and I could feel his breath fan over my own exposed neck. I tried to pull away but he was faster, putting one arm behind my back and one behind my head so I was trapped. My head was on his shoulder, and I was unable to do anything, resisting was impossible because of his dominance over me, and I could practically hear my heartbeat in my ears.

His face came closer to my neck as I was frozen in place, I could feel his hot breath on my skin before his lips brushed against the point between my neck and shoulder. He inhaled my scent and i could hear the deep rumble come from his chest as he trailed his lips softly and oh so agonizingly slow, up my neck to my ear. I was gripping onto the bed sheets with both hands on either side of him trying to keep my head straight but the tingling sensation in my stomach was overwhelming my senses.

He started to leave small light kisses along the skin of my neck and it felt like I might faint from the sensations. I let out a small whimper and he paused before nipping at a sensitive point on my neck. I could feel his fangs brush up against my skin, and I broke out of my trance harshly pushing away from him. He let me go easily with a satisfied, smug smirk on his face. I sat there in shock and total disarray, with one hand over the spot he had nipped. He leaned back with his hands behind his head. I couldn't take it anymore, the look he was giving me was creating a storm of emotions within my body. I jumped off the bed and rushed over to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like I came out of an asylum for the insane. I leaned over the counter and splashed some water onto my face to keep my cool. As I dried my face off with a towel I noticed a dark spot on my neck.

The bastard left a hickey.

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