Alpha's pet

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Not part of the pack - chapter 21


In the early morning, I woke up alone. The other side of my bed where evony should have been was empty. Sitting up I looked around the room, I smell her still. Getting out of bed I walked over to the couch sitting in front of the dead fireplace. She was curled up with a pillow and blanket on the couch sleeping peacefully, the sight made me weak to my knees, she was beautiful, kneeling down closer to her I reached out and trailed my hand across the side of her face with a small smile. She must have been angry with me last night after being accepted into the pack I left my own little mark on her. I had nearly bit into her neck and claimed her then and there, it was almost impossible to hold myself back, I had to do something, in the end, I left a hickey and played it off as a tease I've never seen a woman run so fast to get away from me.

I'm fine with the anger she displays, it's better than the misery and sadness, I would rather be on the receiving end of her anger than have to watch her cower away from me. I hurt her, it may have been unintended but im still responsible for it, she didnt deserve the pain. She can hate me all she wants, but I will keep her safe, no matter what, she deserves the freedom to live her life, declaring her as my "pet" was the best way for me to keep her safe and under my protection, while she had her freedom, it was all just for appearances.

I'm aware of what her father is capable of, I hated him before, after what he did to my family but the sick bastard did this to his daughter as well? If I ever see him again, which I will, he will be begging for Evony's mercy then for death. I plan to hunt him down. Once he's taken care of, then evony will be given the truth, and whatever she chooses to do I will accept. I will allow her to give me punishment, and if she wishes to never see me again...

Staring off blankly I noticed my claws were tearing holes into the new furniture. For now, I needed to make a statement, people wanted answers and I had to give it to them in a form of a lie if I was going to succeed I needed to play it off that evony is

Looking at her gentle face one last time I hoped deep down she would forgive me.

I stood up and went over to my closet changing into better clothes, I shouldn't need to shift today so walking around in nothing but shorts was less than ideal.

Coming out of the closet I cleared my throat and stood over evony with my arms crossed. Let her be angry, her rage just gives me hope, hope that she can recover, and hope that she is not broken.

She stirred awake as I came back out, yawning with a stretch. my eyes grazed over her body if things weren't so bad id probably be making more advances towards her.

She rubbed her eyes and looked over towards me. "Glad you're awake." Walking over to her I sat on the opposite end of the couch while she nervously watched me.

"I have to announce your new role to my pack members in order to dispute a few... Rumors. Afterward, we will make our way to the nearby town and get you some proper attire. For now, just put on the shorts from yesterday." I spoke and glanced at her to make sure she was listening. Without saying a word she stood up and grabbed her borrowed shorts. from the corner of my eye over the back of the couch, I watched her bend over to step into her clothes, giving me a clear view of her black underwear.

Quickly averting my gaze I cursed myself inwardly. 'Control must keep control over myself.' I sighed as she came back over.

I mind linked the entire pack. 'Anyone who is not busy or formally related to the subject come to the front of the pack, I will be regarding the situation of the former alpha's daughter being welcomed into our pack and recent events.'

Opening my eyes I noticed evony nervously fidgeting in front of me. I wanted nothing more than to tell her how beautiful she looks, how strong she truly is and how much I truly loved her. But if I treat her as a mate in front of others, people would find out the truth and her father would come for her. Behind closed doors, I gave her permission to do what she wishes but I still needed to give her some orders, the more she believes her role the more others will as well.

I sighed and stood up holding out my hand to her. "Let's go." Leading her out of the room. Once this was all over ill spend my life treating her the way she's meant to be, she will be nothing less than a Queen to both me and anyone who see's her, but until then im going to hate every second of this.

We made our way down the stairs and out the front door. Half the pack was waiting outside including Leiah and Ethan who stood a distance aways giving me deaths glare, I understood his fury, he thought deeply for evony, she was much like a little sister to him.

Clearing my throat I faced everyone before me. "As you may have noticed last night, I greeted a new member into the pack. Evony of winter moon, daughter of former alpha kade." At the simple mention of kades' name, half the crowd started to growl. "I understand that she is the daughter of our enemy, but I can assure you she has no other relation to him, in fact, she has probably suffered the most by his hand." I looked back to see her nervously hiding behind me away from view with her eyes cast down.

"I have seen with my own eyes how made has treated her, and I am well aware of the rumors about her. So I have made the decision to allow her into our pack, under the conditions that she stays by my side and listens to my orders. She is now considered my own pet, of sorts. But she is no less than a subordinate in this pack and will be treated the same as any other." Leiah let out a loud snarl from the crowd, she had grown some sort of bond to evony and has, in turn, become very protective of her.

I stared down the she-wolf in order to assert my dominance and keep her from lashing out in front of the entire crowd. "I'd also like to address the other matters at hand, a few weeks ago I lost control over myself injuring a few of my warriors, as for the reasons behind that, i-" I was cut off as one of the warriors in the crowd spoke up.

"Alpha, you mentioned you welcomed the girl into the pack last night correct?" I looked at him confused.

"That is correct..."

"Then why is it I never felt anyone come into the pack, even now I still don't sense her." A few of the pack members agreed and murmured how they didn't feel anything at all either. I looked at them all confused and thought back to last night.

Turning back I looked at evony who seemed scared, I hadn't even noticed that I didnt feel her presence within the pack. What on earth was going on? She accepted my invitation, I felt it, yet now it's like it never happend, like she didnt exist within the pack.

I swiftly turned back to the crowd as they started getting bolder in their questions. "I have important matters to attend to I will continue this discussion later you may all leave." Turning away I ushered her inside, Ethan quickly followed behind.

This was much worse than I thought.

FYI your all being spoiled with the number of updates I've been doing xD im literally spending all my free time writing I haven't painted or anything in over a month 😭if this ain't proof I love all our comments and support then idk what is thank you, everyone!

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