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Grief and Fear - chapter 22


2 weeks earlier.

Opening my eyes I was greeted by the sight of bloodied bandages, and my mate laying on her side, facing away from me. "Evony..." Her name was just as beautiful as herself, I learned her name from the boy ethan. After shooting me he came and confronted me over what happend. He knew what was going on, he had guessed she was my mate when he saw me lose it over her injuries, and he knew I was responsible for how bad it was, I had ignored him for the first few days, he was too temperamental to be let out, he was loyal to his pack and would snap at my men constantly, he had to be put under house arrest for a week. I was to busy with pack matters to deal with him. Maybe if I had talked with him we could have saved evony from the pain and suffering she had to endure.

It's been a week since I awoke to her lying on deaths doorstep. Had she been in that cell a day longer, I wouldn't have known about her injuries or the infection, she could have been too far gone to save, and it was all my fault. I didnt leave her side for three days straight, growling at anyone that came near, even the doctor who came to check up on her the second day. I couldn't help it, I couldn't control my wolf instincts to protect my mate. Ethan had come in the third day after hearing about me chasing the doctor out.

He brought with him three of the packs strongest and the doctor. He had scolded me for being ridiculous and acting irrationally, there was no doubt that I was but I had no control. Him and the other three pack members had to hold me back as the pack doctor changed Evony's bandages and medicine. I nearly lost it completely when. I saw the needle.

After that I had calmed down, seeing she was ok, but I had to stay by her just to keep myself under control. Ethan proved to be a leader, he took the initiative when no one else would and stood up to me, that's how I decided he would become my new beta, he was also loyal to my mate making him perfect for the job, so I enlisted him into training.

I stayed with evony for a long time hardly leaving her side for the first few days, but she wasn't waking up and I couldn't abandon my pack. I managed to put up a facade and continued with my duties, keeping the pack safe, training new warriors and handling the outside situations. To everyone else, I was back to normal, but for me, the longer she was asleep the harsher the ache in my chest.

By the second week, we had noticed rouges coming close to the territories, the werewolf council was on my back over my recent attacks, and my enemy gave me warning that they were still out there. I came across two of my pack members, who went missing before the raid, a mother and child, dead at our borders. The mother was covered in whiplashes, had been assaulted, and her spine was snapped, she was a warrior in our pack and loving mother to an orphan, the child was left with her dead body, his neck snapped and twisted at a disturbing angle. A note was attached to them, as a warning. 'You will faulter and when your weakness is found, you will fall.'

They didnt know about evony yet but I feared that if they did, she would end up like my dead pack mates. That's when I knew I couldn't tell anyone. I had to keep her safe, away from the eyes of my enemies but close enough that I could protect her, and she could save me, she could help me keep myself under control. But how was I supposed to keep her safe and keep her close? I needed to mend the wounds both me and her father created but I couldn't allow her to become a target.

It kept me up day and night. I stayed with her throughout the cold nights, holding in her arms thinking of all the ways to keep her safe. I was only one man, if we were ever separated, they could take her from me in a heartbeat and that scared me. Kade took my family from me, my home... He killed my parents and drove half of my pack out of our lands. I couldn't let him or anyone else take my mate too.

Days passed and I came up with the idea to keep evony at a distance but close enough that I could watch over her, hoping that if she was ever left alone, no one would think that she was anything but a disposable toy. I hated the idea of treating her as anything less than my equal but it was the best idea I could come up with.

My many years of being a wandering pack were violent and in turn, I made many enemies, some possibly worse than kade, and some that I might not even know of. I couldn't drag her out into the open unprepared, she's physically and mentally unable to handle dangerous situations. I spent days mulling over the decision. If I didnt even notice she was in pain before, through the bond what would happen if she was attacked?

I sighed and sat up. For the 5th time in two days, I had to change her bandages. Carefully I removed them and grimaced. At how she looked underneath, all this time I had been letting her suffer. If I ever find kade he would feel her pain. She was better than before at least. The wounds were scarred over and the bruises on her body had faded away, luckily her fractured rib was quick to mend and was healed enough that she would be able to move, it would just be sore. I wrapped the bandages around her small body again, resting her head against my shoulder to keep her upright.

Once I was done, I gently laid her back down. Would she ever forgive me for what I've done? I brushed her hair out of her face and smiled sadly, how could someone fuck up this bad with their mate?

Sitting next to her in the bed I held her close in my arms. I would give her my life if it meant she would be happy. And I was willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Even if she hates me in the end.

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