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A Real Family - chapter 23


I paced back and forth in my office, while evony sat in one of the chairs avoiding both mine and and Ethan's gaze. While ethan stood leaning against the wall.

"You're telling me neither f you know what the problem is?" I stopped and looked back and forth between both of them. "All we know is she's never had any real wolf abilitys, she heals slow, lacks the ability to communicate, shift, and can't hear or smell as good as any wolf here," Ethan spoke up looking away solemnly.

"How long has she been like this?! You're telling me she's never shifted!" I raised my voice looking at ethan.

He glanced at evony. "She's been like this for as long as we can remember...shes practically human."

I stepped back unsure how to take in this information. All werewolves shift after the age of ten, sometimes even sooner in order to survive harsh situations, and most shift before they turn 18 because that's when they reach maturity if they dont, it's often rare but they could completely lose their abilities perminately.

This was a rare occurrence and would usually only happen to those who are living among humans alone and unaware of their supernatural blood. These people would live like a human for the rest of their life and their werewolf blood will be nothing but a recessive gene. The lack of social bonding with other wolves, use of the senses, and extreme exposure to silver, such as injections into the blood could cause this, it's such a rare thing to occur that there's only been around seven cases reported around the world in the past fifty years, the information on the subject was very sparse so there was very little known about it. Even if evony was injected with silver she would have more than likely died.

So why did she have these symptoms, why were her abilities so worn down to the point they were hardly noticeable? Would she be like this permanently?

Everyone was silent, neither of us even spoke, a pounding on the door grabbed our attention. Ethan made his way over to the door and opened it partially, only to be pushed back as the person on the other side shoved it open. Leiah stomped in and walked right up to me fuming.

"What the hell was that!" She shouted right into my face and I cringed. Great, she was pissed off at me.

"What was, what Leiah?" I crossed my arms not in the mood for her raging.

"She's your pet?!" She gestures over to evony who sank further into her seat like a scared puppy. "What the hell gives you that kind of right or idea! She's not the enemy, You said so yourself! Yet you're going to waltz around with her doing your bidding?! What's next your putting a leash and collar on her?!."

"Leiah, this has nothing to do with you. I'm simply keeping an eye on her until-" she cut me off.

"Until what huh?! Until she gives up? Becomes useless to you and you abandon her just like her father? Or maybe when she's so broken she turns suicidal!"

I snarled as my temper starts to boil over. I took a threatening step forward causing Leiah to take a step back, but she kept her hateful glare and even growled back.

"I am nothing like her father." I grit my teeth holding back from making Leiah submit. "You need to leave!" My claws we're digging into the leather of my office chair, giving me some reign over my temper.

"I'm not leaving unless she comes with me." She motioned towards evony without breaking eye contact. I looked over to see her hiding in the seat behind Leiah, I had scared her again. Defeatedly I took a step back calming almost instantly at the sight of her fear. I wanted nothing more than to carry her in my arms back to our room and cradle her while soothingly rubbing her back until she slept, but that was little more than a fantasy when it came to what choices I had.

I growled and turned away. "Fine, but she stays with you at all times, and she better not get hurt." I stared out the window as the mood in the room died down, Leiah helped evony up and they left the room.


When Leiah stormed in and yelled at axton over my sake I wasn't sure if I was happy or scared. Scared that he would snap and hurt Leiah because of me or that he would snap and punish me for somehow turning his pack member against him, I don't understand why she was being so protective of me, we had only been out together the one time.

I noticed axton nearly snap at some of the choice words Leiah spoke, she pissed him off bad, and I couldn't help but sink into my seat further watching it all unfold, he won't hurt Leiah will he?!

When his gaze turned towards me at leiahs suggestion to take me with her, I stopped breathing, was he mad at me now?

He looked me over and his anger quickly dwindled down. He turned away and accepted. I relaxed as he agreed. Leiah grabbed my hand and lead me out of the room. Before the door shut I glanced back one more time at axton. Was he being mindful of my needs?

Leiah took me out of the packhouse still fuming. "Where are we going? Shouldn't I stay?" I looked back at the door unsure, axton didnt want me to leave, I'd rather not upset him again, I was lucky he didnt hurt me last time I left with Leiah and ethan, he already seemed mad about m see not being able to join the pack.

She glanced back at me and sighed. "Look he gave me permission to take you out so don't worry ok? I have someone I want you to meet." She smiled and I nodded. We continued our walk through the village a few people watched as we went by making me nervous.

We approached one of the nicer houses, and Leiah knocked before opening the door. "Mom im home! I brought a friend over as well!" I stepped in after her and closed the door, looking around the cabin, it was much warmer than the outside air and nicely furnished. We stood in the living room, Leiah kneeled down to untie her shoes and kicked them off, when she noticed I wasn't doing anything she looked at me expectantly. I quickly did the same and placed my sneakers by the door. A woman came from the kitchen holding a plate.

"Who did you bring over, is it ethan again?" She spoke smiling but when she looked up at me her smile dropped along with the plate she carried, it shattered when it hit the floor. I jumped a little at the loud sound, both me and Leiah looked at her confused.

"Mom? What's wrong?!" Leah went over to her snapping her out of her gaze. "Mom you look like you've seen a ghost?!" The woman looked at me one last time before shaking her head.

"Sorry, I thought you were someone else! Oh my, there goes the fresh rolls.." They both started picking up the plate shards and bread rolls. I went over and helped.

"Well mom, this is evony, the um...previous alphas daughter." She stopped for a moment looking at me.

"I see... I've heard about you..." She spoke Sounding a bit unsure.

"She's not like that mom, those rumors aren't true...she's really shy and went through some bullshit, the false alpha fucking hurt her...his own daughter, for the fun of it," Leiah growled the last part out and her mother looked at me sighing before a small smile appeared on her lips.

"It's nice to meet you evony, im sorry for being so rude, im usually not as big-mouthed as my daughter."

"Hey! Way to throw me under the bus mom!" They both laughed and I smiled.

After talking a bit about how axton had claimed me as 'pet' leiahs mother also seemed to disapprove of his actions, while I watched them I noticed a lot of similarities between the two and how her mother's hair was nearly as dark as mine. She also apologized to me for how she first reacted, in fact, they both did, they explained how her sister belonged to my pack previously. They wanted to get her out but before they could she disappeared, they later found out my father had killed her for treason. I didnt blame them for disliking me, I would have probably done the same.

I stayed for dinner with them and we talked about different things, I don't think I've ever smiled so much in my life, halfway through eating I realized I was actually happy and enjoying myself, I hadn't realized before. It felt so nice to be treated as a normal person, both Leiah and her mother were accepting me with open arms. I started to tear up at the realization, causing both of them to stop talking and look at me worriedly.

I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt hating myself for ruining the moment. "I'm sorry, this is all just really new to me..." Before today I had never eaten dinner with others, I was always locked in my room and half the time I never even got dinner, when I did it was just leftovers, and I had to eat alone, not to mention I never got to talk much to anyone besides ethan, it was so different talking to two other women.

"Oh, sweety..." Leiah's mother stood up and did something I never expected. She hugged me. I was so surprised I froze on the spot.

"Your welcome to come and hang out any time, next time maybe ill make you some fresh baked cookies and you girls can put on a movie." She spoke softly and gave me a firm hug in order to comfort me. Leiah got up from her seat as well and joined in on the hug.

Tears started streaming down my face as I hugged them back, was this what it was like to have a family?

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