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Exposed - chapter 24


After eating dinner with Leiah and her mother Leiah took me back to the packhouse, axton had apparently told her he wanted me back before nightfall, I didn't mind, I was thankful just be allowed out of the packhouse. Leiah was less than happy handing me over to axton, both her and her mom don't understand his reasoning for staking claim over me as a pet, and I wasn't sure why either, I was too scared to ask though.

When we got back to the packhouse, the sun was setting and axton was standing by the door waiting for us. I told Leiah goodbye and she gave me a hug before sending a snarl axtons direction, he didnt seem fazed though and took me back to his room.

Once we returned to his room I stopped by the door unsure what to do, I wasn't comfortable sleeping in his bed, the last few times I only did because I had no other choice, would he let me maybe have my own room again? If not then maybe I could get away with sleeping on the couch. I sulked thinking about how I lacked any cloths of my own, he had said we were going to go buy me some but those plans we're suddenly ruined after the pack meeting.

I glanced over at axton as he removed his shirt going to the closet, getting ready for bed, he no longer seemed upset in fact he seemed a bit deflated about the situation, I don't see why he isn't the one lacking a wolf form and instincts. When he noticed me standing by the door he went back into the closet and came out with two shirts. Walking over to me he held one out.

"It's clean, so you can sleep in this." Hesitantly I nodded in response and took the shirt but avoided his eyes.

"Ax- I mean alpha, wouldn't it be better for me to sleep in my own room?" He stopped in the middle of pulling his shirt on and looked at me. Anxiety started poking at my nerves and he looked away.

"No, I need you where I can keep track over you." His response sounded more like an excuse.

"Then I should sleep on the couch..." Would he let me or am I going to have to sleep with him again?

He sighed and finished getting dressed. "No you will sleep in the bed I will be on the couch until your more comfortable with me." He walked over to the bed grabbing a pillow and took it to the couch.

I blinked, completely in shock, did he just. It couldn't be I must have misheard right? Why would be so... Nice?

"A-are you sure?" I watched him lay out the blanket And look back at me.

"Why wouldn't I be sure? I wouldn't have suggested it if I was against it. I may be an ass but I don't think im completely inconsiderate."

I was baffled, he was serious. But why would he give up his own comfort for my sake? This man made no sense. I thought he hated me. I thought he wanted me to suffer, was this all some trick? I can't tell,

He glanced back at me again with a questioning look. "Are you going to stand there all night?"

I snapped out of my daze with a small blush and made my way over to the bathroom, changing my clothes, once I was done I came back out to see him sitting at the edge of the bed staring at the floor in deep thought. I crawled onto the bed and he barely looked at me from the corner of his eye.

"I wanted to...apologize. I don't do this often so forgive me for my stupidity, but I had to make you understand, I never meant to let or make you suffer. I was just overwhelmed before and didnt think. You were never supposed to be harmed. " I looked away and stared at the floor as well.

"You already apologized." He only shook his head.

"No that didnt count, this is sincere, that was just..." I watched him struggle to find the words, he didnt seem to know how being on the opposite end of the stick felt, he probably always had people on their knees apologizing to him, not the other way around.

He sighed and stood up. "Never mind, you should sleep." He walked away over to the couch and laid down.

I didnt know how to feel about him, if I should still be afraid, maybe angry, or feel sorry. Sorry? Why would I feel sorry? What did I do wrong?

I shook the thoughts from my head and crawled under the blankets. Closing my eyes I fell asleep.

The next morning~

Axton woke me in the morning, fully dressed, he still had that solemn look on his face from yesterday im not sure why.

"We need to go to the human town, you need better clothes." I sat up and nodded. What should I say? Nothing, probably he doesn't expect me to reply because im simply his pet right? I suppose I should stick to the rules I made for myself while under my father's roof, it seemed like the best idea, and I would rather not make him even more upset.

He stood up. "I'll be waiting for you in the kitchen." Then he left.

Crawling out of bed I stretched my sore muscles and stood up. I was actually eager to go outside, the nostalgia from fearing my father's wrath if I left my room was gone, I have friends now too. I vaguely remember going to the human town when I was younger, because my father didnt trust me to stay out of trouble while he was away and as I grew out of my clothes he needed to get me more, or better yet his trusted men did, he didnt bother with that kind of stuff, shopping for clothes was usually me going into the store with another pack member and the lady working there getting clothes to fit me, I never chose anything I liked or wanted it was just given to me if it fit and I had to wear it, as I got older ethan took me to the store once or twice and I simply chose the simple things that were in my size. It wasn't too bad but my father hated me being with ethan, after that I was never allowed to leave the territory, that was 7 years ago. Would this be the same? Probably, if they hadn't destroyed half the interior of the packhouse and burned everything my father owned that wasn't useful, including my clothes, then I probably would be going out to the town.

I slipped my shorts and shoes on then went downstairs where axton stood leaning against the wall.

He turned away and went out the door heading for an SUV that had two of his pack warriors seated in the front, I followed behind and slipped into the back seat when he opened the door for me. He got in after me and shut the door, as the driver took us out of the village he stared out the window, laid back in his seat with his arms crossed against his chest.

I sat quietly staring at the road ahead of us, making sure to not look too comfortable. It wasn't hard to fake though, I was quite nervous being in the back seat next to axton, and the trip was agonizingly silent. Halfway through the ride I glanced over at axton fro see he was still distracted, deep into his own thoughts, so I gazed out at the forest around us.

I jumped at the loud sound of a phone ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket grumbling and answered the call.


"Yes, it is this coming week."

"No I don't plan on anything like that, I don't need a date."

"Screw what the others think it's not happening I already have plans for that!"

"Alpha Nathanial?"

"Good, we need all the help we can get from his side, he wants the bastard dead just as much as I do."

"I'm arriving at the town now, we can discuss plans later."

With that, he hung up the phone. What is happening next week? And what was he planning?

I hadn't even noticed I was staring until he looked back at me questioningly. When my eyes met his I quickly turned away gazing back out at the forest hoping he wasn't angry about me listening in. He didnt say anything and soon we were driving through the small town there was a variety of humans, and werewolves living here, but everyone kept a low profile, human territories as we called them were safest because there were strict laws of no fighting no one would risk humans finding out about us because it would turn out badly, it could result in the mass discovery of all species and more than likely war. Humans were inferior to most races but still held value, to wolves they were common mates, for vampires they were a main food source, for succubus and incubus they were also a valuable food source. For witches, they provided a reasonable amount of work despite the humans not even knowing about them. Basically, everyone needed humans for something whether it was direct or indirectly.

The driver stopped outside of a store and axton got out of the car, he offered his hand to help me out and I hesitantly took it.

As we entered the store the shop owner came over to us he gave the slightest bow to axton and somehow I could just barely sense it, he was like us.

"How can I help you today sir?"

"She needs some casual clothes, and we both need something formal to wear for an event."

Formal? Event? I glanced at axton confused, what was he talking about?

"Of course we shall get you both measured and have something fitted for the formal event!" The man walked away to grab some measuring ropes and I gulped in the realization that I had no bra on, I need to get some of those as well. i covered my chest by crossing my arms and looked around the store for what I needed. In the back, I could see women's clothing and with it all the undergarments that I needed.

"Shall we get you two measured now?" The shopkeeper suggested, and I could see the look on axtons face sour.

"Is there no women here that could measure her?" He slightly gestured in my direction. The shop keeper shook his head. "Unfortunately our only female tailor is out today."

"Fine then, I'll do it." He took the measuring tape from the shop keeper. Wait, what?

He grabbed my wrist and took us to the changing rooms.

Opening the door to the biggest room he motioned for me to enter. I hesitated before stepping in. The room had three large mirrors in front of a small stand used for tailoring. He came in and shut the door behind him before locking it.

"You need to remove your top and shorts." He said he could not even looking at me like this was completely normal.

"Why?!" Couldn't you just measure over my shirt?!

Looking back up at me he arched one perfect brow. "Do you know your exact measurements already?"

"No..." I swallowed hard as he walked up to me.

"Then I need to measure your hips and chest, the shorts will only be in the way and your shirt as well. We have to get you garments that are going to fit under a dress seamlessly too, so for that, I need to get the correct measurements."

"I can't." He narrowed his eyes at me and crossed his arms.

"Evony, did you forget our little conversation about obedience in public?" I could feel a tingling sensation start-up in my stomach, at his question.

"You can't wear leiahs clothes forever, and I doubt they are your size. Now, are you going to remove them or do I need to?"

Swallowing hard with a blush I turned away to do so, he was right I can't just keep borrowing leiahs cloths, and she has no bras that fit me. I thought keeping my back to him would make it less embarrassing but there were three mirrors in front of me. Curse my luck.

I took a deep breath and slipped off the shorts, hesitating before grabbing the hem of the shirt and lifting it over my head.

Axton's eyes widened and I quickly covered my chest with my arms in embarrassment. He only spoke one word while looking at me and it sounded strained.


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