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Scars, and a half-truth - chapter 25


I couldn't help the blush on my face once my shirt was gone and the only thing covering me was my arms. Axton seemed a bit startled, in the mirror I could see him swallow hard before reaching out.

I jumped a little when his hand trailed across my back. It felt strange and I didnt want him staring at me when I was nearly naked so I looked back at him over my shoulder to say something but nothing came out when I saw his face. He was staring at my backside. He looked upset, maybe even distressed. He wasn't looking at me because I wasn't dressed, and he wasn't touching me because he was being disgusting... He was looking at my scars, tracing them with his fingertips as if to confirm they were real, I guess we both kinda forgot about them, the past two days were a bit hectic.

"Alpha..." My voice seemed to snap him out of his daze, he lifted his head to look me in the eyes he seemed so upset like he blamed himself as if he was responsible. He may have been the reason I got sick but he wasn't the one who gave me the scars. His gaze flickered back to my scars and I could see the clear guilt in his eyes, despite him trying to hide it. He really felt sorry for it. I turned around breaking his gaze on the scars so he would stop looking at them, and he did, he looked me in the eyes. I could feel some kind of connection with him as we stared at each other for a moment. He knew his mistake and he felt true grief over what he had done, he was sorry, and now I can see that.

It didnt make things right, we both understood that much. But maybe things could change, he could right his wrongs and I won't have to be afraid anymore. To most, this wouldn't make sense. It doesn't mean I forgive him and I don't think he will forgive himself so easily either. But this meant more to me than anyone could imagine.

We stayed like that until he was able to compose himself. He closed his eyes for a few moments and when he opened them he was back to his usual self. I thought it was strange. Was he always putting up a facade? A strong front, so people wouldn't see what lies underneath? There was more to axton than I had originally thought.

Without saying a word or lingering too long he quickly took the measurements of my hips, arms, and legs. When it came to my chest, I could see the realization and something else flicker in his eyes. I could hear him mumble a curse under his breath before he kneeled down and handed me back my clothes. I gladly took them and got dressed again.

We left the changing room and he gave the measurements to the tailor who went to go pick out a few dresses.

"Look around and pick out anything you like." He spoke from behind as he sat down in one of the chairs outside the dressing room.

I only nodded and walked around grabbing whatever would fit me, when I came back to him he took one look at the clothes and gave me a questioning stare.

"Did you only pick off the clearance aisle?"

"Y-yes?" Did he believe I grabbed something expensive?

"Why?" He asked crossing his arms and tilting his head slightly with one brow arched, he almost looked like a cute puppy.

I quickly shook that thought from my head, snapping back to reality. "I didnt think you wanted to spend a lot of money on me."

He sighed and ran his hand over his face before standing up. "Do you even like any of those clothes?" He asked.

I glanced down at the strange assortment of clothing in my arms, they were all kinda ugly or dull. "N-no"

He took the cloths from me and set them down before taking me back through the store, he gently leads me around with his hand on my lower back as he spoke asking different questions like what colors, patterns, and designs I liked, picking out things and holding them up for me to see if I liked them, it was so strange shopping with axton, we managed to find three shirts I liked and a single pair of jeans. Once we were done the tailor came up telling us he had a few things ready for us to try.

Axton went first getting fitted into a suit. He even asked me what I thought about a few of the different ones he tried out of the four he tried I thought the dark grey looked best, and so he chose that one. Then it was my turn.

I stepped into the changing room, I was amazed at the beautiful dresses in front of me one was a gorgeous light blue thin strap short dress much like a spring dress, another was a lovely long red dress much like what you would see rich women wearing in their billion-dollar mansion, it hugged the waist and flowed out elegantly showing a lot of cleavage but it just wasn't my style. There were two others one was a grey short dress, and another was unique, it was a shoulderless black dress that was short in the front and long in the back, the sleeves were long and elegantly flowed loosely past your wrists.

They were all too beautiful, I couldn't decide, I ran my hand over each one admiring them up close. A knock on the stall door startled me. And axton came in holding a certain piece of clothing that I had forgotten I needed. Blushing I took it from him with a small thanks.

He glanced at each one then back at me as if I was the more beautiful thing in the small room. "Do you like any of them?" he asked.

I looked back at each of the dresses they must cost a fortune. " they are all beautiful, but...i can't wear these they are too much..."

"Evony, this is a special event, you deserve to dress up nice and show off your beauty..." I became flustered at his words, he thinks in beautiful?

"Try them on and chose the one you like, don't worry about anything else ok?" He left the fitting room and I watched the door.

One by one I tried each of the dresses but none really seemed comfortable until tried the black dress, I noticed the trim and embroidery on the neck like was a golden color, much like axtons eyes, it was silky soft but not shiny, and it covered my back but left my shoulders and neck exposed. I smiled at my reflection. Once I was done I got dressed in some of the casual clothing me and axton picked out, while also putting on the bra he brought me.

I came out with the dress in hand and looked up at him.

"Is that the one?" He asked getting up from his seat. I nodded and we checked out. After that, we went to multiple different stores and axton got me several other pairs of cloths including pajamas but he didn't really care for the pajama shirts, saying I could just wear his shirts, which was weird but I thought nothing of it. Once we were done we went to a restaurant. He asked for a private booth and the waiter took us to the very back where there was hardly anyone there.

Once we ordered our drinks axton grabbed my attention by clearing his throat. "I wanted to talk to you about our...situation." Situation? I didnt say anything and listened closely.

"Have you ever worked before?" He asked looking up at me resting his chin on his hands and his elbows on the table.

"No, not really."

"Do you know how jobs usually work?" Where was he going with this?

"Well you work for money, to live, you buy food and use it to keep a roof over your head." He hummed thoughtfully after I spoke.

"Correct, and you can also get benefits from working, usually like retirement and healthcare. I wanted to make things a bit simpler. You being my...' pet' you can think of it as a job, you work for me and follow my orders, in return you get food, shelter, and benefits, if you don't do your job you won't exactly be fired but punished in a way, like how your paycheck could be cut, of course, it is a bit different but the concept is the same."

Was he trying to make me more comfortable with the idea?

"You work for me, in return, I give you those things you need, including protection. Your fathers still out there, you may not be his first target but I doubt he is going to just let you live out the rest of your life comfortably and carefree, not after all the years he spent..." His voice trailed off as the most dampened at our conversation.

"I want you to know that this whole thing isn't to hurt or spite you evony, the truth is I want to help you, you belong in this pack and you deserve happiness, but people aren't going to be very happy about it, some spite you because of your father, they might even go after you for some twisted idea of revenge, he may come back and go after you. I'm doing this to help you. To others it may look like punishment, that will keep them off your back until they come to see what your truly like, and this will give you my protection by staying under my wing. Your not a prisoner or a slave or anything. Understand? "

I nodded. Was he telling the truth? Why would he lie though?

"You're no longer kades daughter, your you. Your evony, but we have to make it seem legit to others, you have to follow commands when we are in public, even around Leiah and the pack. It's only temporary until everything blows over. But I need your cooperation and understanding. Okay?"

I mulled over his words he sounded sincere but I felt he wasn't telling me everything, im not sure if I like the idea of following orders, but I know he's right, my fathers still a threat, he seems like he is telling the truth, and a part of me wants to completely trust in him, but how can I trust him if he is holding back information? Besides, why is he trying so hard to help me? It can't just be an obligation to the pack. Sighing I looked up at him.

"I understand. I don't agree with everything and I want to trust you, but I... Still have trouble with trusting people. I know your trying to make things right, and I may not agree with all your ideas... But im willing to try, I'm willing to give you a chance."

He smiled happily. "I give you my word you're safe. Just cooperate with me and everything will be ok."

I gave him a small smile, it was the best I could do while thoughts were running through my head of if I could really trust him after everything. I needed to know. What could an alpha like him be scared of?

What is he hiding?

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