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Lurking danger - chapter 26


I watched from the shadows of an alleyway from across the street as the alpha and she-wolf enjoyed their little lunch.

Seeing the alpha leading her around like a child in a candy store, shopping for clothes as if everything was perfect. That they had nothing to worry about, that there was nothing threatening their peaceful little lives, that I didn't exist.

Alpha axton is a fool for acting so careless, he should have stayed in the shit hole he came from. I planned to make him suffer, he would know the true meaning of pain and would die by my claws. One way or another I would have my revenge, but first I would toy with him, make him paranoid, perhaps even make him ruin his own life. I have nothing but time to torment him. So why shouldn't I have a little fun with it, we'll play a game, he can pretend all he wants that he has no weaknesses, but I know better.

I watched the girl sitting across from him glance at the alpha a few times before turning her attention back to her food, it was so obvious yet she was completely oblivious to what she meant to him. Stupid girl.

The alpha really was trying to keep her a secret but I already know the truth, he let a loose end go without even thinking of the consequences. She was his lifeline and I couldn't wait to cut, snap and break her Apart. She would be his downfall. He won't be able to escape this game of mine, nor will he win.

Once I have my hands on her the game will be lost to him, he will fall, he will rage, and he will break until the once mighty alpha is nothing but a shattered mess. He will tear apart his own pack to get her back.

They will both suffer at my hands until there's nothing left but despair. Once the alpha is on his hands and knees before me, I'll slit the bitches throat with my claws and simply observe my handiwork, as he has no choice but to watch his mate die in his arms.

Oh, they have no idea what I have planned. And I can't wait to watch them fall.

My servant came up beside me as I observed the two of them enjoy their lunch.

"We received a reply."

I looked back at the rouge behind me, their kind was disgusting but very gullible and easy to control, as long as they weren't rabid.

"And did they accept?"

He kneeled in front of me keeping his head down.

"They are willing to help in exchange for something in return."

I glanced back to see the alpha and girl leaving the establishment and getting into their SUV.

"And what did they want in return?"

He nervously gulped behind me. "They want to take some prisoners." He stuttered.

I only smiled as I watched the car drive away. That's not such a bad idea, in fact, I have one particular wolf they might be interested in."

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