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Signs of a Wolf - chapter 27

3 days later~


What the actual fuck?

Laying in bed I thought back to the alphas statement. He announced to the pack that evony was nothing more than his pet!

Ebony didn't deserve this. Before I met evony I only heard rumors of her and hated her father, he killed my aunt, when we found out, my mother was registered, they grew up together and were as close as two sisters could get they were still young when the alpha and luna we're killed by kade, while my mother managed to escape, her sister wasn't given the chance half the pack was left behind while the other half abandoned the territory with a baby axton.

My mother always wanted to go back, to help her sister escape kades wrath but year's passed and she couldn't do anything, kades men continued to hunt us down as axton grew up he fueled our hatred by chasing us down, we couldn't do anything to take over the pack and get rid of kade and his men so we disappeared.

Made lost our trail, and several years later we came back with our new alpha and vengeance, I was only six when mom found out her sister died years ago. She hasn't been the same since, I can still catch her staring off into space, thinking of all the different things she could have done to try and save her.

Axton was still very young but he noticed the torment and pain all of us had to suffer through, facing rouges, hunters and other packs.

We had tried to get the council to help us take back our pack from kade but they refused, axton, in turn, killed three of the cowards in his rage, we had nothing but our thirst for revenge, we heard kades mate died giving birth a few years ago and his daughter was supposedly just like him, stuck up, greedy you name it, but it was all a lie.

Evony is nothing like that, she's shy, kind and broken because of her bastard father, we were hunting made down for people like her, she was innocent yet a ton is still treating her like the enemy.

It was easy enough to tell him and Ethan were hiding something, no matter how much I bugged Ethan about it or ranted they refused to tell me anything.

That night evony broke down crying in front of me and my mother I realized just how messed up her life was, she needed her friends and Ethan was doing nothing to stop axton, he just continued to sulk and focused on training to become the new beta, I've heard him argue with axton sometimes but he always backed down. I didn't understand half the things they talked about and it drives me crazy, being left in the dark.

He expects me and Ethan to babysit evony for him like he was scared of her running away. Honestly, her running away might even be the best idea yet.

If no one was going to tell me what is going on then I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands, me and axton may have been friends before but he's letting his duties as alpha overwhelm him, he doesn't have a healthy work and life balance he is turning so much attention to the pack that I doubt he's had much time to enjoy himself or relax when he isn't dealing with pack matters then he's with evony.

It can't be good for either of them, evony isn't mentally capable of handling anything at the moment and axton needs a break, he can't keep getting onto her and she can't keep taking the stress and situations she's being put under.

Even if I have to go kick someone's ass I'm going to have to find a solution to this and soon. I dont know what axton is trying to do by keeping her under his control, but it's a bad idea all around.

Evonys only family has been nothing but abusive, if it makes her better then I'm more than willing to let her into our home, so is my mother, we'll show her what it's truly like to have a family and I'll take her out to make some friends.

Sitting up I looked outside to see axton training some of the younger pack members today, it's both our jobs to make sure everyone can defend themselves. I could see evony nearby watching, he was keeping her on a tight leash that's for sure.

Evony I promise, no matter what it takes, I'll make sure you can live happily again.


I sat under the shade of a tree watching everyone train with the alpha, some were my previous pack members, others were the members that merged into our pack, they were all so happy and carefree, it hardly seemed like they were anything but friends.

The raid felt like a distant memory to everyone and now they were all living peacefully side by side. Axton knew how to terrorize and scare people but he was also sympathetic at times, I had seen it before when one of the newer scouts had been injured by a rogue sneaking into the territory, he made sure they were taken care of and went after the rouge himself with a few others, the poor scout thought he was going to be locked up or hurt for letting him escape because that is what my father had done to anyone who failed, but axton assured him it wasn't his fault, in fact, he blamed himself for not training the boy more.

I watched as he gave out instructions and suggestions to the people who were sparring. He wasn't shouting out angrily or punishing anyone who got something wrong, the difference was strange to see. As one of the trainees fell on his back axton only sighed shaking his head before helping him to his feet and showing him how a proper posture made a big difference. I hardly noticed that I was starting at a shirtless axton until I was shoved from behind and fell face-first to the ground.

The man behind me scoffed in amusement. "How desperate can you be? You're practically drooling over the alpha, you were so distracted you didn't even hear me walk up on you! What kind of wolf can't hear, smell or mind link?! You shouldn't even be classified as one of us." Looking up I recognized the man as one of the two who had beaten me in the cell, at the sight of him, my stomach churned and I turned pale as memories of his sick twisted smile while he repeatedly hit me, flashed into my mind, I was completely frozen in fear.

"Something as worthless as you shouldn't even be allowed in our territory, especially you and your Bloodline! The alpha only lets you stay here because he took felt pity upon you, so why dont you just go back to the hole you crawled out of..." He took a step closer his eyes turning to slits and claws lengthening. "And go curl up and die-"

He was cut off by a loud snarl before a blur rushed past me and tackled him to the ground.

I watched in surprise as. Leiah started punching the man's face in repeatedly with her fists. He snarled back and quickly knocked her off with a snarl of his own.

"Fucking bitch!" He wiped his hand over his face as blood ran from his now very bruised and crooked nose.

"Oh I'm sorry did I hurt your pride? Maybe I should break something else as payback for the shit you put her through you bastard!" She growled back still crouched down ready to attack.

He growled and lunged at her tackling Leiah to the ground as they both tried to get hits in and both dodged or deflected most the blows, they seemed evenly matched and we're rolling around in the dirt while fighting. The man managed to get above Leiah leaving her at a disadvantage. In a panic I got to my feet and ran over to stop them, I couldn't let her get hurt for trying to protect me. I could already see she had a few cuts and bruises.

Grabbing onto the man's shoulders I tried to pull him away from her with all my strength but it only seemed to piss him because the next thing I know, he lashes out at me with his claws, and cuts me across the arm.

I cried out and fell back holding my bleeding arm. Leiah looked on in shock and he laughed. Turning back to her he used the distraction to try and get a good hit on Leiah but punched the ground instead of her face because of her quick reactions.

"You weak females should learn your place!"

A loud snarl sounded Before he could land another blow he was grabbed from behind and thrown across the field and into a tree.

Axton stood there his eyes nothing but glowing slits and his fangs and claws out.

"Is that what you think because what I see is a piece of shit male who believes he can push anyone he wants around if they are weaker. " he snarled and stepped towards the man.

Leiah got up and came over to me making sure I was ok, my arm was bleeding but she had cuts and bruises all over.

The alpha grabbed the man by his neck. "You think those who are weaker are worthless that those who are strong are meant to rule over all the rest and punish the weak for stupid reasons..."

"The strong are supposed to protect the weak... Not hurt them." He snarled.

"People like you that abuse your power are less than the dirt under our feet!... Get out of my sight before I put you in your place!"

The man quickly got to his feet and ran away, while axton stood there reeling in bid anger. When he looked back at both me and Leiah he seemed close to losing it.

He quickly came over to us and Leiah growled at him. I watched as he gazed over Leiah's wounds then looked at my bleeding arm with so much anger in his eyes.

Turning away from us he addressed everyone who was training. "Class dismissed, someone, call the doctor to the packhouse!" They all dispersed and he helped lead and me to our feet before leading us inside.

As we entered the packhouse, ethan came downstairs and saw both of us. "What the fuck happened? You two ok?!" He rushed down to check on both of us then looked at axton who was clearing the kitchen counter and grabbing the first aid.

"Some ass cornered evony, so I jumped him and we got into a fight, evony tried to help and got hurt in the process," Leiah spoke as if it wasn't too much of a big deal that she had been hurt so badly, I will never understand that woman's strength.

Axton growled grabbing our attention. "Sit down so we can clean your cuts." I walked over and sat in front of him still putting pressure on my bleeding arm, I hadn't even noticed the pain very much before, because I was so focused on the fight, but now that it was over my arm hurt like hell.

Leiah walked over and sat up on the counter and removed her shirt, I slightly blushed at how she didn't even seem to care about us being in the room while she's indecent, at least she had a sports bra on underneath. I glanced back just in time to see axton staring my face before he looked back at my arm and mumbled something under his breath.

I didn't catch all of it but I know he said something about me and being too innocent. As he inspected my arm I tried to distract myself by looking back at Leiah while Ethan cleaned some of the cuts on her shoulder and back, they were nowhere near as deep as mine but they still bled, and I could see a few dark bruises on her sides and arms. Guilt washed over me at the sight, she got hurt trying to help me.

"The sting from the alcohol brought my attention back to axton as he tried to carefully clean the claw marks on my arm when he placed the wet cloth against my arm again I winced and bit my tongue.

"you shouldn't have jumped in while they were fighting you only put yourself in harm's way and got hurt," Axton spoke and I looked up at him a bit shocked.

"Excuse me?" I let the words slip out without even thinking and he looked up at me.

Leiah spoke up from behind me as well. "He's right for once, you can't put yourself in harm's way like that ev, you could have gotten badly injured, I had everything under control, that bastard wouldn't have hurt me." Ethan nodded in agreement and I looked at the three of them surprised.

"Don't ever do that again." Axton resumed his previous task of cleaning my arm as I took a moment to register what was just said. In a fit of sudden rage, I pulled my arm out of his grasp with a slight growl.

"If you believe in going to stand by while I watch those I care about get hurt for my sake then your a fool!" Do they seriously believe id stand by and watch my friends get hurt while trying to protect me? What would that make me? How can I consider myself their friend if I'm not going to protect them as they protect me?!

All three of them stared at me in shock as my sudden anger quickly sizzled down into nothing. Aston had some unknown emotion swirling in his eyes and both Leiah and Ethan seemed surprised. I looked at each of them not sure what was going on.

"What?" Ethan and axton seemed the most surprised and I didn't understand until Ethan spoke up.

"Evony... Your eyes changed."

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