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Her life - chapter 3


When I woke I cringed at the sudden pain that came back to my body. Everything hurt and I don't know how I was even able to sleep.

I attempted to sit up and tried to remember what happened yesterday, the burning and deep pain in my backside reminded me. I upset my father and Kai. So much so that after Kai left my father delt his punishment for me ruthlessly. When he was done I was a bloodied mess and Ethan had to fix me up to the best of his ability, I must have passed out in the process.

I looked down to see my torso was completely covered in bandages. Was it really that bad? Sighing I attempted to get out of bed. I grit my teeth trying to bear with the pain. Slowly I made my way over to my dresser and looked at myself in the mirror.

My long black hair was a tangled mess and my eyes not only looked tired but shallow as well. I was sickening just to look at, not only that but a bruise covered my right cheek. A hard slap does that to you. I just hope it healed completely in a few hours, he hated me going out looking like I was hurt, even if he's the cause.

I just wanted to get out of this house, to go to my little cabin and have some peace but it seemed like I couldn't even be allowed that. Can't leave hunched over like some cripple, he wouldn't allow it. I don't even think Ethan would, he would force me back into bed to rest. I'm sure I need it, but I can't rest when I'm stuck in this house.

I took a deep breath and stood tall ignoring the pain the best I could. I brushed my hair until it was straight and not so messy. I then washed my face with cool water to freshen up. I proceeded to get dressed in a sweater, some jeans, and boots. At least my entire body was covered so no one can see my injuries. Now I just need to hide my pain. I looked at the clock. It's taken me an hour and a half just to dress.

I sighed and left my room doing my best to walk down the hall with just one hand on the wall. My back was burning along with all the other aches and soreness of my body.

I moved past a few doors and came up the kitchen where I saw Ethan sitting, completely distracted by his own thoughts with a look of despair on his face. When he noticed me he immediately stood from his chair and rushed over.

I flinched at his sudden approach and he stopped coming closer looking like he was guilty for the PTSD I had.

"I-I'm okay..." I whispered and avoided his gaze. I hated his look of pity.

"Can we go?....Please?" He looked me over and seemed to have an inner fight with himself over saying yes or no, but finally sighed and nodded.

He grabbed his coat and led me outside before we walked out into the woods to my sanctuary.

We made our way away from the rest of the pack and closer to the border, this area was thick forest and mostly barren of life so not many patrols came by and routes didn't bother to try coming here for the food.

We got to a small building surrounded by a garden. Because this place was rarely disturbed, the flora was able to flourish and grew quite wildly. There wasn't much variety in the garden but there were some beautiful wild white and blue flowers, some herbs, and red berry bushes. This place was calm and relaxing, and I just enjoyed it.

I stepped inside of the small worn down cabin. It had a nice loft bed, but I never got to use it since I was never allowed out of the packhouse at night. There was also a desk and bookshelves with jars and bottles filled with herbs and books of all kinds.

I made my way over to the desk and smiled slightly, but it quickly was replaced with an agonizing flinch as my injuries reminded me of their existence.

"Evony! I knew this was a bad idea! We shouldn't have come out here! You're too badly hurt!" he exclaimed as he came over to my side, and I sighed.

"I needed to come out here anyways to get a salve. Just grab some bandages and clothes for me while I get the herbs from the garden."

He nodded and started looking through the cabinets for the medical supplies that were stored here. I stepped outside and took a deep breath, smelling the wonderful aroma of all the flowers. I then made my way to the back of the garden where it was the wildest, and where a small pond resided. I picked some leaves from the herbs I needed and went back inside the cabin.

I then proceeded to turn them into a paste with some water and oils in the mortar and pestle. Ethan placed a few pillows down on the floor as seats.

"Let me apply it this time" I looked at him for a moment and nodded. I couldn't do it anyway.

I removed my sweater and turned away from him, with my arms covering my chest. As he removed the bandages I stared at my pale skin. How can I keep living like this?

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I had a feeling I wouldn't have too much longer, this life of mine will end soon. One way or another.

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