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The wize old man - chapter 28


What? Glancing between the three of them I tried to register what they just said. My eyes changed? How? Why? What does that even mean?! I looked down at my hands to see my nails also seemed slightly longer, this shouldn't even be possible, my body has never reacted this way before, so why now? And my sudden anger, that was also new. What is happening to me?

Axton carefully stood up in front of me and placed his hand under my chin to lift my head so I would look him in the eyes. His touch was always so gentle and foreign. I can't explain how it makes me feel, but I enjoy it?

His eyes seemed to stare deeply into me as if searching for something. He was quickly shoved back by Leiah who was now standing between us. "Leave her alone she couldn't control it if anything this means she's recovering!"

I watched as axton struggled to understand what was going on, Leiah seemed to think he was angry or upset with me lashing out at him, maybe he was and I was too foolishly distracted to notice it. Once again Leiah was standing in harm's way for my sake. Why did I always become a burden to those around me? I sank back into myself hating how weak I am.

Ethan seemed to notice and grabbed leiahs shoulder to stop her. "That's enough he wasn't hurting her." She scoffs and shrugs him off.

"She's finally showing signs of coming out of whatever emotional pit she's been thrown into! There's no way I'm going to let anyone push her back in!" She growled at axton who only growled back.

"That's the last thing I want, I want her to recover just as badly." He spoke through his gritted teeth.

"Really? Could have fooled me, with that posture of yours I say you were about to challenge her and force whatever that was, " she pointed at my eyes. " to disappear.

"Leiah! " Ethan spoke up grabbing our attention. "That's enough, stop making assumptions on everything when you don't even know what's going on!"

She walked over to him standing her ground and I worried they were going to get into a fight. "Oh really, then why don't you tell us exactly what's going on? In fact, why don't you go out and tell the entire pack about what you two suckers have been hiding! I'm not stupid, you've both been avoiding something and making up some bullshit lies for the past two weeks!"

"Leiah!" Ethan was starting to get pissed off and axton was also angry but not saying anything.

I held my head trying to cover my ears as tears started streaming down my face, I can't take this anymore, I just want them to stop, I don't want my friends to fight, I don't want anyone to shout, scream, or argue, I didn't want all this chaos to occur because of me. Leiah believes she needs to protect me from axton, I'm not even sure if I need protection from him, but he's hiding something so shouldn't I be afraid? ethans defending him, I don't understand why either, everything is so confusing! I don't understand what is going on anymore! Please just stop fighting! Stop arguing! Stop trying to protect me! I just want it all to stop!

"I think that's quite enough." All four of us turned our attention to the old man standing in the doorway.

"Alpha, if I may, the three of you who aren't bleeding all over can go wait in the other room, I'll get to you once I'm done here." He addressed Leiah and she huffed in annoyance. "You are just stressing my patient out and angering each other if you must fight, take it somewhere else."

Leiah looked back at the state I was in suddenly realizing her mistake along with that, both of them looked sorry and quickly left the room. Axton seemed to linger and I looked at him to see he seemed the most upset out of the three.

I removed my hands from my ears shakily as the doctor came over and set his bag down. "Don't worry too much dear they won't hurt each other if that's what you're afraid of." He glanced at the alpha before looking back at me. "May I take a look at the damage?"

I nodded and held out my arm for him to inspect but he hesitated before touching me and looked at the alpha again. Axton merely nodded and left the room. The once tense posture of the doctor seemed to relax once he was out of the room. Was he worried about his reaction?

"You got yourself a good one, but luckily it's only a flesh wound, I'll make sure it doesn't leave any scars, gods know you have enough already..." I wiped my face with my other hand and started to relax.

"Your lucky, your friends care about you so much, but it can get a bit overwhelming when they each have different points of view. They all seem to have their own way of trying to protect and help you but if they continue to clash then it's only going to hurt you more." He kept talking and I listened trying to distract myself from the pain as he cleaned my cuts.

"Sooner or later they'll realize you're not happy with the way things are and will work together, so don't stress over their bickering, you need to worry more about yourself. Your friends will be fine." He started to wrap my arm in bandages and I looked up at the old man he was very kind and seemed to know a lot about me and the others.

"We're you the one who took care of me while I was in a coma?"

He paused for a moment thinking to himself before continuing. "I merely took care of you for the first week. Making sure you would heal and the infection was gone, after that the alpha proceeded to watch over you, changing your bandages and so on while I checked in every few days. You caused quite a stir within the pack. There was a lot of bloodshed when we found out you were injured.

I looked at him in horror. "what do you mean?!"

He glanced up at me and seemed to choose his next words carefully. "The alpha has a short temper, and when he found out what your father had done to you he got a little more than upset, he also found out that his previous beta gave an unwarranted order for two of our pack warriors to beat answers out of you. He never intended for any harm to come to you and no one had any idea you were badly injured, he lost control and a few pack members got injured while trying to get him restrained. After that him and the boy Ethan had a few scuffs arguing over what would be best for you, in turn, the alphas decision was indeed the best option at the time."

I looked at him in disbelief, I had no idea that all this happened while I was unconscious, why would alpha axton lose it over my injuries. This means he really didn't intend to hurt me, this only made me more confused, the night of the raid he came after me in the cabin, but why? And when he found out I was kades daughter, he seemed to be shocked and frustrated. If what the doctor said was true then the alpha really did care? But that just makes everything even more confusing, why did he care?! Who was I to him that he would react in such ways towards me?!

"You seem troubled." He finished off bandaging my arm.

"I don't understand anything anymore," I admitted.

he hummed to himself in thought. "Don't think too much into it, you will find out soon enough all the answers to your questions. For now, you need to recover, get stronger. You will be a leader that people will look up to and rely on."

"A leader? I'm anything but that, I'm lower than the omegas in this pack..." He simply chuckled and looked up at me.

"One day you're going to be standing higher than anyone in this pack, even the alpha."

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