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A kiss- chapter 29


As I followed axton back to his room I thought about what the doctor had said over, and over but I still couldn't wrap my head around what he meant.

I would be above even the alpha? What does that even mean? I'm less than an omega in this pack, and im not even part of the link, how could I become higher than them if I can't even join into the pack, besides that, axton is alpha. I've seen him fight, he's the strongest warrior I've ever seen, im nothing compared to him, if he truly wanted to hurt me or kill me, he could in a blink of an eye. I wouldn't even get a chance to react if he decided to attack me.

He could instantly pounce on me and do whatever he wants if he so wishes. The thought of such stirred some feelings in my gut and made me blush, what on earth is wrong with me?!

I shake my head to try and focus but for some reason, I couldn't shake off the feeling or the tingling sensation in my gut.

Unfortunately, I didn't even notice axton had stopped walking, and I walked into his back face first. Realizing my stupidity before he could turn back and look at me, I bowed my head, hoping he wouldn't be angry, I knew there had to be limits to his kindness.

He seemed to stare at me for a moment making me even more nervous. Perhaps he was waiting for an apology. I opened my mouth to apologize but he cut me off with one of his own.

"I'm sorry..."

Raising my head I looked at him surprised, he was apologizing? Why?

He opened his door and stepped Aside letting me enter first before closing the door behind him. He motioned for me to sit so I did so, settling down on the edge of the bed, watching him closely as he stood before me gazing at my newfound injured arm.

He seemed upset about it but I couldn't tell why. He kneeled in front of me making my eyes widen in a bit of shock, alphas weren't supposed to kneel for anyone. Gently he reached out and touched my arm, despite him lightly grazing his fingers over the bandage as carefully as possible, the wound was still fresh and still very sore, causing me to flinch at his touch.

He seemed to stop and look up at me while I tried to avoid his gaze, if I looked him in the eye then he could take it as disrespect or a challenge. To my surprise, he apologized again under his breath.

"I'm sorry... I should have been the first one to help you, you shouldn't have gotten hurt. Yet because of my foolishness, that's all that has happened." I looked back at him as his gaze was to the floor and his head was down.

"This wasn't your fault." There was no reason for him to beat himself up over this, he may have made mistakes before but this was entirely my fault, I was the one who tried to step in and help Leiah, so I was the one responsible for my own injury.

"I stepped into the fight, it was my own choice no one else." He didn't seem and less tense over my words, and I could tell he wasn't just talking about today. His eyes closed for a moment before opening with a new determination in them. Lifting his gaze our eyes met and his voice became much more stern.

"Never do that again."

I blinked unable to look away while mulling over his words, this time I wasn't looking away, I met his gaze with my own in a challenging way. "Excuse me?"

He stood up from his crouched position and crossed his arms over his bare chest, trying to intimidate me some, our gaze never broke, although normally that would have made me submit, this was one topic I would fight for.

"Your not allowed to put yourself in harm's way, no matter what do you understand."

I glared back at him. "You can't stop me from trying to protect my friends!" He glared back at me, not at all fazed by me challenging his command.

"If they wish to place themselves in harm's way for you then you have no business jumping into the fray, you will only get hurt and make matters worse!"

I can't believe him, he may be the alpha but like hell was I going to do as he said this time around, he doesn't understand. I've been isolated my entire life, hardly any friends and no family to call my own, Leiah and Ethan were all I had, even when they hardly knew me they both stood up for me, I could never just turn my back on them if they were going to get hurt.

"I told you before, I wouldn't stand by and watch those I care about get hurt!" The raise of my tone of voice caused a slight rumble to stir within him.

"Your in no condition to do anything, we are supposed to protect you from danger, it doesn't help if you just throw yourself at it so carelessly! We are meant to protect you, we can't do our job if you're getting yourself into trouble!"

There was some truth within his words but I was to fired up to back down. "I'll get stronger then and fight for myself!"

"No! You will not! If any kind of violence or danger occurs then you will let us handle it and get as far from the danger as possible! You have no means of fighting back!"

"Then train me to fight!" He took a step back blatantly surprised by my demand. But quickly recovered I'm crossing his arms and shaking his head."No, your in no condition to be put under any training with anyone, you would get hurt training with any of my warriors."

There was no way I would back down so easily from his objection. If I knew how to fight or at least defend myself then I would have nothing to fear, need no one to protect me and get over my own problems, I could have a place in this pack.

"Then don't let me train with them! You can train me! Your worried I'll get hurt but you know what my limits are! You can train me, and I'll be off your back! You can stop worrying about me and never have to speak to me again if you so wished!"

He stiffened at my words. "No, my decision is final! You will stay away from danger!"

I stood up and attempted to shove him in my anger. "I'm not a child! I can take care of myself! I don't need you!"

Before I knew what was happening, my arms were restrained above my head and I was roughly taken down, landing on the bed, with axton above me. His irises now a blazing gold color and his body ridged. My once bright flame of determination dwindled down to an ember under his gaze.

"You want training so badly, fine then, I'll train you, you'll have two weeks, before the festival if you aren't able to get me off you while in this position then your never allowed to train or fight, you will leave the fighting to me and my warriors, and shall not interfere."

I gulped as his overwhelming power radiated off him. I had two weeks to figure out how to break free from his grasp. I nodded my head and squirmed to get free, unintentionally thrusting my hips against him, and causing a low growl to escape from his throat.

I instantly stilled as he leaned down taking in my scent, I couldn't see his face but I could feel his hot breath fan across the skin of my neck, making goosebumps run across my entire body, and that strange sensation to appear in my lower stomach.

A small whimper escaped my lips when I felt his lips touch the skin of my neck, as he slowly trailed his mouth upwards before nipping at my ear. I bit my lip at the sensation. He lifted his head so his face was just centimeters away from my own. I knew I was blushing from the close proximity as his hazy gaze was locked onto my lips. He seemed out of it like he had little to no control over himself. He leaned in and his lips connected to my own. Closing my eyes, my mind got hazy as we kissed. No more than a few seconds later he abruptly pulled away and looked down at me, fully alert and, horrified? Before I could say anything he let go of my arms and got to his feet turning away. I sat up staring at his back and he strained to control himself.

"Training starts tomorrow." Without another word or even looking back at me he left the room.

I sat there watching the door, a deep sharp pain in chest from his sudden disinterest. I touched my lips softly with my fingers lost in my own thoughts of what just happend.

After getting over whatever I felt I made a mental note of his reactions hoping that they could somehow be used in the coming weeks.



I rushed out of my room hating myself for both leaving and for doing what I just did. I kissed her. The thought made my mind hazy with love, lust? Probably both, but it also infuriated me because of my stupidity, I shouldn't have done that, it could have ruined everything. Yet I didn't regret it in the slightest, she didn't deny me, she responded in the most pleasant ways, the cute noises she makes drives me insain and makes me wonder what other sounds I could tempt out of her.

I shook my head clearing my mind, I need to focus! Entering my office I noticed ethan sitting in one of the chairs. He glanced at me and arched a brow, somewhat interested in my frustrated appearance, I wasn't about to tell him I was distressed over evony.

Walking past him I sat in my office chair grabbing my head, I never knew having a mate would make someone feel this crazy! I want nothing more than to rush back into that bedroom and bed evony here and now.

"That's a great look for you, half crazy and desperate." I groaned at ethans comment and look back at him, would it be wrong to express my mental and sexual frustrations over his best friend, to him. On second thought, yes that was an absolutely terrible idea.

"What do you want, " I sighed.

He cleared his throat and sat up straighter. "I asked the doctor some questions and have a theory about Evony's wolf. "

I glanced up at him now interested. "You know why she's never shown any signs of her abilitys or shifting?"

"I told you it's just a theory but yes. You're changing her, bringing out her wolf, I can see it. Ever since you arrived she's been showing just the slightest signs today just proves it."

Leaning back in my chair I listened carefully. "What do you mean?"

"Evony has always been shy, and timid, the reason for that is because of her isolation and how her father treated her. We are much like any wild animal when prey is afraid what does it do?"


"Exactly, evony has been nothing but the prey, and her father the predator. Her wolf has been hiding afraid to show itself, as a survival instinct so to say, I don't doubt if she had ever fought back kade would have killed her." I mulled over the idea thinking about his words.

"Then why is she coming out now?"

He smiled. "Think about it, kades gone right now and in turn, she has you now, her mate. She may not know it but the bond is triggering something in her, her wolf is starting to stir and come out of hiding. When two mates are together facing a predator they won't hide they will fight, to fend it off and protect...well their young, you may not have any pups currently but the concept still applies. She's coming out of hiding because of you. I saw it at the dinner for the first time, I could see the slightest bit of her fangs while we ate. And I've also noticed her anger, she was willing to argue and fight back, today just proves it with her eyes changing."

"you're making a difference, and it's just a matter of time before she stops hiding."

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