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A alphas frustration - chapter 30


After axton left the room I was left to my own thoughts, what just happened? We were in the middle of an argument then suddenly, he kissed me... The alpha kissed me. Had he not pulled away in not sure what I would have done, I didn't even have the chance to react, but something tells me I wouldn't have stopped him.

I blushed and laid in bed remembering what it felt like, a shiver ran down my spine and I felt, fuzzy? It's hard to explain what exactly I felt, But it was nice.

Curling up in the bed I touched my fingertips to my lips, I longed for the strange feeling to come back once it faded away.

Why would he kiss me? It made no sense in my mind as to the reasoning behind him ever even touching me. He isn't someone who would force himself onto women right? He in the past few days I've learned a bit about him, he cares for his pack deeply and cuts off the rotten ones without hesitation, just like his previous beta. He's not all that bad so was it just the heat of the moment? Maybe he really likes dominant girls and me standing up to him just triggered something. I sighed that seemed unlikely too... Then why me. I groaned grabbing my hair in frustration while blushing.

My thoughts were interrupted when Leiah entered the room after getting her own wounds cleaned by the doctor. I had almost forgotten she came to my rescue earlier. She took one look at my frustrated self and arched a brow questioningly.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked before strolling over to the bedside. I blushed harder and sat up looking away. "Axton kissed me..."

Her eyes went wide and her lips parted for just a moment in shock, but quickly recovered smirking. "he likes you!" She broke out laughing and holding her stomach and I flinched at the sudden exclamation and watched her confuzzled on where she got that idea.

"Leiah, I don't think that's how it is, I mean right after he stormed out of the room angrily. I think liking me is far from his intentions."

She looked up with a sly smirk on her face. "He likes you but is denying it! I get why he's so intent on keeping you close! Oh man, this is golden I never expected this! This is perfect!"

I watched her start to go through the dresser drawers looking at all my clothes. I watched confused. "It is?"

She turned her head looking back at me, slamming the drawer shut. "Oh yes evony it is, he's been an ass ever since we got here, and now I know his little secret! It's time for some payback!" Walking over she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed before leading us to the door.

"What do you mean by payback? What are you going to do?" I asked nervously. She looked back at me with a gleam in her eyes and I could feel my nerves rising.

"I'm not going to do anything, but you... You're going to make alpha axton the most sexually frustrated wolf in the entire pack."


"I said the answer is no!" Axton growled starting down Leiah with his arms crossed, she proudly mirrored the stern look and defiant pose.

"You're not taking her to the human town without me and I'm very busy right now. Besides we already went and got her all the clothes she needs, all the important stuff is here." He spoke sternly and I fidgeted behind Leiah there's no way he would let us go, I'm not even sure I wanted to go, this whole plan of hers is crazy, she's crazy! I made sure to try and avoid axtons gaze when he looked over to me questioningly, he knew something was up! He won't let us walk out of here that easily.

Leiah cleared her throat grabbing back his attention while she pretended to be interested in her nails. "All the important stuff? Are you sure about that?" He stared down at her questioning where she was getting at.

"Cause I think you forgot one very, very important thing alpha, we are women." She looked up at him with a cool relaxed look, she was a pro with poker faces.

"So?" He replied seeming genuinely confused, not even I understood where he was getting at. "Women need feminine products, and we need them monthly, so unless you want to take her shopping for that kind of stuff, we need to go to town."

His eyes widened in realization before he looked away with a curse, no man liked shopping for feminine products, Leiah was a genius, I'll give her that much credit but I still didn't like this idea of hers. "Fine, but you only have an hour, if you're not back by then, I will be coming to take you home! You also have to take two other guards with you.

Leiah rolled her eyes, she obviously didn't like the idea of taking guards but agreed anyways before we made our way downstairs to the black SUV parked by the house.

"Leiah I still don't think this is a good idea. What if he finds out?" Followed behind her as two warriors got into the front of the car and started the engine. Leiah opened the back door for me. "Too late now, we're doing it!" I hesitantly crawled into the back seat and she followed after me.

Shutting the door, the driver took us out of the pack territory and to the human town nearby, I could help but think about the kiss earlier, as we traveled through the long stretch of woods. "Why are we doing this again?"

"This is just a little bit of payback at the alpha for being a total duche lately we are just gonna tease his senses a little no harm done. " she started tapping away at her phone.

Once we arrived at the store we got out of the car and walked up to the entrance with both guards behind us. Leiah stopped in her tracks before entering and spun on her heel to face them with her arms crossed.

"Listen, boys, we both know neither of you wants to follow us around while we shop in the girly items section so why don't you two just wait in the car? We can handle shopping on our own." Both the men looked at each other seeming to agree and nodded before going back to the car. How Leiah managed to convince people? I have no idea, she was a genius and a con artist if I've ever seen one.

She grabbed my hand and took us around the corner away from the store we hand stopped at, instead we went into a different store that had "adult toy" posters on the windows it was a very small shop but very far from empty, the place was full of strange items I had never seen before, lingerie, and magazines with half-naked people in them. I nervously followed Leiah inside avoiding looking at any of the stuff for more than a few seconds and tried to keep my attention on Leiah. I did not like this store one bit. She looked around for something and once she found it she held it up and looked at me with a smile. "This is perfect" I looked at the package confused it was the same item I had seen in her room a few days ago, it looked like a pebble connected to a wire and switch I still had no idea what the object was, so I looked up at her confused.

"What is it?" She only smiled and handed the item to me in its plastic case. "This is a lure or a tease so to speak. All you have to do with this is hide it in one of your drawers just barely hidden out of sight."

I looked at the item questioningly. "That's it?" She nodded and hummed her response before leading me over to the lingerie section looking at all the types of underwear and bras. "What are you supposed to do with it?" stifled a giggle and gave me a suffocating hug.

"Gosh evony! What am I supposed to do with you! Your way to innocent!" I tried to break free and she laughed and started going through the skimpy looking clothes picking out a few pairs for me, once we were done with that she bought a few other small items saying they were going to be helpful, such as a heat mask for werewolves and something that is supposed to make people "sensitive" to touch. We purchased the items and left the store before heading back to the original store we walked away from, going inside we grabbed a few necessities, before purchasing them and going back to the car.

"I can only imagine the look on his face once he finds this stuff!" She exclaimed cheerfully and proud of our little spree. I rolled my eyes and looked out my window at all the trees and shrubs as we zoomed past. "I still don't understand what we are doing."

She sat back in her seat looking at me. "The heat mask is something you're going to need eventually, you don't want to go into heat around a bunch of unmated males, that would only spell disaster, we would have people tearing each other apart. And the other stuff is to get axtons attention when he sees this stuff he is going to get antsy and you are going to act like nothings happening, driving him crazy with frustration, knowing him he would even try mating with any other females to solve it, making his situation even worse!" She laughed triumphantly. "He's going to be so distracted by you that he probably won't even be able to work! I can see him banging his head on the table already!"

I looked back at her like she was crazy because she was. "Wouldn't that make things a bit, chaotic?" I asked worriedly.

"Relax its just a bit of teasing no harm done! I promise nothing bad will happen." She smiled at me but her smile quickly dropped into one of horror as she looked behind me.

I turned to look just in time to see the red truck coming straight at us before we were thrown from the impact.

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