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Car crash - chapter 31


My body felt heavy, my arms, legs, even my head weighed like a ton of bricks, I could feel the sting of multiple small cuts all across my skin and even a few shaper ones underneath me, like shards of glass were embedded into my skin. I was laying on the hard cold ground with shards of glass and rocks poking at me. I slowly opened my eyes to see I was partially sticking out of the car that was now flipped onto it's back. Groaning I pushed my upper body up off the ground wincing at the pain.

There literally was small shards of glass cutting into my skin, but they weren't as bad as they could have been. Looking around I could see we were at the bottom of a slope next to the main road. We? Remembering exactly what happened I looked back to see Leiah was still in the car laying on her back she was somewhat tangled in the seatbelt with a few scratches marring her body. She groaned, with her eyes squeezed shut and moved her head to the side, there was a gash across the side of her forehead that was bleeding some but luckily that was the only thing wrong with her it seemed.

Looking to the side I could see the man in the driver's seat was hanging limply from the seat, he wasn't breathing, the other man in the passenger seat was currently awake and trying to break free from the crushed front of the car that had his leg trapped. I got to my knees, crawling out of the car and stood up leaning against the broken vehicle to support myself. Voices grabbed my attention from the road and I looked up to see two men walk over and look down at us. They were completely shirtless and had multiple scars across their body from brutal fights.

Rouges. My heart rate sped up as they started to approach. I quickly ran over to the other side of the vehicle and tried to help the man in the passenger seat get free, he was the best option right now considering he was wide awake. He snarled at the fact he was completely trapped, unless he wanted to break his leg, and that means he wouldn't be able to fight.

"You need to get out of here! Run to the forest, I alerted the alpha!" He spoke to me but I couldn't leave them.

"But..." I tried to argue but couldn't."go! I'm not getting out of here, you need to run!" I could hear the rouges chuckle darkly as they made their way down the slope to the car.

I moved over to the back seat and tried to get Leiah free from the loose seatbelt. I managed to get her free but was roughly dragged out from the car by my ankles. I shrieked and tried to kick the rouge who grabbed my leg, he only laughed at my feeble attempt and grabbed me harshly by the arm, pulling me up.

"Look what we have here!" He spoke and I tried helplessly to get my arm free from his grasp. "I call dibs on this one, get the other female and let's go!" He wrapped one arm around my torso and lifted me up taking me away from the car.

"No!" Adrenaline started to fill my veins with a strength that was not my own. I continued to struggle in his grasp to get free kicking my legs helplessly at the air, making him growl in irritation. He put pressure on my injured arm squeezing it tighter, I could already feel warm blood running down my arm and the pain made me cry out in a feeble whimper. What were they going to do to us? Why did they only want me and Leiah! They couldn't possibly mean to...

I started to panic more as my breathing became uneasy, I did the only thing I could think of and screamed as loud as I possibly could making my throat feel raw, it only stunned him for a second before he snarled and placed his hand roughly over my mouth. In retaliation, I could feel my fangs sharpen before I bit down on it. I could taste metallic blood in my mouth and I'm pretty sure I heard the snap of a bone. He cried out in both surprised and pain, before letting go of me completely and pushing me back.

I let go of his hand and fell back roughly onto the ground, we were already nearly up the slope. "Fucking bitch!!" He growled out holding his injured hand more annoyed than in pain. I scooted back to get away but He jumped at me and pinned me to the ground by my neck with his good hand. My head bounced at the impact and hit the road causing pain to shoot through my head and spine, while dazing me in the process, recovering a lot faster than I normally do I started kicking and scratching at his arms, face, and chest I managed to leave a few claw marks in his skin but those would be healed in minutes. I couldn't deal any real damage to this wolf, I hadn't gotten my strength back yet.

He growled down at me one hand still on my throat and the other grabbing one of my legs, he dug his claws into my thigh, drawing blood while trying to keep me from kicking, I only fought harder, bucking my body in upward motions to try and get him off, he ended up letting go of my leg and hit me across the face causing my head to snap to the side as the pain stung across the side of my face. Something was odd though, his hit hardly phased me as I continued to fight against him, his hits were weak compared to my fathers who would leave me dizzy and nearly made me blackout at times, for some reason this fueled me more and a growl resonated from me as I glared back at him he looked a little stunned by my reaction. I could feel my lips pull back as a snarl ripped through the air, only it wasn't mine.

A giant black wolf jumped over knocking the rouge off me as they both tumbled down The slope. Surprised, I sat up and looked down to see the black wolf stand up and tear into the man ruthlessly, his anguished cries were quickly cut off, I stared, not in horror but in awe, as the wolf backed up from the now mangled body of the man who had me pinned helplessly to the ground seconds ago.

The other rouge who had been carrying Leiah was now shifted and jumped at the black wolf, who quickly avoided the attack before ripping into the rogue wolf. He easily and swiftly killed off the rouge, looking around for any other threats, he glanced at Leiah who was starting to recover and wake up, then looked at me, his golden eyes fierce and exotic at the same time.

I knew who it was the moment I saw him, axton. We stared at each other for a moment in silence, never breaking eye contact, this was different than the normal man I knew, he was different, the last time I ever came in contact with his wolf was the night of the raid. The energy coming off of him was like a magnet drawing me in. Our trance was broken when three other pack members all in wolf form came rushing over to us, he turned his attention away from me to acknowledge them and give out orders, they quickly shifted and got to work checking on Leiah and freeing the man in the car. He watched them for a moment glancing at the two rouges he just slaughtered, before climbing up the slope towards me.

As the adrenaline faded I looked down at myself and removed the small shards of glass from my skin, my brand new shirt was in shreds and stained with blood. He came up next to me looking me over and I glanced up at him, in his wolf form he easily towered over me while I sat on the ground.

His eyes bored into me and I felt a tingle across my spine with a strange feeling courseing through my body. He nudged my leg as a sign to stand up his wet nose was cold. I carefully got to my feet and he stepped in front of me giving me a stern look. I was surprised, to say the least by his offer, better yet command. But something about his wolf intrigued me.

Looking away from his eyes I carefully reached out and touched his black fur, it was soft and I felt like I could just melt against the feel of it. He got down onto his belly giving me better access and I climbed over putting either leg on both sides of him. As he stood up I held onto his fur under the shoulders, so I wouldn't fall off my feet were a good one to two feet off the ground. He started walking away from the crash site, and into the forest, my guess was towards the pack territory.

I relaxed as the energy drained from my body making me feel like I weighed as much as the damn car. I leaned forward laying against his back and reaching my hands up to get a better grip, any other time I would have felt like this was a terrible idea and I should just walk on my own despite the pain, but for some reason right now I was too tired to care and this just felt so right, I had enough for today.

I enjoyed the softness of his fur and listened to the beat of his heart as we went along. He glanced back at me over his shoulder and picked up the pace running further into the forest.

Night time was upon us by the time we came to a stop, opening my eyes I looked up to see we were at the small cabin where we first met I sat up straighter as he walked over to it. He laid down For me to slide off his back, once I was steady on my feet I glanced back at him to see he was stareing, this definitely wasn't the axton I was used to.

Opening the door I glanced inside to see there was a good layer of dust on everything. We both stepped inside and I made my way over to the makeshift bed of blankets and pillows, removed the dust from them and sat down exhausted. He sat in front of me with his head tilted to the side slightly.

I smiled a little as reached my hand out for him, I'm not sure what made him bring us here but it felt so natural. He leaned into my touch as I gently rubbed his face. when he looked back into my eyes, it felt like my entire world just stopped, why was this so familiar?

Moments passed by as the night's silence carried on and the moonlight shined through the window. It felt like he wanted to say something but couldn't, his wolf could not speak to me without the mind link, but whatever it was seemed important. What could he wish to tell me?

After a few moments, he turned his gaze away sadly and looked over my body. He stood up and made his way over, laying next to me on the bedding. He started to lick clean all the cuts I had on my arms and legs, some of them healing almost instantly, werewolves had a potent chemical in their saliva that could speed up the healing process and clean wounds I effectively, but most times it was considered too intimate to do to your packmates. He didn't seem to care though and I didn't mind.

He pushed my shirt up slightly with his nose to get as some of the cuts on my sides and when he looked at the bloody bandage on my arm he nudged my hand as if telling me to remove it. I did so carefully and he continued to clean that wound as well. He was very careful and thorough in his cleaning and laid back once he was satisfied. He rested his head on his paws in front of him as I stroked the fur of his head and neck, he seemed to like my touch and I liked petting him. Smiling I had down next to him curling up against his warm body. My eyes felt heavy as the exhaustion from today took over my body.

He curled around me like a warm blanket as I fell asleep lying next to him. A part of me wished we could stay like this forever.

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