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A warm bath - chapter 33

(Ahem if I can have your attention for a moment just to warn you all if your not 18+ I do not suggest reading this chapter, there's sexual themes involved but it's nothing extream and for all of you who do read I hope you enjoy 🤭)

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We arrived back at the village just as a light trickle of rain started to fall, axton set me down so I could walk the rest of the way to the packhouse, I took the lead quickly, not wanting to follow the naked man into the pack like a lost puppy. Once we entered the front door I was practically tackled by a relieved Leiah.

"Evony! Thank goodness your ok! What happened after the crash are you hurt?!" I smiled and hugged her back.

"I'm fine honestly just glad you are ok. You hit your head pretty hard." I'm sure concern marred my face as I looked at the cut that was now covered on her forehead.

"Please this is nothing I was a bit dizzy after but quick to recover most my cuts and bruises have already healed, you look like you fared better than me though you don't have a single mark on you." Her voice trailed off as she looked me over with her brows furrowed. I could already feel heat rising to my cheeks at the experience I had with a certain wolf.

"And you! Where were you this entire time?! Where did you take her?" Leiah snapped at axton who was slipping on a pair of shorts handed to him by another pack member. Thank the gods. He only sighed and walked up grabbing my shoulder to steer me towards the stairs.

"Not now Leiah we can talk about what happened later, right now we both need a bath and time to relax."

I could hear Leiah just faintly grumble something under her breath as she crossed her arms and glared at the back of axtons head. If looks could kill he'd be dead. I gave her a small smile and followed axton up to his room. I'm still not sure as to why he won't let me have my room, isn't he tired of sleeping on the couch? Maybe I can convince him to let me have my own room he said so himself he isn't inconsiderate. Besides he already told me this whole thing was a charade, I believe some of his words but I can't shake off the feeling he's still hiding something only question is, what. we entered his room and I jumped at the sound of thunder outside. The rain started pouring down on the packhouse hitting the windows, thunderstorms made me nervous, well actually just about any loud noise makes me nervous, along with a great many other things.

"Hey, you ok?" Axton's voice drew me out of my thoughts and the tension I felt seemed to relax. I nodded in response and he looked me over once.

"You or me first?" He turned his attention away and started to gather a set of clothes. I looked back at the windows watching the rain hit the glass and defend down out of sight.

"You can go first..." He only hummed in response. I turned back as he finished getting what he needed then stripped off his shorts leaving him naked in front of me again.

Heat rushed to my face and I quickly looked away in embarrassment. "What are you doing?! Undress in the bathroom!" I swear I could hear his smirk from across the room.

"Why? Didn't I tell you little one? This is the first step to your training." I could feel his body heat radiating off him as his breath fanned across my skin. Strange tingling makes its way into my lower stomach and I gulped. "You need to get a little more comfortable with nudity, what if your enemy is right in front of you, and he does the same thing to shift, if you look away they are just going to tear you apart..."

"Are you saying you're my enemy?" His husky chuckle caused a shiver to run down my spine.

"Im far from your enemy little one, Come on your helping with my bath." His presence fell away from my body and I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding. Turning back I watched his figure disappear into the bathroom. Was he serious about this? How is this considered training?! Reluctantly I followed him in and entered to see him laid back in the steamy hot water of the bath, he must have had someone get it started for him while we were walking back. I stood in the doorway unsure of what to do.

"Come closer, I'm not going to bite." He didn't even look back at me and only sank deeper into the water with a heavy sigh, he had his head back and both arms lounging on either side of the tub, it looked like it was nearly big enough for two or three people. Walking over I avoided looking into the water and kept my gaze on his face as he stared up at the ceiling. I kneeled down next to the bath drawing his attention, one his eyes found mine I quickly looked away with my head down, it felt like a force of habit to show submission to anyone above me.

The sound of water moving made me peak over at him just as he reached out with one outstretched hand and touched my cheek, he moved my face gently so that I was looking at him. "Are you afraid of me?"

My eyes met his only to see a deep sadness. "No..." The words seemed to just die in my throat because of the look he was giving me.

"Then don't look away from me, there's no reason for it, you are my equal..." What? My mind couldn't piece together what he just said, equal? What kind of nonsense was he speaking about? "Alpha, I'm anything but your equal." His eyes went from looking at the blood on my shirt to my face, seeming a bit startled he quickly pulled away and turned his attention to the water seeming conflicted with himself. What was wrong with this man?

"Forget I said anything... I want you to wash my hair." He laid back and continued to stare at the ceiling. He wanted me to wash his hair? Maybe he is losing his mind, is it possible for werewolves to contract rabies maybe? Him losing his shit over my health was probably just the first signs of it.

I moved over so I was kneeling behind him, and reached over for the soap only to have my wrist caught by him. "Undress first." His words made my heart start hammering its way out of my chest. "W-what?"

He looked back with the sly smirk on his face again, the smug, cocky, annoying personality of axton was rearing its head once again, I swear I'm ready to just dump the entire bottle of shampoo onto his head and call him clean before making my exit. Actually, maybe I don't have to do anything, I could just tell Leiah, I have no doubt in my mind that she would March right up here and cut off his pride and joy just to teach him a lesson.

"I promise I won't look, my back will be turned the entire time it's a chance for you to get out of your comfort zone and learn to embrace yourself, by leaving yourself open. Not only is this to help you get more comfortable it's a test of trust. I trust you not to gaze upon my amazing body, just as you will try to trust me to not admire yours.

I hate how he always makes sense out of the stupidest things one way or another. Grinding my teeth I gathered my courage and discarded my clothes before kneeling behind him. The warm air from the steamy bath made me want to just jump into the tub myself but there's no way in hell I was doing that with him in it. Grabbing the bottle of soap I contemplated actually dumping it on his head, but thought better of it I couldn't directly do something to him I had to be smart, maybe me and Leiah could still carry out our previous plan of getting back at him, patience evony, patience. Squeezing some of the shampoo into my hand I started to kneed the soap into his wet hair.

A throaty groan of what my guess was enjoyment escaped his mouth as he closed his eyes and enjoyed me rubbing his scalp. I'm not sure if it was just from the suds or the fact his hair was wet but it felt so silky and soft, just like his wolf's fur. I wonder if it's just as soft when dry? My thoughts began to wonder as I continued to massage his head, why did he banish his beta and the man who attacked me? He could have just punished them for what they did but he went as far as banishing them from the pack.

"Alpha?" He hummed in response before speaking lowly. "Don't call me that, just call me by my name." Now we were on a first name basis? Wait, I always did have the strange preference to call him by his name, not his title, when did I become so bold? Ah, get back to the question at hand, worry about that later.

"I have a question... Why did you banish your beta so suddenly, Ethan said the incident with me was because of a miscommunication, so why did you go as far as throwing him out, for me?" For me? Where did that come from? Maybe I contracted rabies too.

He sighed and I could feel that he was a bit tense. "I didn't banish him for you, it's much more complicated than that, one of the many rules we've lived by is that we are not allowed to ever injure any children or females in custody, ever. They went against my rule, they challenged my rule and disobeyed it without hesitation the only reason I didn't banish both the men who hurt you was because they did it under his orders, but it seems one of them still thought it was a good idea since he got away with it. He always was a bit, rough with females or outsiders, this wasn't the first time he's gone against me, trust me."

So that's why, I felt a slight burden get removed from my shoulders at this, I guess a part of me felt guilty or pity for the man but they did it of their own accord and free will. I rinsed the shampoo from his hair before moving on with the conditioner. A low rumble came from his chest as he seemed to relax, I watched his tension seemed to melt away and I was kinda happy about it, he always seemed on guard or high alert, more often buying himself then not, I'm not sure I've ever seen him relax, even while he slept on the couch, he didn't seem comfortable like he felt insecure. I heard stories that he was cold and ruthless but now I see those stories couldn't be any more wrong. He was caring, supportive, considerate. So many things that most leaders lacked, and his pack adores him for it he's a true alpha.

After giving his head and neck a deep massage I rinsed the last of the soap from his hair. He sighed and sat up straighter in the water. "It's your turn, the waters gonna get cold if you don't get in, I'll wash your hair next."

My comfort bubble popped as he spoke those words. "Um, that won't be necessary! I-i can just wash myself quickly once your out! Here I'll get you a towel!" Standing up I quickly walked past him to grab a towel off the counter keeping my back towards him, no doubt my face was red as a tomato. "Nonsense you helped me relax it's only right for me to return the favor." I could just hear the coy tone in his voice. Please return the favor by not doing so! "I don't think that's a great ide-" I let out a squeal of surprise as two wet hands grabbed me around the waist and I was suddenly pulled against a very wet man. I stared at the mirror in front of me seeing myself in the reflection, holding the unraveled town that was now covering the front of my body from view, while axton stood behind me, my back pressed firmly against the front of his body.

I couldn't conjure any words not even open my mouth as heat rushed to my face at my stark embarrassment, and something else boiled in my lower stomach, not only did he have his hands on my hips, I could feel something stiff pressed against my lower back that made me whimper. He only seemed to smirk in the mirror and rest his chin upon my head. "Just get in the bath evony." Before I knew it I was lifted up into the air bridal style and placed into the tub still holding the towel close to my body. He moved away grabbing another towel from the counter and wrapping it around his waist before coming back over to me.

I couldn't comprehend anything at this point, my mind was malfunctioning and I couldn't think straight. He started washing my own hair making me shudder in pleasure as he massaged my scalp. I couldn't help but relax at the touch and small whimpers escaped my throat as I bit my bottom lip. It felt so nice. He only chuckled in response and continued his amazing torture. "Silly evony." He hummed.

There's only one thing my mind could conclude at the end of this day.

We definitely both have rabies.

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