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A massage?- chapter 34


After giving each other some very....intimate, massages in the bath, we both left the bathroom and got dressed, evony was too embarrassed to even look at me, maybe I went a little far. I should be more careful with how I act towards her, hell I already made the mistake of kissing her, it was a small kiss, but a kiss nonetheless, a show of affection. A danger to her entire existence. I understand she wants to fight but training isn't child's play and gods she's just too innocent, I would probably beat myself up if even a scratch was laid on her during our training. And the moment she said she didn't need me I nearly lost it, out of a fit of rage and hurt I agreed to the damn training anyways. I'd much rather her never get into a fight but at the rate, things are going, it seems it would be better if she at least knew how to defend herself.

I glanced over to my sweet little mate while she was putting on some socks and shoes. The embarrassment was still very clear in her scent, but so was the arousal. At least she isn't disgusted by me, I'm not sure what I would do then. I threw a shirt over my head as a few of my warrior's mind linked me. 'Sir we're ready to share the information about the attack' I gave them a silent thank you before standing up. This grabbed her attention as she looked at me with a still very obvious blush on her face.

"Come on we need you to explain what happend at the crash, we have to know if this was a planned attack or coincidence." I offered her my hand and she took it looking at the floor awkwardly as I helped her stand.

We made our way downstairs where a few warriors sat in the living room with Ethan, Leiah and the man who was in the passenger seat. They made way for us as we sat down on the couch. I crossed my arms as my calm demeanor set in. Evony fidgeted nervously beside me. The warrior that had traveled with both evony and Leiah explained everything that he witnessed on the trip back to pack territory, they weren't followed at all by the rouges, just simply ambushed from the side, with no time to react, he had unfortunately gotten trapped in the crash and was unable to stop the rouges from proceeding to take both girls, despite Evony's best efforts to try and free him.

I internally smiled, proud of my little Ev, she didn't even know who the warrior was but still insisted on helping, her kindness knew no bounds. Next was leiahs input, she did to remember anything except waking up to being carried home. Although she did notice the truck right before impact and tried to pull evony away from that side of the car so she wouldn't get hit by the impact. I nearly cringed at the idea of her taking the impact full force, no doubt it would have killed her.

Next, it was Evony's turn to speak, she explained how she awoke, with every detail, such as how the glass was cutting into her skin, to the battered remains of the young male driver. She explained everything she heard and saw, both the passenger who was stuck and Leiah who had been knocked unconscious in the crash, she saw the rouges coming for them and attempted to get both of them out of there only to be grabbed by one of the rouges. They apparently were only wanting to take the women and my jaw ticked as I listened to exactly what they had said. If they had taken both of them and used them I would have lost it completely. Evony then explained her struggle to get free of the man, all the way up to me arriving and killing both men just in time. I'm proud that she fought back in fact when I saw her growl at the man who had her pinned down I nearly lost my footing at the sound, it was the first time she ever growled like a wolf or bared off her fangs. I didn't take any time to admire the strength she was showing because I was too distracted with the bloodlust for the rouge for having his hands on what's mine. After the other warriors arrived at the scene and I gave them orders to take care of everything, my memory became blurry, I barely remember walking away with evony, and she didn't bother explaining what happend after that, no doubt my wolf took over.

One of the warriors who investigated the scene spoke up, drawing my attention back to the conversation at hand. "According to everything we know the attack was coincidental, there was nothing at the scene that suggests they are associated with anyone. Our going theory is the rouges were simply trying to take females from surrounding packs to use as they desired, there have been two other cases of the same thing happening at another neighboring pack."

I'm not sure if I was more relieved that they weren't involved with my enemy's or disgusted. Rouges were terrible wolves and nothing but savages. "Alright then from here on when leaving pack territory everyone needs to be on guard, this cannot happen again understood? Notify everyone in the pack of the rouges and their schemes. Your all dismissed."

Everyone replied with a 'yes alpha' before leaving I stood up from my seat as Leiah suddenly came over to evony with a black bag, evonys eyes widened in shock while Leiah had a strange grin on her face, it must have been the items they bought from the store but since when were grocery bags black?

Another pack member came up to me and gave a slight now. "Sir, alpha Nathaniel is on the phone." I nodded and made my way to the office leaving Leiah and evony to their schemes.


After axton dismissed everyone, a very cheery Leiah came over to me with the all too familiar black back from the adult store we went to. My eyes widened as I looked at her shocked, she managed to recover our items from the crash. She had a sly smirk on her face as she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs to axtons room.

"Is the plan still going to work?" I watched her dump the items out onto the bed and smile.

"Of course it is! We have everything we need." She tossed me the small vial of heat mask, it was one of the items she had to buy under the counter because it's specially made for unmated werewolf females who go into heat, it supposedly covers up their scent to keep males in check but I'm not sure if I'd ever need it, I've never been in heat, i only heard small bits about it or read about it in a few books. I shrugged and set it down on the dresser. She grabbed all the lingerie we had bought for me and walked over.

"Which drawer is yours?" I opened up my underwear drawer and she quickly removed half of the clothes already in there to make space for the new stuff we just bought all of them seemed a bit too revealing or sexy. She hummed them went back to the bed and grabbed the package with the strange pebble attached to a wire and bead.

"Ok for the best results you're going to use this once or twice then hide it in your drawer. "

I looked at the object completely confused. "What is it?" She pulled off the packaging and threw them away before placing it in my drawer. "It's a vibrator bead, duh." I still had no idea what the object was but to her, it seemed blatantly obvious. "If you use it a few times your scent will stick to it and when the alpha smells it he will go crazy!" I only nodded still unsure about what she meant.

"How do I use it?" She completely froze on the spot and looked at me like I was crazy. "What?" Did I say something I shouldn't have?

She came over and placed both her hands on each of my cheeks starting me in the eyes. "No way evony, you've never done it have you?." I only returned her look of confusion as she smooshed my face. "Done what?"

She pulled away and covered her mouth. "By the goddess... Your too innocent." I still couldn't understand what she was freaking out about. She turned away and hesitated before grabbing the rest of the items and stuffing them in a bag. I started to pout as she refrained from telling me the answer to my question. "Leiah please, what is it for?" I grabbed her shoulder to see just the slightest blush of embarrassment on her face. "It's uh...uh, to help you relax? Yeah to relax and destress! Don't worry about it just hide it in your drawer, and put these on!"

She handed me a set of lingerie as I thought about what she said. "Like a massage?" I glanced up after taking the cloths.

"Y-yeah like a massage. I gotta go do some other things ok! I'll see ya later!" Before I could stop her she was out the door. How was some massaging tool supposed to drive axton mad? I tried to make sense of it and how she suddenly became nervous at my question but it still made no sense. Sighing I changed into the lingerie and got redressed, I noticed the packaging for the item sitting in the trash, enticing me as if it held all the answers. Walking over I crouched down and pulled it out of the trash in looking it over. A small folded piece of paper fell out onto the floor. I picked it up and read the front, that says instructions, and under it in bold is a description. Taking the piece of paper I unfolded it and at the edge of the bed and started to read it.

It went into detail of what the item was used for and safety of how to use it. I quickly realized what Leiah was so flustered about and became flustered myself, and mumbled to myself quickly placing the paper back in the trash hoping to clear my now dirty slate.

"So that's what she meant by massage..."

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