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A intruder- chapter 35

3 days later~


Non-stop depressing, life-draining, freezing rain. That's all we've had for three days straight. Rainy day after rainy day. I groaned sitting at my desk everyone was miserably trapped inside getting antsy over the fact no one could go out for a stroll or shift into their wolf forms and have a nice run, even I was feeling its effects. Me and Evony's training was even being delayed by this as we couldn't exactly go outside, I wasn't about to let her get sick again, it was traumatizing enough the first time. Instead, I've had her working on exercising, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, anything that would help her gain some strength back, but no matter how much strength she had it was pointless if she didn't know how to use it, and I already demolished one living room wall, so I wasn't about to start fighting inside the house again.

Despite the rain patrols still had to go out and keep an eye on the border, I think it was even more miserable for them having to go out in the cold rain and come back freezing their asses off, I even went out on a few myself and my wolf hated it. Too bad this was only the start of winter. Some of the pack members were even lounging around in their wolf forms, I think the only one who wasn't being affected by the rain was evony, she didn't have the irritating need to shift and go out into the forest. Everyone else who went out for even the smallest break smelt like wet dog. Sighing I looked out the window of my office watching the rain come down like a holy punishment across my territory.

Patrols would be switching soon, and I'm on the list again, just what I wanted, to go outside, get soaked in freezing cold rain then come back sopping wet. Sighing I tried to think about something else to keep my mind off the inevitable misery of scouting that was soon to come. My mind wandered back to a few days ago when I had gotten the best head massage of a lifetime from my little mate, having her hands in my hair felt wonderful and I could actually relax for once. Not to mention afterwards I made a very bold move on her resulting in complete shut down of her bodily functions she was too embarrassed to even look at me.

I half expected her to be mad or disgusted but instead, I got a much better reaction, I could scent her arousal, she also enjoyed it when I returned the favor with a head massage of her own. All the small sounds she made drove me crazy and having her naked body pressed against mine stirred something within me that has bothered me ever since. Lately, she's been the only thing I'm my mind, and it's caused some very... Uncomfortable situations to occur.

I shifted int seat looking down to see that now my once comfortable shorts were a bit tighter and fuller than usual. Groaning I got up from my seat and headed for the front door. I think now I need, to go for a run in the freezing rain.

2 hours later~

Soaking wet, cold, and miserable. Entering the front door of the packhouse with the three other wolves who went scouting with me, I shifted back to my human form and grabbed the pair of shorts handed to me by another pack member, I'm not exactly sure at this point who was more annoyed, me or my wolf, most likely my wolf considering he had to travel through the rain and get soaked. At least it helped cool down my raging hormones earlier. It's been getting harder and harder for me to control myself around evony, and the girl has no idea how crazy I feel.

She's so innocent and frail, I want nothing more than to hold her in my arms constantly or show my affections any way I can. Whether it be gifts, pleasure, or just pure admiration id give anything to hold her in my arms at night while we slept.

Sighing I resigned myself to the facts though, I can't risk showing my affection and she's not comfortable enough with me to even sleep in the same bed. I wasn't going to force her into sleeping in my arms if anything it would only make her more nervous of me.

Heading up to my room I opened the door to find evony asleep on the couch with a book in her hand. Her eyes were closed and lips slightly parted, she was covered partially in a blanket but something seemed off about the clothes she was wearing. Walking over to her side I crouched beside her.

Glancing up at her to make sure I wasn't going to accidentally wake the sleeping beauty, I gently peeled away the blanket to see her wearing some kind of fancy nightgown. The bottom was ridden up enough for me to also see the lingerie underneath. "What the hell?" Where did she get these clothes?!

I thought back to when we went shopping but I can't remember her leaving my side at any time or us picking out any of these. Turning away from her before my, 'situation' got any worse, I strode over to the dresser and opened the drawer to see half of it was now full of lingerie. Where did all this come from?! We never bought any of this? Had she been hiding it from me? No that wouldn't make sense these had to be new and half of them didn't even have Evony's scent on them yet meaning she hasn't worn them, but how did she get these? Glancing back, she was still soundlessly sleeping.

I closed the drawer and strode back over to my sleeping mate, looking over the attire she was wearing. She's too innocent to be wearing things like these, not that I disliked it but they were going to cause problems for me, in fact, it already was. Groaning I ran one hand through my hair and ignored my everlasting urges to finish what I started days prior how is a man supposed to keep cool when such a beauty is laying before him. Scooping her up in my arms I took her to bed and laid her down.

She stirred slightly and moved over to get more comfortable, as I pulled the covers over her. Looking down on her sleeping for taking a moment to admire the angel in my bed. I smiled and kissed her forehead before retiring for the night to my isolation on the little couch.


Stirring awake, I awoke to an uneasy feeling, like something ominous was lurking about. The silky bedsheets had me internally moaning, it felt so nice and the last thing I wanted was to wake up. Sinking deeper onto the bed I pulled the warm comforter over my body, starting to drift back to sleep, but something was nagging at me, at the back of my mind telling me to get up, to get away from this place. I attempted to ignore the feeling and turned over.

A cold icy breeze swept over me, causing a shiver to run down my spine, with the breeze came the scent of rain. Why was the window open? It's winter? Lazily I opened my eyes to look towards the windows and balcony, but I didn't see the familiar glass panes with moonlight shining through, something was blocking my view. The hair on my neck stood up on end as I dragged my gaze up.

My breath caught in my throat at the sight of a dark figure looming over me, unfamiliar glowing eyes stared down at me and I became fully aware as the gleam of a silver blade caught my attention.

Before he could lash out with the deadly weapon I screamed. This seemed to startle the man as he jumped back. Being closer, to the windows I could see the confused look on his face as he spoke. "What the fuck? A woman?"

A snarl came from across the room and barreled into the man making him drop the knife as I quickly got out of the bed holding a blanket to my body and staying away from the conflict. Axton had the man pinned to the wall by his neck, as his golden-colored eyes bore into the stranger.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get into my territory!" Axton snarls as the man desperately clawed at his arm trying to get free, his feet dangling a foot from the floor.

Axton seemed to stop for a moment and sniffed the man before a snarl was ripped from him and blind furry seemed to take over. He threw the man across the room and I squeaked quickly going over to the door.

Axton stalked towards him fangs and claws ready to use. "You have his scent on you! Did kade send you?!"

The mention of my father's name caused dread to seep into my bones, and I could feel my knees get weak. The door beside me that leads into the hallway burst open as a few pack members, Ethan, and Leiah came in to see what was going on than noticed my slowly collapsing form and quickly grabbed me keeping me from falling to the floor as my body trembled.

I knew he was still alive I knew he was out there and still a danger but I wasn't ready to face him again.

The man tried to get to his feet but was quickly pinned down, onto the ground and dug his claws into the man's neck, drawing blood.

"Where is he?! What was the purpose of you coming here!?" The snarls coming from axton easily made the man's resolve crumble.

"I-i was sent here to kill you! And to deliver a message!" The man stuttered and I could tell he didn't want to do this, he wasn't heartless, the fear was evident on his face, no doubt my father sent him on this suicidal mission by force, the man was also young he looked like he was only 21 maybe 23.

"What message?!" Axton growled making the guy whimper. "H-he said he's coming for you, all of you... He's going to burn this place to the ground." Despite having axtons claws imbedded into his neck he lifted his head to expose it more as a sign of submission.

I could sense the anger radiating off of axton, and I started to worry he might kill the man. I started to push away my fears and worries. "Where is he?!" He snarled digging his claws deeper into the man's neck. I pushed away from Ethan and went over to them placing my hands on axtons arm. His head snapped in my direction but his face quickly softened as he loosened his grip. I pulled his hand away from the man's throat and backed axton up, as he growled. Some of the pack warriors quickly came over and grabbed the assassin.

Axton looked away from me and glared back at the man. "The scent is still fresh on you, where did you last see kade?!" Glancing back at the man as he stood unsteady on his feet looking at both me and axton, his eyes seemed to widen as he realized something before he shamefully looked away. "I-i last saw him outside of the borders on the east side, near an old abandoned cabin."

Axton turned towards everyone else standing by the door and quickly barked out orders. "Have patrols all across the borders I don't want anyone else sneaking in without us knowing, gather a squad of the best trackers and warriors to go with me to the border Leiah your coming with Ethan you stay here with evony. Now go! Everyone started rushing down the hall and getting ready to go.

Axton pulled me against him and smothered me in a bearhug. I was a bit shocked at the sudden action but willingly returned the gesture.

"I will find him." We stayed like that for a moment longer and I hugged him tighter believing in his promise before he pulled away and looked me over checking to make sure I was alright. Ethan stood in the doorway waiting.

Seeing that I was perfectly fine axton looked towards Ethan with one final command.

"Call alpha Nathanial, tell him we have a lead on Kade."

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